Are You Husband-Material? Bad Boys & Short Guys, There’s Good News For You!

Are You Husband-Material?
Bad Boys & Short Guys, There’s Good News For You!


Poll on husband material:

Is it true, that you can tell everything you need to know about how a man will treat you, by looking at his relationship with his mother? “Not even close,” say 65% of experts. A poll taken by shows 55% of respondents disagree that a man who has never been married by age 40 likely has a deep-seated fear of commitment or some other undesirable issue to resolve. The vast majority who were surveyed agree that the No. 1 quality that makes a man husband-material is his ability to communicate, followed by honesty and reliability. And, when it comes to finding a husband, experts say the following three qualities matter least to their clients: a man’s height, followed by his religion/ethnicity and then his job.

More than 96% of respondents concur that great husbands are made, not born – so it’s never too late for a guy to live up to his potential. However, a whopping 89% of experts believe that addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling and/or sex disqualify a man from being husband material.

Additional survey findings:
Don’t discount dads. 58% of experts agree that single fathers make great husbands. Say “no” to mama’s boys. 88% say that “mama’s boys” are not husband material. Bad boys can make worthy husbands. 85% agree that a man with a checkered past can evolve into a great, lifelong partner.

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