By Frank Ariveso

STRIPLV:  Do you think you amped it up in Darker?

DORNAN:  I think we did amp it up in this movie.  I think we had to.  I think it’s a big part of making a sequel is that you have to develop everything and there needs to be a progression in every aspect of the picture— whether it be the actual story or the sex or the characters and their relationship— everything has to be ramped up.  So, I feel like we did that with Darker and I think that the fans will be excited by that.  You know, I think it has got more for the fans than the first film had, which I think is cool.

STRIPLV:  I’m sure when you did the first movie you didn’t expect it to be such a phenomenon.  Now that the dust has settled, are you excited to re-explore the character and define the character again? 

DORNAN:  It’s very exciting going back to something that I’ve experienced before.  Dakota’s never experienced it before because she’s never done television.  And I’ve done multiple series of television, and you get to go back, and jump back into the character and see the same crew and for the most part, it’s an exciting thing, and it’s like family, and it’s like coming home.  And so, there’s an element of that this time around, and the fact that shot Darker and Freed together, by the end, it was a long time— nearly six months with this group of people and it is like a family.  It’s great, great fun.

STRIPLV:  The film is so decadent with scenes such as the masquerade ball and Anastasia walking into every woman’s dream closet.  Do you have a favorite element of the film?

DORNAN:  I mean, we change quite a lot of stuff since the first movie regarding how it looked.  We made it slightly warmer, I think even for Christian’s apartment. Just like little touches that Nelson, our set designer, came up with, our production designer, that just makes it more human I think, which is a cool thing.  I really liked Christian’s apartment this time around.  We don’t get to see a huge amount of it in Darker, but in Freed we do. It felt like somewhere I’d want to spend time, rather than the first movie, just by adding a few little pieces here and there.

STRIPLV:  In this film, it seems as you and Anastasia have a real relationship and that you are growing in it. Can you tell us about this as well as some of the villains and the thriller aspects of the film?

DORNAN:  I mean, there’s so much more going on in this film.  It’s much more than just Anna and Christian’s relationship.  You know, that’s obviously a big part of it and seeing that relationship develop and seeing Christian making sacrifices and compromises and changing for love was just a very important thing.  And again, a very relatable thing I think.  So we see that, but there are other elements that come into Darker, you know, Jack Hyde is introduced and he provides this whole new energy and shakes things up, yet he has a massive effect on the relationship, and going forward and going to Freed we will see how that develops.  You know, when it ends on him, it gives you an idea what’s planned for the third movie.  But again, I think that’s all an advancement, and that’s all the fact that it’s a sequel and it’s darker.  And we’re trying to wrap things up, so there’s definitely more at play in Darker.

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