Research shows that men who actively participate in healthy lifestyle changes experience a higher quality of life as they age, including physical activity and routine visits to the doctor. Serious health complications due to unhealthy aging can affect work stamina, sex drive and energy levels.  Many times, the symptoms of aging are merely a condition of hormone balance, such as andropause, the male menopause.

Andropause is the result of a gradual drop in testosterone, which could cause symptoms like:

Weight Gain
Depression or Anxiety
Fatigue or Lack of Energy
Hot Flashes
Hair Loss 
Lagging Libido

Andropause affects men slowly throughout their lifetime and there is no mark to signal its arrival. Men begin to experience a gradual drop of testosterone as early as age 20. By age 40, men have lost nearly half of their testosterone and may begin to see symptoms of andropause. Men can evaluate the state of their health by taking a Hormone Balance Test.

Dr. Jack Anstandig of BodyLogicMD of Las Vegas helps to improve the health and quality of life of men who are experiencing difficulties with andropause. Check out his website for a free hormone test at


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