by Dr. John J. Pierce, DO ACOEP, ABAARM



No matter what your age—life is best when we feel our best. And feeling healthy and full of vitality can be attainable!
Anti-Aging, or better stated, Age Management, is not just about longevity—we want to make sure that those years of life are lived in full vigor, health and happiness. No one can promise us more time on this earth, as we never know how long we are meant to be here. We do not have expiration dates stamped on the house. At any age, the goal is to improve the quality of life that we have available. 

Our Mission Statement at my Ageless Forever Wellness/Preventative Medicine Clinic in Las Vegas describes our therapy perfectly: “To Slow Down and Reverse the Manifestations of the Aging Process.”

Chronological age doesn’t necessarily have to coincide with biological age. By adopting a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition, dietary supplementation, hormone replacement, regular exercise, and occasionally medications, we help you create an environment for your body to stave off the ravages of aging and help you stay biologically young, as you get chronologically older.

Hormone replacement plays an important role in feeling ageless, since age-related hormone deficiencies can plummet your ability to feel good. Therefore, it’s essential to have medical supervision of any hormone replacement, as these deficiences may include testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, thyroid hormones, and others.  

The fact that each individual is unique makes the development of an individualized hormone replacement therapy essential for best results.  Placing someone on a uniform, generic anti-aging program will lead to less than expected improvements, and possibly side effects.

Everyone’s blood tells a tale of each and every one of our own personal health histories—detailing both our strengths and weaknesses. However, more important than the numeric values of the bloodwork, is the medical history and symptomology the individual may be suffering from. After a detailed analysis of each patient’s bloodwork and symptoms, an individualized hormone replacement therapy is designed, in which patients will quickly experience a boost in body composition, bone density/strength, libido, cognitive capacity, memory, mental energy, stamina, skin quality, mood and well-being.

The in-depth testing that is done at Ageless Forever, along with regular follow-ups with our experienced patient care coordinators, is part of the secret in creating the shortest route to an improved quality of life, and an extension to a fuller, richer and more rewarding existence.

Dr. John J. Pierce, D.O. • Ageless Forever Anti-Aging and Longevity Clinic located at
6020 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite C Las Vegas, NV 89118 • 702-838-1994 •

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Besides the obvious—empowering yourself with knowledge and increasing your vocabulary, a new study shows reading books to increase your lifespan up to 23 percent. That’s an extra 2 years longer, for adults who frolic through fiction for as little as 30 minutes a day. The Yale University School of Public Health study found that reading newspapers and magazines also beneficial to a longer life, but much less than book reading.  

Avid Book Readers are most commonly:
Higher Income Bracket

As to exactly why reading may increase one’s lifespan, the research did not say. But a 2013 published study found reading to boost brain cell connectivity. Add to that, the study reported by Medical News Today, that found reading fictional books may promote empathy, and you gotta ask yourself—why aren’t you reading more?

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Marathoners may soon have an extra burst of energy without the added pain. A new study from biochemist Prof. Kieran Clarke, at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, and Dr. Richard Veech, at the National Institutes of Health, MD has found a ketone drink to boost the endurance of highly trained athletes, namely cyclists, (some of the study included Olympians), to add an extra 400 meters to their distance goal. The ketone itself is inhibiting glycolysis so that with the same exercise you’re preserving glycogen and producing much less lactic acid (the cause of the tired, achy feeling after strenuous workouts). With lower lactate levels from the ketone drink, the cyclists were able to travel the extra 400 meters (approximately 30 minutes more). The professors note that though ketone drink may benefit long-distance athletes, it is not likely to benefit athletes performing short-distances, since those require oxygen to burn ketones. They expect the ketone supplement to be available sometime within the year.

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