The Best Film and TV Nudity of 2022

Awards season can finally come to a close as Mr. Skin, the world's foremost expert in celebrity nudity in film and television, has chosen the winners for his 24th Annual Anatomy Awards. It was an astonishing year for nudity on the big screen and the boob tube, making selecting this year's winners more challenging than ever.

From fan-favorite categories like Best Breasts and Best Full Frontal to new-for-this-year entries like Best Baby Snatch, Best Slug Plug, and Best Erective Surgery, the 24th Anatomy Awards has something for everyone. It's a stacked lineup of over three dozen skinsational categories, including this year's Lifetime Skinchievement winner Marisa Tomei, and you can check them all out for free. So skip the boring speeches and lengthy montages by fast-forwarding to the good part of awards season, Mr. Skin's 24th Annual Anatomy Awards.

Best Breasts
Maia Mitchell in No Way Out

Former Disney Channel star Maia Mitchell is a saucy Aussie who gets us going down under. The former Teen Beach Movie star has built up a reputation for taking on more adult roles. She closed out her 20s by making her nude debut in the thriller No Way Out, and one look at Maia's marvelous mams will have you figuring a way out of your pants.

Best Butt
Anya Taylor-Joy in The Northman

Perhaps we're biased because the excitement of A-lister Anya Taylor-Joy making her nude debut in the Viking flick The Northman may have left us butt blind. But nearly a year later, Anya's amazing ass remains the gold standard for bare butts on film in 2022, and that delicious derriere is sure to get your compass pointing North, man.

Best Lesbian Scene
Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza in Spin Me Round

Who would've imagined that the hottest lesbian scene of 2022 wouldn't have featured a single frame of nudity? Indeed, no one could have foreseen this before laying eyes on the steamy sapphic makeout session between Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza in Spin Me Round. Directed by Plaza's real-life partner, he lovingly shoots their lusty lesbian lip lock that frankly didn't need nudity to be among the hottest scenes of the year.

Best Full Frontal
Courtlyn Cannan in Swimming with Sharks

Thank goodness for Roku, who picked up the Quibi series Swimming with Sharks when that streaming platform went under because it brought us some skincredible scenes like Courtlyn Cannan's phenomenal full frontal reveal in the show's fifth episode. Courtlyn made quite a skinpression with her nude debut in 2020's Hollywood, but her full frontal debut was nothing short of award-worthy.

Nude Debut
Brittany Snow in X

By 2022, Brittany Snow had seemingly done it all on film and television, except going nude in either medium. However, when she turned up topless in Ti West's horror hit X, playing an indie porn starlet, we were blown away by her commitment to the role. Her skinterracial sex scene with rapper Kid Cudi, followed by her fake orgasm in front of Jenna Ortega, made this the no-doubt nude debut of the year. There's nothing like a Brittany Snow job.

Best Nudecomer
Emily Barber in Bridgerton

Compared to its skinsational first go around, season two of Bridgerton was slightly more skingy with the nudity. One notable exception was English muffin Emily Barber, whose fifth episode near frontal nude debut made us sit up and take notice. We love Emily, but she's not the best Barber in the world because she took everything off the top.

Best TV Show
Leopard Skin

Before it aired, Leopard Skin had a leg up in our book thanks to reuniting Jett leading ladies Carla Gugino and Gaite Jansen. Thankfully, the show itself didn't disappoint, with a lucky 13 nude scenes, including a phenomenal frontal from Jansen, who also bares all while making out with Gugino in the fifth episode. The sex kittens of Leopard Skin certainly deliver on that titular promise.

Breast Picture

The first big-budget mainstream NC-17 movie since 2013's Blue is the Warmest Color, Blonde was controversial when it was announced, and the debate over the film's artistic merits rages on. Oscar nominee Ana de Armas is a true knockout in nine nude scenes, disappearing into the role of Marilyn Monroe and supercharging her sex icon status for a new generation. She's certainly having a Blonde moment.

