PRESS RELEASE 9-7-15 issue 0915


STRIPLV ISSUE 0915 featuring Monica Monroe, Emily Blunt, Pierce Brosnan, Lance Burton, Sasha Heart, Carlotta Champagne and Baseball’s Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant and Joey Gallo
STRIPLV Magazine issue 0915 is our “Hottest Cover” yet! – and was considered unfit for newsstand shelves.
Seems the cover was just TOO HOT for the newsstands—getting censored by our distributor, who required a large sticker to be placed on top of the shrink wrap, to cover the beautiful assets of buxom blond model, Monica Monroe. 
Chairman and CEO of Spearmint Rhino Consulting Worldwide, Inc. John Gray describes it best:
“I have seen Santodonato's work, literally for years, and have had several "friends" before you and in your pages.  I have seen Monica live in shoots and the STRIPLV pictorial of her has a class and peace to the eye that I believe is unmatched.  —John Gray
Las Vegas, September 2015: STRIPLV Magazine issue 0915 welcomes in the fall season with Internationally-published buxom blonde model Monica Monroe, following up her Playboy cover and Spearmint Rhino spokesmodel deal to grace the cover of STRIPLV for the first time ever in her striking “Golden Lover” pictorial.  Plus Social Media sensation, Sasha Heart has “got milk” in her very wet and creamy “Breastfeeding” pictorial, while photographer Santodonato enjoys a sandwich with the ever-sensuous siren, Carlotta Champagne in her nude dining pictorial titled, “Eat”.
INTERVIEWS this month include the stunningly sassy and energetic Emily Blunt, who seems to know how to have the perfect balance between work and family, sharing about how prideful she feels about putting good roles out there for her daughter to eventually see and appreciate, and disclosing the underscores of her dark role in the upcoming fall action/crime film, Sicario.  Plus Irish gentleman, Pierce Brosnan opens up in his interview, revealing his strong devotion to Catholicism, feeling truly blessed in his life, and his appreciation for not only achieving his dreams of playing Bond, but being able to continue his work and love of acting in his new film, No Escape.  And the legendary magician Lance Burton invited STRIPLV to his incredible estate right here in Vegas, where he graciously sat with us to discuss the joys of making his new movie, Billy Topit – Master Magician, which comes out this month with a World Premiere screening at Brenden Theaters at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.
SPECIALLY FEATURED this month are baseball’s three “Diamonds From The Desert” – magnificent players who have been planted, cultivated and harvested right here in Vegas:  Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant and Joey Gallo.  Plus, the hit cable series, “Corvette Nation”, prepares for its third season, appealing to its very devoted group of enthusiasts who consider the Corvette the greatest American sports car ever created.  And we honor the passing of legendary fashion designer, Christian Audigier, by running excerpts from our original interview with Christian that ran in 2008.
STRIPLV Magazine is the sexiest magazine on the planet, empowering the strength, seduction and inner beauty of women across the world, while offering Art and Lifestyle, Trends, Style, Dining, and Health, and reporting cutting-edge Features and Interviews on the hottest celebrities worldwide.
STRIPLV’sPublisher & Photographer 
Scott P Santodonato
Santodonato sees a distinct and unique beauty in every woman—with the incredible ability to bring out the female inner sex appeal and a raw and honest point of view.

These two sites by celebrity photographer Scott P Santodonato – from the eye that beholds beauty behind the lens and gives us stark reality in black and white and vivid colors that enhance a story of seduction – capturing the essence, the beauty, the charisma, that makes every individual unique.
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