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No doubt about it, you think of Las Vegas, and you think of partying your ass off! I mean, come on, our beloved nickname is “Sin City”. And I think we’ve got just about every sin covered. We have gambling, covet thy neighbor’s wife, extramarital sex, sins of the flesh, lust, promiscuity, greed, lewd and lascivious behavior, gluttony, drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and the big one, prostitution. Oh yeah! We’ve got them all, baby, and we’ve got them good. And then we have Nevada’s dirty little secret.

You see amongst all our open invitations and outward displays of sexy glistening skin of beautifully inviting women in thonged bare bottoms and toplessness, all nude reviews, street hawkers flicking the business cards of tens of thousands of illegal prostitutes posing as dancing escorts, we have Nevada’s really “dirty little secret.”

Yes, tucked out of sight, in counties with a population of less than 400,000, most located down a lonesome road in the middle of the hot, sizzling desert, surrounded by some of the most beautiful desert landscapes you may encounter and not extremely too far from Death Valley itself and sometimes referred to as “The Valley of the Dolls,” we have Nevada’s supposed dirty little secret.

This is where the most ethereal, attentive, selfless, stigmatized, and yet largehearted angels are plying a trade that is most times disregarded and marginalized. They, stoically, humbly, with grace and understanding, attend to you with nothing but you and your happiness in mind, a place where you can get lost and escape worldly rigors and the inevitable scams on the strip. Yes, this is Nevada’s dirty little secret, a paradise found, an oasis in the desert. Satin and lingerie-clad beauties among the tumbleweeds, long flowing hair amongst the cacti, the softest of skin, and the most beautiful ladies on earth both inside and out are Nevada’s secretly beloved industry.

What prays to tell is Nevada’s widely beloved yet dirty little secret? Well, of course, our dirty little secret, yet held in the highest of regards, most times secretly, is the legal brothels that are sprinkled throughout the state and voted in by various counties but never Clark County (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Reno) because of their population rules.

So, just why are the legal brothels of Nevada considered to be our dirty little secret? Is it because of the naughtiness that takes place behind closed doors, the moral dilemma, legal prostitution? As I had felt for several decades, you might think that might be the case. No, those are not the case at all, and I hope you get a chuckle and relief out of this answer, as did I. The honest answer has nothing to do with the ladies at all. It has to do with the owners. Boys being boys and competing in quite nefarious wild wild west fashion in full-on Brothel Wars.

Case in point, in 1977, my home legal brothel, the brothel that I now exclusively tour and am available, the Chicken Ranch, was torched by three men, endangering the lives of the thirteen legal courtesans on the premises. The inalienable right used to justify this arson was that the Chicken Ranch was encroaching on the territory of a more established brothel; in short, it was a right of self-defense. The complicated legal and political battles resulting from the arson involved a cast of colorful characters. The Brothel Wars are what is really Nevada’s dirty little secret that officials would really like to sweep under the rug. Nothing short of official corruption, legal misconduct, raw violence, and even murder.

Of course, these types of competitions and wars no longer exist. We even have a Legal Brothel Association; everyone gets along and works together. When a political opposition rises to defeat us and take away our privileged license, we come out in force, educate the public about our necessity, and win.

Yes, we do have a rich and colorful past. And how exciting is that? I love our history, and I am well-versed in it. Take some time out of your day or on your next Las Vegas trip to tour the Chicken Ranch with me. I can lovingly and enthusiastically tell you the history of Nevada’s dirty little secret and all about The Legal Brothels of Nevada. Come to the Valley of The Dolls in Pahrump, NV, and visit with some of the most beautiful and kind women you will ever meet.

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