Visit Kumi and enjoy a savory yet crispy, melt-in-your-mouth experience, a must-try at this Japanese restaurant inside the Mandalay Bay resort. With taro chips, avocado cream, meltingly tender tuna, and microgreens nestled in a cute tiny taco shell, these tacos will delight your tastebuds. A second plate will surely be in your future. 

Limoncello began as a project of love and inspiration. With thirty years of experience developing restaurants, Giuseppe wanted to build the dream restaurant he and his entrepreneurial wife, Jenny, had envisioned. The couple’s opportunity to complete their project came to fruition with the support of family and friends. After eight months of construction, Limoncello Fresh Italian Kitchen opened for business on November 20, 2019.
Chef Eric Gaitan relocated from Manhattan, New York, and performs his skillful craft excellently. He has created authentic classic dishes since the restaurant opened in  November 2019 and continues to develop new dishes with Giuseppe.

We started the experience with the house’s complimentary bread and olive tapenade—the perfectly crispy yet chewy fresh-baked loaf paired perfectly with the kalamata olive spread. We then selected one of their insalatas, a confit of golden and red beets with cantaloup, micro greens, and dry ricotta drizzled with the chef’s secret sauce. It was a nice take on one of my favorite starters. The cantaloupe did seem a bit out of place with the combination of flavors, but overall, it was a great start to our meal.

For our main course, we opted to try their meat special of the day, Osso Bucco. The tender veal chop melted in our mouths and was served with a rich, meaty sauce and house-made pappardelle. The dish was also served with a bone with savory bone marrow to scoop on the fantastic bread, which was quickly refilled at our every whim, along with that crave-worthy dip
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