We know toxins are bad for us – but did you know that toxins like PCBs and dioxins can actually lower your sperm count and your testosterone? Men can make sure to protect their package by following these easy steps:

• THROW AWAY ALL OLD LAWN TREATMENTS (any product with chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate proved to reduce testosterone in men).

• WEAR A MASK (when working construction on old stone or cement walls – especially caulking from the 60’s and 70’s, which can release dangerous PCB levels when smashed).

• AVOID GELLED RUBBER (fishing lures, and sadly, some sex toys can contain phthalates that can enter the body and decrease semen quality).

• GET A WIDER BIKE SEAT (narrow seats force pressure on your perineum, and can cause erectile dysfunction).

• GO ORGANIC (pesticides get into your system a little at a time, and can kill your testosterone levels over time).

• AVOID LAVENDER AND TEA-TREE OIL (a connection has been found between these natural ingredients often found in beauty and health products and the development of breast tissue in boys.

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