PRESS RELEASE 6-7-14 issue 0614



STRIPLV ISSUE 0614 featuring Ashlyn Molloy,
Robert Downey Jr, Jessica Alba
, Eufrat,
Sovereign Syre, and Crystal Hefner
New @striplvmag 0614 with @AshlynXMolloy, @RobertDowneyJr, @jessicaalba, @EufratMai @crystalhefner, @Sovereign_Syre #sexy #romance

Las Vegas, June 2014:  STRIPLV Magazine sizzles in this hot summer issue of STRIPLV 0614 with sexy young ginger Cover Girl, Ashlyn Molloy, unabashedly flirty in her “Purple Kush” pictorial.  Plus the flawless beauty of Eufrat, as she exudes a calm allure that seduces your senses in her “Czech Mate” pictorial;  and the ever so precious Sovereign Syre burns to covet and live to succor in her wildly erotic “Slave” pictorial.
REVEALING INTERVIEWS with both the beautiful and talented this month.  STRIPLV gets inside the head of one of Hollywood’s most talented and impromptu actors of his generation – Robert Downey Jr., as the “Iron Man”, himself, shares his spiritual outlook on life and his amazing resurrection of his film career from the wasteland of drug addiction through love and the strong foundation of family life.  Plus we find out why the talented actress, Jessica Alba, shines so beautifully – both inside and out in her illuminating “Renaissance Woman” interview.  Alba’s strong morals and work ethic give her the solid foundation to juggle the workload of three – as the starlet in the upcoming “Sin City – A Dame To Kill For”, boss of her own company, and wife and mother of two.
SUMMER TOURS AND SEXY FEATURES include a look at Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner’s Playmate wife, Crystal Hefner, as she follows her dream of music – performing DJ sets this summer at REHAB’s Bikini Invitationals at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, while designing swimsuits and her soon-to-be-released underwear collection.  The summer tours are on – with legendary rockers Aerosmith touring with SlashQueen teaming up with Adam Lambert on mic;  Gregg Allman at The Pearl;  and Jeff Bridges & The Abiders return to perform at Red Rock Resort.  Plus EDC hits Vegas this month with the biggest names in EDM.  And a definitive look at Sex & Romance – including the differences between the male and female brains, and ways to spice up your love life, sexting tips, and more.

STRIPLV’s Publisher and Photographer Scott P Santodonato sees a distinct and unique beauty in every woman, and the beauty within the entrepreneurial spirit of the city of Las Vegas.  Able to bring out the female inner sex appeal and a raw and honest point of view of Vegas, Santodonato explains:  “I first became a photographer out of necessity to take photos of the bands that I signed to my independent record label back in Detroit.  It is really gratifying as an artist to receive so much positive feedback about my work.  I love this town and I am very proud to be one of the only honest sources of information on this amazing city – and we’re shouting it across the world.”  —Scott P. Santodonato

CHECK IT OUT - NEWLY REDESIGNED: and – two new sites by the talented photographer of STRIPLV Magazine, Scott P. Santodonato.  From the eye that beholds beauty behind the lens and gives us stark reality in black and white and vivid colors that enhance a story of seduction – capturing the essence, the beauty, the charisma, that makes every individual unique.
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