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Air Force Amy, a Nevada mainstay often called a Living Legend in the World of Sex calls Las Vegas her roots.  Although not born here, her illustrious career was hatched in our backyard at the World Famous Chicken Ranch.

The Chicken Ranch was imported to Pahrump from Texas where it was known as The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  It is now known as the Chicken Ranch, and it is located outside Las Vegas city limits and in the County of Nye, where prostitution is deemed legal within the confines of a legal brothel.

It was in 1990 that Air Force Amy was honorably discharged from the USAF at her last duty station, Nellis AFB, in North Las Vegas.   And it was from there that Amy claims to have chugged a couple of wine coolers for courage – or fun – and drove her giddy little hard-bodied boy crazy ass on down to Pahrump to interview for a job at the Chicken Ranch.

“I stroll on in and fill out an application that asks me if I have any felonies or tattoos or piercings.  I replied “no” to all the above, which didn’t seem sufficient.  I remember the parlor being ornate in cherry red carpet, white lacquer, and gold lamé everywhere, and one room off to the corner that was supposed to be some sort of VIP.  Never having been in a brothel, legal or not, it kind of looked more like the designs of a fortune teller to me.  I remember a manager asking me to accompany him to this corner VIP room with the cool round bed.  I sat on the round bed, and he began to interview me. At one point he asks me to undress to prove I had no tattoos or a prosthesis or something.  I thought that was entirely out of the question, as I did most things in the first year of my career.

Yeah, that first year. Now, I was promiscuous as a child and as a teen and up to becoming a legal prostitute, but none of that prepared me for what would be asked of me on what was a seemingly routine request.  Stand over your face? Piss on you? Smother your nose and mouth? Shove a stick into your gut?  Mostly what I remember of that first year was saying, “You want WHAT?” in total disbelief and confusion and then begrudgingly taking the money and somehow mastering my way through another ‘hooker milestone.”

I’d watch in envy the more seasoned gals that seemed like they just floated about with beauty and grace and the finest of everything while they were seemingly showered with gifts and monies and were everything I wanted to be.   I always felt a little rough, not as pretty, not as refined, not as graceful, but boy oh boy, I was hard-bodied, young, lustful, and a hard worker.  And I began to study and hone my craft.  I would hit all the adult stores in town and pick up manuals such as S&M 101 and the Kama Sutra, and I studied, practiced, and worked steadily for the next few decades. You can see an extensive list of my credentials on my website.  

Today, I am the only certified clinical sexologist, sex educator, loveologist, and sex therapist at any of the legal brothels in Nevada; I offer many unique offerings. Things like confidence building, couples, sexless marriage, interrupted sex life, low t ed, mature virgins, low sex drive, injuries, aging, pegging, prostate massage, squirting, hypnosis, therapies, and more.  
Now, don’t think there aren’t a few ladies on my heels catching up to those credentials because, you see, what I do is continually raise the standard.  And I do that either of my own accord or see what another provider offers that I think, “Hey, that is brilliant,” and master that niche as well.  We are a relatively small community of sisterhood, and we raise each other. I must tell you that the level at which my peers and I at The Chicken Ranch have mastered our craft is simply spellbinding, not of this world, and on a level commiserate to magical.  And perhaps that is why our parlor looks like that of which a fortune teller may have decorated.
I only do strip interviews for clients now. And I’m thrilled to be practicing my craft in Southern Nevada again.  And I am super excited to bring you a tidbit of legal brothel information here monthly.  Please feel free to venture just a little way off the Strip and take a free tour of The World Famous Chicken Ranch.
For information on the legal brothels in Nevada, Air Force Amy, and the Chicken Ranch, please visit www.airforceamy.com and www.chickenranchbrothel.com.  For a personal tour from me, check my tour dates those sites as well. You can also email me directly at airforceamy@chickenranchbrothel.com.”