with STRIPLV’s Personal Trainer, Andrea Lowell



Who wants to be the sexiest that they can possibly be? I know I do! Being sexy is about confidence, sex appeal, attitude, and energy. Confidence, now that’s an inside job. Sex appeal? Get your ass in a gym to reshape and sculpt your body into the aesthetic that you (and others!) desire. Commitment to a fitness plan will take you to your goals! Attitude is a reflection of how you treat others and approach life on a daily basis. Now, as far as energy is concerned, I literally mean the vitality you possess, but also, I’m talking about what kind of energy you’re giving off. No bad vibes here, man! But, if you encompass all of these things, you have that certain swagger that is pretty much irresistible. Tons of my clients ask me for a “sexy” physique. Well, what IS sexy? To me, it’s tight, toned abs, a round and perky butt, and excellent posture for both men and women. But, as a “superfoodist” (someone who bases their diet on “superfoods,” which are nutrient dense foods), I also have some tricks up my sleeve for taking sexiness up a notch, (beyond what can be accomplished in the gym), through nutrition.

Wait, what? Am I telling you that you can eat your way to sexy? Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying. By incorporating two certain “superfoods,” your overall vitality, mental clarity, virility, and energies will improve. You’ll be able to go longer and harder, both in the gym and the bedroom!

Ok, let’s start with the first and my favorite “superfood” for sexiness: raw cacao. Cacao (pronounced: cah-cow) is essential to overall health and libido, not to mention happiness. And who doesn’t like to fuck when their happy? Cacao is chocolate in its purest form. It’s on the bitter side, but added to almond or coconut milk with some Stevia and cinnamon…damn! Cacao contains phytonutrients and natural chemical compounds that literally make depression lift, increase sex drive, and boost metabolism. Actually, add some cacao to everything you make! I literally consume this everyday, first thing in the morning. Make it a part of your routine!

For centuries, ancient civilizations have used maca root to increase libido and aid men with ED (erectile dysfunction). And, it’s no wonder. But, it’s not just for men. Ladies, you’ll experience a revved-up sex drive when you consume this root in its raw, powdered form. Maca has been scientifically proven to be an aphrodisiac for both genders, improve sperm count and motility, and stabilize hormones. When our hormones are balanced, we are all-around putting out better vibes! Our adrenal glands (which, in our day and age, are working overtime) are aided by the glorious maca root, too. Maca root should be taken daily, also! It will not only improve performance in the bedroom, but also the gym…and at work! It’s excellent in smoothies – or make some maca ice-cream! So, enjoy your new energy and be the SEXIEST version of you! Get ‘em, Tiger!

Andrea Lowell is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Radio and TV host – and can also be found as a Cover Girl here in the pages of STRIPLV Magazine.

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