PRESS RELEASE 1-7-15 issue 0115



featuring Kayden Kross, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Vanessa Veracruz and Trish Davis

Las Vegas, January 2015:  Kicking off a killer New Year with the sheer beauty of blond Cover Girl, Kayden Kross.  This incredible businesswoman is so smart, yet undeniably sexy and forthcoming about her sexuality – she is what dreams are made of in her “Faith in Theory” pictorial.  Latina sex goddess Vanessa Veracruz graces the pages of STRIPLV for the first time in her “Sweet Agua” pictorial.  This iconic, beautiful flower quenches our thirst with her beauty, spirit, knowledge and nurturing nature.  NYC model Trish Davis poses in a black and white pictorial shot by Santodonato that truly captures her stunning beauty in her honest and stark, “Black” pictorial.
DYNAMIC INTERVIEWS this month with an open-hearted sit-down with Scottish actor, Ewan McGregor, revealing his lust for life is ever strong in this “Wild at Heart” interview about his undying love for his wife and children, acting, his newest film, Mortdecai, and his joy of going back to the stage for the first time on Broadway in the play, “The Real Thing”.  Plus, charismatic British actor, Jude Law, opens up about turning 41, in his “Chapter 2” interview, revealing his ease with aging, feeling like a mentor, enjoying some of the meatier parts, and finding his feet as an actor in his upcoming movie, Black Sea.
SEXY, STONED AND SECURE FEATURES this month with “Stoned Girls – Sexy Nude Chicks Getting High” – featuring – the site that celebrates beautiful, naked women smoking for pleasure.  Taking responsibility for your own defense in this month’s “I’ve Got a Shotgun, and I’ll Shoot” – a feature that bears repeating:  Refuse to be a victim, plus:  “Tips To Avoid Intruders”Macklemore and Ryan Lewis blew the roof off Mirage’s 1 OAK Nightclub – rockin’ in the New Year, as only Vegas can do.

STRIPLV’s Publisher and Photographer Scott P Santodonato sees a distinct and unique beauty in every woman, and the beauty within the entrepreneurial spirit of the city of Las Vegas.  Able to bring out the female inner sex appeal and a raw and honest point of view of Vegas, Santodonato explains:  “I first became a photographer out of necessity to take photos of the bands that I signed to my independent record label back in Detroit.  It is really gratifying as an artist to receive so much positive feedback about my work.  I love this town and I am very proud to be one of the only honest sources of information on this amazing city – and we’re shouting it across the world.”  —Scott P. Santodonato

CHECK IT OUT - NEWLY REDESIGNED: and – two new sites by the talented photographer of STRIPLV Magazine, Scott P. Santodonato.  From the eye that beholds beauty behind the lens and gives us stark reality in black and white and vivid colors that enhance a story of seduction – capturing the essence, the beauty, the charisma, that makes every individual unique.
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