Best BBW
Lizzo in Love, Lizzo

If you love your ladies large, Lizzo has to lead the charge. In her 2022 HBO Max documentary Love, Lizzo, the zaftig beauty looks Good As Hell while posing for a nude but strategically covered album photoshoot. Our eagle-eyed Skin scouts spotted Lizzo's right breast not being covered by her hair and saved the moment for posterity. When it comes to seeing Lizzo nude, it's About Damn Time.

Best Orgy
The Boys

Rarely do nude scenes live up to pre-release hype, but The Boys so-called Herogasm episode was the hour-long superhero orgy we were promised. While series star Erin Moriarty briefly bares her buns, most of the nudity is done by uncredited extras who give their all to the creative orgiastic thrusting going down. When it comes to orgies living up to the hype, let's hear it for The Boys.

Most Niptastic Nips
Lena Headey in 9 Bullets

If there was any doubt that Lena Headey still had the most niptastic nips in the game, she erased it with her latest topless scene in 9 Bullets. While getting busy with Avatar leading man Sam Worthington, Lena shows off her perky pair, with ice cutter nips that could poke your eye out. Hey, your mother always said you'd eventually go blind.

Best Nudity Caught on Live TV
Taylour Paige in Film Independent Spirit Awards

A Peeper's Choice nominee last year for her work in Zola, Taylour Paige ironically lands herself an Anatomy Award this year for an incident that occurred while receiving an award for Zola. At the 2022 Independent Spirit Awards, Taylour won the Best Female Lead in Zola, and when celebrating her win, her left breast full-on popped out of her dress. If you ask us, this is why live TV was invented.

A-Cup All-Star
Margaret Qualley in Stars at Noon

Margaret Qualley won an Anatomy Award in 2020 for her full frontal debut in Donnybrook, but she outdid herself with this year's Stars at Noon. Margaret doesn't seem to be clothed in this flick, appearing nude eight times in this film from acclaimed French director Claire Denis. Margaret's bare pair are nothing if not A-Cup All-Stars.

Best Erective Surgery
Léa Seydoux in Crimes of the Future

Canadian body horror master David Cronenberg made his first film in 8 years with 2022's Crimes of the Future, and he didn't skimp on the horror or the bodies. French fox Léa Seydoux plays a muse to artist Viggo Mortensen in a future where surgery has replaced sex for stimulation. Whether you've got an HMO or PPO, we think you will want to go ahead with this erective surgery.

Best Over 60 Nudity
Emma Thompson in Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Emma Thompson hasn't ever really shied away from nudity, but when word came down that she went the full monty in her latest film Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, we took a wait-and-see approach. And what we saw was worth the wait because the Oscar winner didn't disappoint by doing the best nudity of her entire career at 63. This English acting legend will make more than just your upper lip stiff.

Best Spread Eagle
Virginia Rand in Candy Land

A late entry who came to play, nude-comer Virginia Rand, shocked us with this fantastic bottomless scene in the lot lizard horror flick Candy Land. Virginia skips her Sugar Plum Mountains and takes us to her Cotton Candy Corner. Don't be surprised if you're heading to Candy Land for a good old-fashioned Taffy Pull.

Best Deleted Scene
Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone

American television has a history of editing out great content from TV shows but never has a deleted nude scene re-appeared so quickly as Kelly Reilly's latest topless scene on Yellowstone. The scene cut from the original American broadcast in late December 2021 but popped up in early January when it began streaming on Peacock, and that ought to please your Peacock.

Best Slug Plug
Kaylee Williams in Don't Fuck in the Woods 2

You would think that the cast of the horror comedy sequel Don't Fuck in the Woods 2 would know better than to, you know. Nevertheless, Kaylee Williams finds herself on the receiving end of an alien invasion she didn't ask for, want, or need when a slug monster slithers up inside her. There's always been a market for niche butt plugs. Why not a Slug Plug?

