STRONG AND SEXY with STRIPLV’s Personal Trainer, Andrea Lowell - Secrets To Weight Loss



with STRIPLV’s Personal Trainer, Andrea Lowell


Well, there’s no real secret, aside from that you don’t need to keep spending your hard-earned cash on bullshit gimmicks, products, and false hope in a bottle.

The first “secret” is to believe that you can! When you truly know that it’s your intention and goal to be hot, the conscious and subconscious work together! Every night, as you’re falling asleep, BELIEVE your weight loss goals and visualize the hottest version of yourself. Science backs up this “belief and visualization” phenomenon, so give it a try. The catch? You have to really believe it. If your goal is too unbelievable, make smaller goals at a time (10-lbs, 20-lbs, firmer butt, flatter tummy, etc).

Secret #2: Nourish your body! Starvation, diet drinks, magic pills, etc., are bogus and total B.S.! Put nutrition first and calories a distant second. Now, I’m not saying to eat an entire bag of raw almonds because their nutritious, that’s just a little reckless with your fat intake! What I am saying is to eat as many nutrient dense fruits and vegetables as you can! I eat thousands of calories in raw, organic produce a day and I’m at 13.9% body fat! When you focus on nutrition, your body will function better and your energy can be used for fat burning, rather than digesting foreign chemicals and additives found in “diet” foods and supplements!

Secret #3: Stop with the sugar! Sugar feeds disease. Sugar spikes insulin. Sugar causes sugar addiction! It’s a sick and endless cycle that we must break, and this is my most difficult challenge, for both myself, and my clients. Too much sugar consumption can lead to insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and Type II Diabetes. Nothing sexy about that!!! Try to do a mini sugar cleanse (Google is a great place to start for ideas) and see if you can shake the stuff! I just had a client stop adding 3 teaspoons of sugar to her daily coffee, and she lost 3 pounds in one week….from that ALONE! We hadn’t even trained yet!!! Stevia is a great replacement, but avoid commercial, processed brands. Look for organic varieties!

Secret #4: Get your ass to sleep!!! Adults thrive on 7-8 hours of sleep. When we sleep, our body literally repairs itself. If you got in a killer workout, but experienced light or not enough sleep, your workout was for almost nothing. It’s the brutal truth, but sleep is crucial for hot, healthy bodies! If you have trouble sleeping, try some melatonin, valerian root, or sleep teas. They’ve greatly helped me, as I’ve dealt with insomnia issues for the past few years. Avoid narcotic solutions, as they cause more damage in the long run!

So, there you have it! Believe in Your Goals, Eat to Fuel your Body, Decrease Processed Sugar, and Sleep Well! You’ll feel better, look sexier, be filled with vitality, and you WILL accomplish your dream weight!! Let’s all be the hottest, sexiest versions of ourselves! You’ve got this…I believe it!!

Andrea Lowell is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Radio and TV Host, and can also be found as a Cover Girl here in the pages of STRIPLV Magazine. 

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