STRIPLV MAGAZINE - 1113 ...coming soon!

...coming soon!


Las Vegas, October 2013:  Coming soon…  STRIPLV Magazine November issue 1113 will bring you an eye-opening interview with the comedian Gallagher – "Unhooked”.  Marla Santos goes backstage for her "STRIPPED INTERVIEWS” series, after the comedian's hair-raising and "politically-incorrect” jaw-dropping performance at the Tropicana Las Vegas – wondering if she'd find a warm and fuzzy heart behind his hard-ass shell of a live persona, only to be hit even harder in a barrage of world disgust.  "I don't like ignorant people!”  Gallagher professed wholeheartedly…   When asked about his childhood:  "She {mom} didn't want to have kids.  Who in the hell wants to watch kids?  She wanted to go and have her life.  She knew I was smart enough to take care of them, so she left me!  I had a 3, a 7, an 8 and I was 9!”  A title for an autobiography of his life?  "'Reluctant celebrity'.  No, I don't like it!  It's a lot of babysitting.  The kids are all drunk; they're all stupid, and everyone that you said that has a problem with self-discipline is at the bar to see the guy that smashes food.  Only about one out of three shows is worth being in show business, and the other two are either embarrassing or too much work.  It's not fun!...”

…coming in the November issue 1113 of STRIPLV Magazine.



STRIPLV's Publisher and Photographer Scott P Santodonato sees a distinct and unique beauty in every woman, and the beauty within the entrepreneurial spirit of the city of Las Vegas.  Able to bring out the female inner sex appeal and a raw and honest point of view of Vegas, Santodonato explains:  "We are going to be the only honest source of information on what adults like to do, eat, see in Las Vegas, and much more.  If we say it's good, it's because we really and truly believe it's good, because I love this town, and I am very proud to be a part of it.”


With the launching of STRIPLV magazine comes the brand new website:, featuring a new store offering apparel, fine art originals and prints from the collection of Scott P Santodonato, as well as new subscription offers, digital and mobile editions, along with access to STRIPLVTV, at, an erotic look behind-the-scenes of each sexy pictorial on STRIPLV magazine.



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PR Contact: Brittany Santos
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11700 West Charleston Blvd. Ste. 170-345  Las Vegas, NV  89135

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