Best Ice Cube Hiding Spot
Kiernan Shipka in Swimming with Sharks

Back to the Roku Original series Swimming with Sharks for this seductive use of a chocolate Ice Cube, series star Kiernan Shipka performs a sensual act for co-star Erika Alexander, unwrapping one of the chocolate candies before reaching her hand into her underwear and hiding it. We've heard of chocolate-covered cherries before, but a cherry-covered chocolate? Outrageous.

Best Butt Munch
Toni Collette in The Staircase

Though not as rare as it used to be, it's still pretty rare to see ass eating on TV, let alone with two prestigious actors in a show based on an actual criminal case. 2022's The Staircase took another look at an infamous murder case, but the third episode featured a flashback where Colin Firth goes nose-deep in Toni Collette's ass right in the kitchen. It's hard to fake stuff like that, so kudos to them both.

Best Spandex Full Frontal
Amy Schumer in Inside Amy Schumer

After a prolonged hiatus, funny lady Amy Schumer finally returned to her sketch comedy show Inside Amy Schumer this year and continued to push all the right buttons. In the second episode of the show's fifth season, Amy sports a spandex unitard with boobs and a nicely trimmed bush drawn onto the front in what might be the best spandex full frontal scene on the entire website.

Best Money Shot
Sofia Kappel in Pleasure

Swedish starlet Sofia Kappel exploded onto the scene with her explicit role as a rising porn star in the indie flick Pleasure. In addition to shaving her own bush in the shower and giving a double penetration scene a shot, Sofia truly goes the extra mile when she takes a money shot right to the face in close-up. When it comes to Sofia, the Pleasure is all ours.

Best Baby Snatch
Griselda Siciliani in BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths

After winning back-to-back Best Director Oscars, Alejandro González Iñárritu went to Netflix for his follow-up, Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths. The last thing we expected to see in this flick is a baby's head pop out of a woman's vagina while her husband is going down on her, let alone that the baby would then have a conversation with the guy. Now that's taking the term Baby Snatch to literal extremes.

Best Skincest
Sarah Grether in Grand Jeté

As Norman Bates famously said, "a boy's best friend is his mother," and no one heeded this advice like the stars of the taboo German drama Grand Jeté. As a mother embarking on a forbidden relationship with her estranged teenage son, Sarah Grether truly commits to her character, giving 20-year-old co-star Emil von Schönfels a real deal hand job. Maybe, deep down, Germany is actually a Motherland.

Best Porn Star Gone Mainstream
Chloe Cherry in Euphoria

25-year-old Chloe Cherry doesn't look old enough to have over 200 adult credits to her name, but she started in the porn industry the minute she turned 18. Chloe made the Traci Lords-esque leap to the mainstream in 2022, choosing the biggest stage imaginable by making her mainstream full-frontal debut on the second season premiere of HBO's Euphoria. Talk about popping your Cherry in style.

Best Were They Really Having Sex?
Miracle Watts in P-Valley

Hollywood's magic can make many things look real, but you can't fake some things. At the beginning of this nearly three-minute-long sex scene from the second season of stripper series P-Valley's sixth episode, Tyler Lepley's mouth can be clearly seen on Miracle Watts' holiest of holies. So were they really having sex? You decide.

Best Threesome
Najah Bradley in Interview with the Vampire

Anne Rice's blockbuster bestseller Interview with the Vampire got the long-form adaptation treatment this year from AMC and kicked things off with a skinsational bang. In the show's debut episode, Najah Bradley goes topless for a devil's threesome with Lestat and Louis, played by Sam Reid and Jacob Anderson. Things don't end well for Najah, but we suspect your ending will be much happier.

Best Side Boob
Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant

We had hoped Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco's jump to HBO Max might have brought us her nude debut. The second season of The Flight Attendant certainly has its fair share of sex scenes from Kaley, but her episode four hookup with Mo McRae certainly delivered the most sideboob of her entire career. There's no doubt that, should we ever see them, we'll go Cuoco for Kaley's Puffs.

