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Katherine Waterston is a British-born actress that recently received a lot of attention for her role in the JK Rowling film “Fantastic Beasts.”  This May she will have the chance to capture the attention of die-hard sci-fi fans by diving into the Alien movie franchise with Ridley Scott’s latest “Alien Covenant.”  She and her crew from the colony ship The Covenant discover a remote planet that they mistakenly think is an unfound paradise.  There they encounter David the artificial intelligence that remains from the failed Prometheus expedition, and things take a terrifying and surprising turn.  Taking on the role of a strong Ripley-esque (Sigourney Weaver’s role from the original movies) character, Katherine’s character Daniel has to fight to survive in this return to The Alien series of films.  It’s a franchise that has been derailed a few times—most notably when we had to stomach our way through “Alien Vs. Predator.”  The return of the original and much-respected director Ridley Scott is giving fans of the series a lot to look forward to when Alien Covenant hits theaters this May.  STRIPLV got a chance to sit down with Katherine to ask her about the experience of creating this film with its legendary director.

STRIPLV:  What was it like working with Ridley Scott?

WATERSTON:  Amazing. I knew going into it that he was a brilliant man, a brilliant artist, and director because I had seen so many of his films but I didn’t know anything about him as a man, and obviously I didn’t know what is was like to work with him.  He’s an actor’s director in the sense that generally he loves actors and gets really excited about what they bring to the process.  And for someone who’s so strict with himself and very rigorous about creating the perfect frame— the most accurate, perfect set to match his vision—he’s very flexible and open to what actors bring.  And usually, people who have that kind of exacting vision are rigid and not that easy to collaborate with.  So it’s this incredible combination of a very strong sense of cinematic storytelling and this really open-minded, roll-up -your-sleeves figure when working with actors.  So, it’s kind of the best. 

STRIPLV:  What is unique about an Alien film?

WATERSTON:  It’s Ridley’s vision.  He creates complete worlds, and no detail is ignored.  I think that and his focus on character; it’s that combination that makes the film so scary because you really believe the environment you’re in, and you really believe these are real people in a very unpleasant and dangerous situation.  And I think if the world didn’t feel complete and invested in the characters, then when the aliens come along to threaten them, it wouldn’t be so terrifying.  I think he just sets the stage so well; you feel so invested so that when things start to go wrong.

STRIPLV:  What is the best part about playing Daniels?

WATERSTON:  The best part… I don’t know I loved her journey.  I think we all wonder, anyone who hasn’t tested themselves in a really dangerous situation, wonders what kind of person they are.  Will they be clear in crisis or foggy?  Will they be able to take action, or will they stumble?  In this film, she discovers she is sort: she can remain clear and calm in those situations, not always calm but she’s a survivor, a trueborn survivor.  I mean not to give anything away about how it ends, but I loved her journey.

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