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Las Vegas, February 2014:  STRIPLV Magazine kicks off the February “Month of Love” issue 0214 with the “Love” pictorial of a day with Cover Girl, Jenna Haze, stripped down and natural, with little makeup, baring her soul – sexy, smart, free and real.  Plus the tiny little vixen, Riley Reid, has been a very bad girl – sent to her room to be punished and spanked in her “Dirty Little Girl” pictorial, and ballerina Melody Jordan plays dress-up, cleaning the house in her French maid lingerie, set in a darkly erotic and enchanted “Twisted Ballerina” pictorial.

ENLIGHTENING INTERVIEWS in this month’s February issue of STRIPLV will get you hungry, hyped, and smokin’! “STRIPPED! Interviews” with Marla Santos gets the history behind, Zowie Bowie, one of the hottest high-energy bands in Vegas, and then stops in for some gourmet pasta and cooking stories with Chef Wes Choy at his new “Pasta Fresh” restaurant.  Cigar aficionado and journalist Eddie Rivkin enjoys a cigar with En Fuego Cigars & Lounge owner, Michael Abdullah, the man who’s keeping the love of cigars alive.

EDGY FEATURES in this month’s February issue of STRIPLV include “Puff, Puff, Pass – Not So Fast!” – the realistic look behind Nevada lawmakers’ continued delay of the implementation of medical marijuana, even though the voters passed it;  the head-bangin’ production, Recycled Percussion, what the band likes to call: “Junk Rock” – but be prepared – it’s the best junk rock you’ve ever seen or heard;  and Eddie Rivkin’s “Death of the Gentleman” commentary on how being a gentleman has become nearly, if not totally, extinct.  Plus, an excerpt from the legendary story of STRIPLV’s own celebrity columnist, Monti Rock III, and the upcoming book, “Monti Rock III – Unmasked”;  and Byron Craft closes up his “Women Who Made Las Vegas” series with The Uber Restaurant Maven – Elizabeth Blau.

VEGAS ENTERTAINMENT and NIGHTLIFE kicks of February with a bang with the amazing talent of Bruno Mars, as he begins his mini-residency at The Chelsea;  2014 Chinese New Year Celebrations for “The Year of the Horse”;  2-Chainz brings his “F***ing Problems” to The Joint;  and STRIPLV Photographer, Santodonato, gives you his all-access photo pass with live shots of Robin Thicke at his recent live performance at The Pearl.

SEXY FOOD, HEALTH and STYLE in the month’s February issue of STRIPLV, as Andrea Lowell, STRIPLV Cover Girl and Personal Trainer begins her new Health Column:  “Strong and Sexy” with “Superfoods for Sexiness”.  “Take it From the Chef – Charlie Palmer” shares his original inspirations in “For the Love of Cooking”; and Vegas Food Nerd hits the tasty culinary mash-up of Mexican and Chinese at China Poblano.  Plus the sexy comfort and style of Frigo – a new boxer brief that is making men rethink underwear altogether.
STRIPLV’s Publisher and Photographer Scott P Santodonato sees a distinct and unique beauty in every woman, and the beauty within the entrepreneurial spirit of the city of Las Vegas.  Able to bring out the female inner sex appeal and a raw and honest point of view of Vegas, Santodonato explains:  “I first became a photographer out of necessity to take photos of the bands that I signed to my independent record label back in Detroit.  It is really gratifying as an artist to receive so much positive feedback about my work.  I love this town and I am very proud to be one of the only honest sources of information on this amazing city – and we’re shouting it across the world.”  Scott P. Santodonato
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STRIPLV magazine. 


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