Best Prosthetics
Lily James in Pam & Tommy

Brit beauty Lily James is a talented actress, but we had no idea how much she would transform herself into Pamela Anderson for Hulu's miniseries Pam & Tommy. With the help of some impressive prosthetics, Lily disappears into the role of the Playboy Playmate whose stolen sex tape with Tommy Lee sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. We don't often think it's necessary to gild the Lily, but it worked.

Best Spookkake
Kate Micucci in Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities

Funny lady Kate Micucci appeared this year in a rather unexpected place when she starred in the fourth episode of the Netflix horror anthology series Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities. While trying out a new beauty fad, Kate bathes in lotion that hardens to her skin as she gets out of the tub, leading to a great look at her ass covered in—what we feel is the only appropriate term considering the horror context—a Spookkake.

Best Trans Nudity
Jesse James Keitel in Queer as Folk

Sexy trans actress Jesse James Keitel—who identifies as non-binary and uses she/her pronouns—made quite a splash as Ruthie on Peacock's short-lived reboot of Queer as Folk. In the show's second episode, Jesse has three nude scenes, but our favorite finds her getting banged from behind by her partner and giving us this skincredible full-frontal reveal. This scene is definitely Queer as Folk, but it's also Sexy as Folk.

Best Masked Swinger
Alison Araya in Peacemaker

Now that we're several decades into the dominance of comic book properties, it's about time we got to some freaky sexual behavior on a superhero show. The second episode of the HBO DC Comics series Peacemaker brought us the aftermath of a threesome between John Cena's title character, the topless Alison Araya, and the masked Vigilante, played by Freddie Stroma. Coming to HBO next season, The Masked Swinger.

Best Nude Hitchhiker
Kali Roses in Spider

Adult starlet Kali Roses made the leap to the mainstream world this year with a leading role in the thriller Spider. You won't mind getting trapped in her web when you get a load of her five phenomenal nude scenes in the flick, the undeniable highlight of which is this scene that finds her fully naked and hitchhiking on a busy street. It's more than a little shocking that no one picks her up.

Best Tentacle Sex
Florence Loiret Caille in About Joan
The last thing one would expect to find in the otherwise straightforward French drama About Joan starring Isabelle Huppert, is a scene where a woman has sex with a tentacle monster. Even more surprisingly, it's not Huppert but co-star Florence Loiret Calle who is on the receiving end of this octopus monster's affections. This scene will have you pitching a tent-acle.

Best Knitting While Nude
Simone Vogel in Oh Hell

The German comedy series Oh Hell explores a woman navigating the dreaded quarter-life crisis, and it's not helping matters that she lives directly below Simone Vogel, who loves to have sex in a creaky bed. In the fifth episode, when we're finally treated to Simone having sex, the big-breasted beauty rides her man and knits a scarf while she's at it. Talk about an impressive bit of multitasking.

Best Nipslip
Camila Cabello in The One Show

The last thing BBC One viewers tuning in to The One Show—an Access Hollywood-type show—on March 7, 2022, expected to see was the bare breast of singing sensation Camila Cabello, but that's precisely what happened. While adjusting her button-down shirt (with only one button fastened), Camila slipped a nip on live television, sending us into a frenzy here at Skin Central. Not sure how this nip slipped by the censors.

Lifetime Skinchievement
Marisa Tomei

Brooklyn native Marisa Tomei is a natural choice as our 24th Lifetime Skinchievement Award winner. She's provided us with a lifetime's worth of thrills thanks to her many roles in both film and television, both clothed and unclothed. From her early nudity in Untamed Heart to her more mature nude roles in The Wrestler and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Marisa has been a sex symbol for generations and will be for generations to come. Speaking of which, let's check out Marisa's always impressive body of work.