Hayes Warner, describes her sound as “high-octane and in-your-face.” Born and raised in New York City, her music combines her hometown’s gritty energy with a determined spirit. Drawing inspiration from some of the most fierce and unapologetic icons like P!nk, Joan Jett, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Ke$ha, Blondie, and Avril Lavigne.

At 16, she began recording her music and honing her craft. In 2022, she graduated from Northwestern University’s musical theater program, where she trained in acting, singing, and dance. Her hard work has paid off, with her latest recorded songs “SHUT UP,” “Dead To Me,” and “Breadcrumbs” featured on many editorial and algorithmic playlists across DSPs, collecting over 5 million streams. “Dead To Me” and “SHUT UP” also received airplay on SiriusXM Hits One Hit Bound Channel 2.

Over the past year, she toured with Hip-Hop superstar Fetty Wap and performed at the Jonas Group Entertainment iHeart Radio Festival showcase in Las Vegas. She played to a sold-out / over-capacity crowd at NYC’s legendary Mercury Lounge, forcing the venue to shut down. In 2023, she inked a worldwide representation deal with Creative Artists Agency and ended the year opening for pop superstar Flo Rida.

Hayes has accumulated 118k organic followers on TikTok with tens of millions of views on her content across her social platforms.

Hayes’ musical goals extend far beyond her artist career. She’s a sought-after songwriter for film and television networks, including Netflix, Disney, Nickelodeon, Paramount, and Fox. Her credits include the 2022 team theme for the NBA World Champion Golden State Warriors, showcasing her ability to take on any challenge.

