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By Dr. John J. Pierce, DO COEP, Aabaarm

Laser Therapy for Hair Growth

Hair-loss is a real concern for many.  Alopecia is the clinical term for it, and it affects up to 70% of men and 40% of women.  Fortunately, science and medical professionals have found alternatives to the not-so-hot hair plugs and invasiveness of hair transplants.  Laser therapy, used to combat the loss of hair, has been consistently rising in popularity.

In the teen years, our full head of hair produces healthy, thick hair follicles.  Over time, due to hormonal changes and environmental factors, these same follicles begin to get thinner and maybe even wither away.  By using low-level laser therapy, the same shaft of hair can be stimulated in a non-chemical and noninvasive way.  The light energy is converted at the follicle and begins to stimulate cellular metabolism.   

Many laser devices have come out touting their effectiveness in treating hair loss.  What started as an in-office treatment has now turned into a home therapy device that patients can operate themselves.  The method I recommend to my patients is the Capillus 272.  It’s a cap with 272 medical grade laser diodes, giving their follicles maximum stimulation for hair growth.  Hair growth laser therapy can both decrease the rate at which patients are losing hair and regrow hair that has been lost.  It increases the blood flow in the skin to the hair follicle and sends oxygenation to the base of the follicle.  They will use the laser light therapy cap and wear it for 30 minutes every other day.  It’s a simple easy-to-use hands-free device that makes operating it a breeze.  The pain-free procedure is FDA approved and clinically proven.

Be sure to not confuse the Capillus 272 with other cheaper laser hair growth devices on the market such as the laser comb.  The cap stays on your head with constant exposure during the half an hour you wear it making the laser diodes more efficient in increasing the hair growth rate. The design of the device is also very convenient.  You can put it under any baseball cap, or hat and wear it while you are taking your dog for a walk or whatever task you might need to accomplish.

It’s also important to remember when embarking on any hair growth treatment that it can take up to 6 months to see real results in your therapy.  I recommend our patients take progressive photos during the treatment; small progressions can sometimes be harder to see, so it’s important to document the journey.  In addition to using the laser therapy, a patient can also combine it with top prescription hair loss medicines like Rogaine or Propecia.  Talk to your doctor about other reasons why your hair may be thinning other than just chalking it up to genetics.  Thyroid problems, Low-T, and hormonal imbalances may lend a hand to what’s making you lose your hair.  Let your physician guide you during your treatments for maximum results.

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