Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort 
by Jeff Alexander

Sun Mountain Course - Tav-ai  Kaiv
Snow Mountain Course - Nu-Wav Kaiv
Wolf Course - Kwe-Too Unuv

As you drive north on route 95, about five miles past the Durango Road exit, past Sky Canyon to the base of Mount Charleston, your first impression as a tourist is that you must be lost. “There’s no golf course out here,” you say to yourself. But there are, in fact, three of them—they’re just so hidden amongst the cacti and sagebrush that until you actually arrive at the clubhouse, you’d never believe these three incredible golf courses are waiting for you to pleasure.

Paiute Golf Resort is a true golf destination where you can settle in and concentrate on your golf passion by playing your choice of three lush, challenging courses daily and never get bored. Paiute has all of the amenities of a private country club (although there are no memberships), and the quality and challenge of the courses make it a “must play” if you are visiting Las Vegas. If you live in Vegas and haven’t as of yet played Paiute, I strongly suggest you do so soon.

The courses are spread out over hundreds of acres with no crossover between them. As you play one course, you’re not likely to see the players on the other two courses except at the golf shop, clubhouse or restaurant. There is a lushness to the fairways at Paiute that is rare here in Las Vegas. They are great to hit from, a pleasure to walk on and visually stunning. The difficulty of the Paiute courses is well-known to Vegas golfers, but if you’re up for a challenging day or week of golf, this is the place. All three of the courses have at least five long par fours. For example, the Snow Mountain Course has seven of its 10 par fours that average 436 yards from the tournament tees, 408 yards from the championship tees, and 372 yards from the regular tees. That’s a lot of real estate for any golfer to negotiate, whether a scratch player or a hacker.  Six of the 10 par fours on the Sun Mountain Course average 439, 411 and 383 yards respectively from the different tees. The par threes and par fives are not as extreme, so it’s the par fours that are the guts of the courses and give you the most challenge.

Since the courses are so far from the noise of the highway, there is a quiet serenity to the whole Paiute golf complex that affords you the opportunity to really enjoy the natural desert surroundings and concentrate on an exceptional day of golf. Try it; you’ll love it! Off-season rates start as low as $69 a round. Paiute Golf Resort is off Route 95 in Northwest Las Vegas. 702-658-1400 •