Her current single, “Worst Time of Year,” follows her success with the single “Breadcrumbs,” both her original version and her version featuring mega-influencer and singer Loren Gray.
Sadness comes in three’s. After losing cover girls Jesse Jane and Masuimi Max last month we lost another beautiful model and soul Kagney Linn Karter. What follows is an interview that Santodonato did with her in 2009 at the then Hard Rock Hotel.  R.I.P. Kagney Linn. You were a very special human being.
STRIPLV: So, Kagney Linn Karter, what are you doing here in Vegas?
KARTER: We’re at the XFANZ XBIZ Summer Expo, chilling, kickin’ it at the Hard Rock, as usual, every year.
STRIPLV: Where are you originally from?
KARTER: I was born in Harris County, Texas, and grew up in Kansas City/St. Joseph, Missouri.
STRIPLV: What drew you into the adult business and how long have you worked in it?
KARTER: 2 years. I was a dancer and I met a girl who was in porn. She was very glamorous, very beautiful. I became extremely curious and decided to look into it a little bit.
STRIPLV: Did you start out dancing?
KARTER: Yes, I was dancing in the Midwest before I came out to California. I knew I wasn’t going to make money out here waiting tables. Call me crazy, but it didn’t seem like the right method. (Laughter) I came out to California to initially try and do “mainstream”. I had fifteen minutes of fame on MTV’s “Exposed” twice. I was trying to do as much mainstream as I could, and then there was a major opportunity in the porn industry, and it was calling my name. But dancing had been the only thing keeping me alive—getting up on stage and doing something expressive—just being able to take my clothes off and be naked and be free and be myself.
STRIPLV: Were you always like that as a young girl?
KARTER: Whenever I walk into my house, as soon as I walk into my house, my house that I paid for alone, I take my clothes off. My space—that’s all I need—my own space. As soon as I walk in there, I get naked. I need to be nude, I need to be myself, I need to be free of my clothing. It’s wild, but that’s what allows me to really think as a human, just to be me. I need to be naked.
STRIPLV: Do you think people watch you in your apartment?
KARTER: I hope they don’t, but I think they do. I’m almost positive they do. (Laughs) Yeah. Yes. You know I have to be myself. Because you’re on the third floor, you think people can’t see you, but they can. But if you’re on the twenty-third floor, people can still see you, and you’re probably in big trouble.
STRIPLV: So you met a girl that was in porn. Tell me about the beginning, what it was like for you getting into the adult industry, and how it all started.
KARTER: It started with me. I had been in L.A. for over three years. I had mainstream goals and wanted to be a mainstream star. But at the same time, I met someone who was in the industry, which made me extremely curious. And I looked in the mirror and told myself, ‘You have a lot of mainstream goals, but at the same time, look at you: beautiful blonde hair, true blue eyes, a smile that doesn’t quit.’ Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw something I loved. And on top of that, I was denying myself the realization that I loved to have sex. I LOVED to have sex! For me, it was like, what more was it, to have sex on camera? Not much more, right? Besides being filmed, which I obviously get filmed all the time, hence this situation. So it was just becoming used to being on the lens.
STRIPLV: So your first scene was with who?
KARTER: My first scene was not a DVD but an internet scene with Naughty America with Johnny Sins. I remember everything about it.
STRIPLV: Do you still work with Naughty America?
KARTER: I did. I was doing webcams with them, but now I’m contracted with Zero Tolerance. We’re primarily a DVD company. We have a toy line called “Evolved”. It does very well. So, I freelanced for a long time. I did over 100 scenes freelance, built a fantastic fan base, and then got contracted with Zero. So I’m doing everything through them. They are amazing products, and I love them.
STRIPLV: What would you say are the pros and cons of doing freelance work for all different kinds of companies, compared to being a contract girl, if you were to tell a new girl coming into the industry?
KARTER: There are many pros more pros than cons to being a contract star. If there weren’t more pros than cons, then it wouldn’t be lucrative for me to take the contract, which is why I did. So, for me, it’s survival of the fittest. We’re going to last. You know: Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground, Elegant Angel, Tori Black is pretty filthy.
STRIPLV: She’s pretty hot, too!
KARTER: Zero Tolerance, Third Degree, Diabolic, who will last? We are—survival of the fittest. We come to these events, and we show face, and we show love because of the fans who truly appreciate what we do. Whether DVD or the internet, we show face to represent us, the companies, and the industry. We have to do it. There’s only so many of us left.
STRIPLV: So, which girls are in your sisterhood of Zero Tolerance?
KARTER: Courtney Cummz, Sara Sloane—most of all, amazing—my very good contract sister.
STRIPLV: What’s your favorite sexual thing to do?
KARTER: Oh, (giggles)…favorite sexual thing, um, honestly? (she takes a moment out to sip from her drink)
STRIPLV: Honestly. Yes.
KARTER: What do I get for this? What do I get for this confession? Something special? Can we do a trade?
STRIPLV: Sure, we can do a trade. What do you want?
KARTER: Nothing. I want to be beautiful. Uhh, my favorite sexual thing is, obviously, gang-bang. Yes, yeah. No, I’m not lying. Yes, that is real, and that did just come out of my mouth. I love it, you know, I love being loved by multiple men and I love being loved by multiple women. I, whenever it’s right, and there are multiples involved. Everyone’s on the same level, and we’re all letting our guard down so much, that we can have sex together?…it never happens. Everyone’s always worried about this or that, and yeah, I understand you want to protect yourself, and I don’t want to cause you any problems either. But when people mesh, they just love each other, and some women love each other, and some men love each other; I mean, how often does that happen? Like, truly just love each other, like “C’mon, dude, let’s just let it go,” and “Come on, bitch, let’s just let it go.” Do you know what I mean? Flowing through the atmosphere, everything is like a whirlpool. It’s just very amazing. It’s like a rainbow. It’s like unicorns. It’s like ponies. It’s like a fairytale land. And you don’t believe that it can happen, but it actually can very much happen. And people can just appreciate each other in a way that Christianity couldn’t understand, in a way that the bible couldn’t understand, in a way that regulation might not be able to understand. Still, we just kind of become that animalistic creature that body language understands, and it’s kind of wild, but it just happens. And it’s so fucking amazing. It’s so fucking amazing, it’s ridiculous, like, it’s just beautiful, and people just love it, and they all do it—not just me. I’m not just alone here. I’m talking about something that actually happens: people who just love to make love in a group, in a day, in a single hour, in a period of time. Does that make sense? And it feels good.
STRIPLV: When was the last time you had a gang-bang?
KARTER: Not too long ago.
STRIPLV: Do you have a date?
KARTER: No date or time, but just recently.
STRIPLV: How many people were involved?
KARTER: (motioning with her finger over her lips: shh…) (giggles) I’m not telling you.
STRIPLV: Aw, come on. Can’t we bribe you?
KARTER: No. I’m not on the cover of STRIPLV.
STRIPLV: Well, we can arrange that. More than 10?
KARTER: No. Not more than 10.
STRIPLV: So less than 10. Was it at your house?
STRIPLV: Where was it?
KARTER: Have you ever had a gang-bang?
STRIPLV: No, I haven’t. I’ve had multiple partners at once, but I wouldn’t reasonably consider it a gang-bang.
KARTER: That’s unfair because I consider more than four a gang-bang.
STRIPLV: Okay, so anything more than 4 is a gang-bang. If it’s two guys and two girls, is it a gang-bang?
KARTER: It’s just like a swap.
STRIPLV: That’s what I figured. So a gang-bang would be like three guys and one girl or three girls and one guy?
KARTER: Yes, or more than that.
STRIPLV: Well, I’ve had three girls.
KARTER: All meshing together at one time, it’s crazy.
STRIPLV: Yeah, love-in. How do you get invited to one of these? Do you have to be on the inside circle?
KARTER: Good question.
STRIPLV: How do you get invited?
KARTER: I’m not invited. It’s not like an appointment, not like: “We’re here for the gang-bang.” It’s like a very special situation that happens with people who like you or me personally and are very particular. It’s like we’re in an auditorium filled with people, and whatever you call it, “This church .”We’ll call this “church”. In “church,” people kinda love each other. They want to get to know you. So, let’s say we had a church session here today, and a few people wanted to get to know us, right? Well, those people might want to get to know us so well, they might be horny at the same time, and then we might have a gang-bang. It’s possible. It’s kind of like a deck of cards. You can be playing poker, playing blackjack, or just gambling. But sometimes, you know what happens whenever you gamble? You get lucky. It’s Vegas! It really does happen.
STRIPLV: Have you ever gotten lucky in Vegas? Did you get lucky last night?
KARTER: No. I’m actually a really good girl in Vegas. I’m a good bunny. I’m kind of a prude, actually. I talk all this shit, but I’m currently a lonely bunny at night. And it’s by choice. So I just go home and I like the fact that I might get myself into a lot of trouble, and I might say a lot of fucked up shit, but whenever I wake up in the morning alone in my bed, I’m like, “Girl, you did good last night.” Unless there’s a thousand dollars in my pocket, and then I’m like, “Girl, you made good last night.” (laughter)
STRIPLV: That’s right – it goes both ways.
KARTER: (laughter) Right, yeah.
STRIPLV: Did you gamble last night?
KARTER: I gambled a hundred bucks last night.
STRIPLV: Did you win or lose?
KARTER: I won ninety-five bucks.
STRIPLV: What’s your poison?
KARTER: Gang-bangs. We already went through that.
STRIPLV: I mean, what’s your game?
KARTER: Blackjack.
STRIPLV: Any other vices besides porn? Besides your career?
KARTER: That’s my job. Vices, I’m sure I do have some. But, me being the, uh, functioning addict that I am, I’m not going to admit my vices on camera. So I’d be admitting them to myself, and then I’m in big trouble. I’ll see this one day, right?