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featuring Shyla Jennings, Hugh Jackman, Kristen Stewart, Raven Rockette, Marky Ramone, Vegas! The Show and Remy LaCroix

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Las Vegas, March 2015:STRIPLV Magazine issue 0315 presents for the very first time, all-natural stunner Shyla Jennings, adorning the pages of STRIPLV, gratifying her obsessive online fans, and introducing her to the rest of you who will immediately fall in love with her magnificence in her “iAMSHYLAJ” pictorial.  Lil witch Raven Rockette is back in her “My Beauty” pictorial, with Santodonato capturing her honest, beautiful soul and essence, while revealing her sensual curves and natural beauty in white sheets and white clothing.  Plus Shoot Las Vegas’ shooting range gun expert, Erica James, shows off her beautiful big guns and lots of ammo in her sexy outdoor pictorial, “BIG SHOT”.

SOUL-REVEALING INTERVIEWS this month with multitalented triple-threat, Hugh Jackman, in his “Family First” interview.  The charismatic gentleman shares stories about his beloved wife and children, his lust for life, keeping his acting chops sharp through live stage performance, while always making his family come first.  Plus, the intelligent, young actress, Kristen Stewart, opens up about how she has transformed from a skittish nymphet into a confident movie star, sharing her deep-felt emotions in this revealing, “24” interview, discussing her evolution as Twilight’s Bella to outstanding performances in the serious subject film, Still Alice, while maintaining her strong opinion on love, haters, feminism, and continuing to loathe fame.

REBELLIOUS FEATURES this month with the last remaining member of the original punk rock band, the Ramones, Marky Ramone.  He has written a book about “My Life As A Ramone”, and it appears to have been anything but easy.  Marky’s stories will hold you hostage, revealing their constant touring difficulties with each of the member’s personal issues: from OCD to hygiene, drug and alcohol addiction, and more.  And—“The Bush is Back!” – with many porn stars sporting a natural bush, and even actresses like Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow writing about the health benefits of the natural bush—and we love the look!  Plus Kenny Chesney brings his “Big Revival” tour to Vegas for two-nights this April, while he has been speaking out against “Bro-Country” songs that objectify women (as even he may have written in years past), but he is driven to see new things in music, which can be witnessed in his newest single, “Wild Child”, which depicts a strong-willed and free-spirited female protagonist.  Aptly named, Vegas! The Show, this show brings its audience on a journey in time through outstanding music, singing, dance, impersonations and comedy, revealing the true spirit of the Las Vegas that once existed.


STRIPLV’s Publisher & Photographer 
Scott P Santodonato

Santodonato sees a distinct and unique beauty in every woman, and the beauty within the entrepreneurial spirit of the city of Las Vegas.  Able to bring out the female inner sex appeal and a raw and honest point of view of Vegas, Santodonato explains:  “I first became a photographer out of necessity to take photos of the bands that I signed to my independent record label back in Detroit.  It is really gratifying as an artist to receive so much positive feedback about my work.  I love this town and I am very proud to be one of the only honest sources of information on this amazing city – and we’re shouting it across the world.”  —Scott P. Santodonato


These two new sites by celebrity photographer Scott P Santodonato. From the eye that beholds beauty behind the lens and gives us stark reality in black and white and vivid colors that enhance a story of seduction – capturing the essence, the beauty, the charisma, that makes every individual unique.
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