Aunt Sharron Column - 1013

By Auntie Sharron

Hello locals, tourists, strippers, dealers, players, artists, ladies of the night, the famous, infamous and wannabees – this is your Auntie Sharron – Live from Vegas, keeping life real!

In my upcoming columns here in STRIPLV, you will be reading about celebrities such as the Counting Cars (superstars of reality TV), Kid Rock, Beyonce, the fabulous singer Denise Fuleihan who has performed as a background singer with James Brown and Tina Turner, and so much more.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp is a new venue in Vegas that can bring out that rock ‘n roll star in you. It was exhilarating being onstage with real rockers.

There are rumors of more Reality Shows being produced in Vegas! Even Jesus is soliciting for actors for movies on a billboard on Sahara on the south side of the street before the I-15.

Matt Stable, producer of X Burlesque and Raack N Roll, is now launching a new show, X Rocks, at the Rio. World champion racecar driver, Gene Woods, is preparing to bring race fans some real one-on-one experiences with drivers. Oh, enough gossip. Let’s go to – drumroll please:

Questions from our readers to Auntie Sharron!

Dear Auntie Sharron,
My boyfriend is back from Iraq. He wants me to do a booty dance, what is that?

Dear Unknown,
Your Booty is the word for a-hole, which is the word for your behind. Oh, girlfriend, if you are a girl, or if you are a boy, what it means is to shake that thing. Go to Ross, get a thong and play some funky music and give that soldier a great time.

Dear Auntie Sharron,
I’m so lonely and blue and wish I could meet someone other than at the bars. What is in my future?
—Lonely and Blue

Dear Lonely and Blue,
Your future is simple. First, take care of your blueness – color your hair blue. Next, go to Albertson’s, to the meat department, or better yet, the bakery, and watch for a guy who catches your eye, and walk up and ask him, “Excuse me, would you like to share a piece of me, I mean a piece of cake with me?” If he says, “Yes,” smile and take his number. Do not give him your number! And if he says, “No,” just smile and give him the finger...” LOL
REMINDER: Ladies, check your tires, water and oil on your car today.
And Gentlemen, if you want to keep your lady, treat her like a lady.

Send questions to my blog: and listen to me every Monday 4-6pm, nation to nation on:

Salutation, life and people are my business. Hug your kid, buy a thong, protect your animals, and kiss a tree – till next month.
—Auntie Sharron


—Auntie Sharron

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