Psychedelic Drugs and Depression

Researchers in California have discovered that psychedelic drugs like LSD and MDMA (AKA Ecstasy) can help to rewire the brain and might be a new treatment for severe depression. “One of the hallmarks of depression is that the neurites in the prefrontal cortex – a key brain region that regulates emotion, mood, and anxiety those neurites tend to shrivel up,” says Dr. David Olson, who led the research team on this study. This type of brain activity also happens in cases of post-traumatic stress, and addiction. Ketamine, another type of illegal hallucinogenic drug, has been tested as a nasal spray for the treatment of mental illness. It has been shown to reduce suicidal impulses dramatically. The problem with any of these going mainstream is the potential for abuse as too much use of Ketamine can result in psychosis.

Perio-Cardio Disease

There is substantial scientific evidence that many health problems start with your mouth. We shouldn’t have to tell you to keep up with dental hygiene, but it may be more critical now than ever. Perio-cardio disease is an inflammatory disease of gums and tissues. The bacteria from this disease can spread to the rest of the body causing numerous ailments. Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria travels to the heart where it can cause blockages. If you are experiencing bad breath, it may be a sign that you have bacteria gathering on your tongue and hiding in between your teeth. If the bacteria builds up, there is strong medical evidence that it could lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and acid reflux disease. The best thing you can do to combat this from happening is to brush and floss regularly, eat a healthy diet, reduce stress, refrain from smoking tobacco, and visit your dentist often.


The home genetic testing kit has been wildly popular with scads of people ordering it for themselves. One kit will test for your cultural heritage, and the other will test your health and tell you what conditions you may be predisposed to getting such as cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Scientists are mixed on whether or not they think this is good for us. While they do recognize that finding out that you are at risk for life-threatening conditions could prompt a person to make positive changes to their lifestyle, it is possible that it could offer false hope to patients. Some cases have been reported of customers ordering the $200 kit to test for the breast cancer gene and getting a false negative. Genetic testing can be an effective way to prevent health problems in the future, but before you spit in the tube and do the test yourself, you might be better served having an actual medical professional do the testing for you.

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