Dane Dehaan - 4 Questions

Dane Dehaan gets the unique opportunity to distance himself from The Amazing Spiderman shackles and put Harry Osborne aside for a moment and immerse himself in this new horror film from iconic filmmaker Gore Verbinski.  Verbinski himself inhabited a very different genre since his iconic movie “The Ring debuted in 2002.  He blazed through many blockbuster titles in the following years including major ones like Pirates of The Caribbean, and the not so well received Lone Ranger movies.  In A Cure For Wellness Dehaan plays a young corporate executive that is sent to a mysterious wellness center in the Swiss Alps to retrieve his company’s CEO.  It is a psychological horror thriller that will make you think twice before booking your next spa vacation.  It is reminiscent of Misery when you see the main character played by Dehaan wake up in the wellness center after breaking his leg, and then you realize something is very wrong.  Leaving the place is going to be easier said than done.  Bizarre treatments to “cure” the residents at this twisted spa retreat conjure up gothic imagery, and spine-tingling terror.  It seems that this recently released horror film might just be what fans of Verbinski’s have been waiting for since The Ring.  We sat down with this actor to ask him four questions about what is was like to create this visually stunning and frightening movie.

STRIPLV:  So there are a lot of terrifying ordeals your character is put through, without giving too much away, can you tell us a little about the filming of these sequences?

DEHAAN:  Yeah, it was just that every day was really crazy and terrifying, and often times torturous.  Yeah, I go through a lot of crazy spa treatments.  Spent a lot of time with the cast; it was just a wild, crazy adventure, just like the film.

STRIPLV:  What do you think the film says about society’s obsession with health and wealth?

DEHAAN:  Well I believe that it asks a lot of questions.  If there’s a cure for wellness, then there’s a sickness.  Lockhart, my character, inhabits and has the symptoms of working tirelessly, but only for his personal gain, wealth, and power.  What good is that doing to him, as well as society?  The answer probably is, no good at all.

STRIPLV:  Since the film is beautiful, can you tell us a little bit about the locations you shot?

DEHAAN:  Yeah, we shot all around Germany.  We were in Switzerland and the Swiss Alps for a week.  We shot this castle called “Hohenzollern Castle,” which is the exterior of the spa in the movie, and it’s a beautiful castle on top of a mountain; almost looks like the peak of a mountain.  So it was cool to be able to travel around and see Germany

STRIPLV:  Do you look at the water the same, after the making of this movie?

DEHAAN:  I definitely don’t look at spas the same.  Even coming here today, I saw an advertisement for a spa that really wanted to come off as wonderful, but probably now because I’m doing press for the movie, it just kind of looked creepy to me.

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