Eileen Kelly is full frontal. The 23-year-old millennial sex advice and gender blogger rose to fame from her website, a website/blog and popular Instagram feed. Known for posing naturally nude in artsy Polaroid-like images, her girl-next-door looks to entice and stimulate just that much more. Her KillerandaSweetThang Instagram and blog has been giving her 409k followers the sex education she never received.

Raised in Seattle, Eileen went to Catholic school and was raised by a single father. With no formal sex education, she was left to figure it out on her own. “The community that I was raised in was so uber-sexualized, but at the same time, no one wanted to talk about it. A ton of people got pregnant, there were a lot of sexual assaults, and a lot of STIs, things that felt very avoidable if we had the necessary conversations. For any information I wanted about my own body, puberty or sex, I had to dig. I had a genuine need for this information, which was what made me interested. There is a lot of ignorance and shame around sex. People fear their own desires, so they will not talk to their kids about it and then leave it up to our broken school system. It’s a very layered problem.”

Eileen started her blog on Tumblr at just 16 years old, responding to questions from her readers and never thinking that it could possibly lead to a career in sex education. But her blog caught on with many of her peers needing sex advice and struggling with their own sexuality and self-worth. Eileen’s blog filled a void in the market and not only caught on with millennials but with older men fueling fantasies of having sex with younger women. At the age of 20, she launched her website and Instagram page and the rest is history. Check out more of Eileen at and

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