Hard Time Working Over The Holidays? -Top Concentration Killers


Multitasking – If you pride yourself in mastering the art of multitasking—STOP. Research shows that during your attention shift from one task to another, you actually lose time.  

Depression – Sadness may seem like the biggest sign of depression, but difficulty concentrating is one of the most common symptoms. Feeling indifferent, hopeless or empty? See a doctor. Depression is highly treatable.

Social Media – Every status update kills your train of thought. Try logging in during work breaks only, to avoid the steady stream of posts that interrupt your concentration during work.

Email – Email can feel like an itch that you’ve just got to scratch, sucking up your concentration with every reply. Schedule time slots in your workday for answering emails, then simply shut it down for a completely focused rest of your work day.  

Cell Phone – More disruptive is the time-consuming distraction of cell phone calls. Utilize caller-ID, let it go to voicemail, unless it’s urgent, and schedule specific times to listen to all messages at one sitting, rather than disruptively throughout the day.

Boredom – Boring tasks can lead to temptation of reaching for your phone or a quick surf of the Internet. Instead, reward yourself after staying on task for a certain period of time, by taking a short coffee or snack break, or better yet, a quick walk outside.  

Stress – The vicious cycle of stress: piles just get bigger when you are having a hard time focusing, and lack of focus tends to make the workload pile up. It shows up in headaches, tight shoulders, even a racing heart. Learn stress reduction techniques. Meditation has been proven to increase your ability to focus.  

Nagging Thoughts – If you’re worried about anything other than work, (an argument yesterday with your spouse, holiday plans and more) it can be almost impossible to focus on work at hand. Make a list. By writing down your distractions you can now separate yourself, and let them go for a while.

Fatigue – Too little sleep has been proven to be an attention killer, as well as short-term memory zapper. Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night and schedule your most difficult tasks during your most alert times of the day.

Hunger – Skipping meals will kill your ability to focus, but breakfast is the most important—and lacking this meal is a top concentration killer.

ADHD – Consistent trouble focusing, with attention problems as a kid, may be the condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If you experience a short attention span with consistent difficulty focusing on tasks, see a doctor. There are ways to ease the symptoms through behavioral therapy and medications.

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