KIM & PAOLO - Travel, Have Sex, & Get Paid


Travel, Have Sex, and Get Paid
By Brittany Santos

Sounds a bit intriguing, right?  

Young, adventurous, and well, maybe a tiny bit horny, this daring couple, Kim and Paolo, also best known on social media, cam-sites, chaturbate, and their own website: are traveling the globe and sharing their sexual exploits with the world.  

When Kim and Paolo met, the sparks flew rather quickly, and this insatiable duo decided to embark on a journey fit for the pages of the latest best-selling erotica novels. They made the brave and somewhat controversial decision to document their sexual exploits on numerous social media sites, and one of their own creations, to share their lovemaking with fans all over the globe. 

Recently they reached out to our publication about sharing that story with our readers. We were of course interested and sat down for a one-on-one with Kim—undoubtedly the one who inspired their stage name and/or brand, My Sweet Apple. She gave us some insight on how they began this journey and why they continue to share their intimate quest with the world.

STRIPLV: What started you as a couple on this wild journey?
KIM: It must have been our exhibitionism. We’ve always loved fucking outdoors, being naked, recording ourselves, and we also love traveling. Two years ago we left South America with nothing but some clothes and savings, and we realized we could match our passions to live the life we wanted, so we started recording ourselves every time we had sex on a beach, a cool city, a hotel room, and we put them on sale. Then we discovered we could also live broadcast and make money out of our biggest fetish. So we decided we’d use that money to upgrade our equipment and make better videos, better shows, and travel to better places.
STRIPLV: Do you think that modern porn movies with their extreme scenes have damaged normal couples’ sex lives?
KIM: Absolutely not! Porn movies are giving people new ideas all the time. They are the foreplay of many couples. Porn is like art, each scene is surreal, almost magical. They don’t belong in the real world, and I think we are all aware of that.
STRIPLV: What is your favorite video that you’ve made?
KIM: Holidays at the naked city. It was recorded in Cap d’Agde, the swinger paradise in France, and it was a big challenge for us, because most of the sex scenes were recorded while being surrounded by a crowd. We love sneaking in public places to fuck, and we’ve also fucked in swinger clubs in front of everybody. But this time it was like a real-life show. We were the entertainers and we made sure to give them a grand finale.
STRIPLV: Do your families know about your sites?
KIM: No. Once in a while we consider telling them, but then we realize they are not open enough to understand that this is our sexual life. We are not porn actors, but exhibitionists. I have two sisters and Paolo has two brothers. The four of them are coming on visit this winter and we really want to let them know. We are really good friends and sharing this with them would be a blast!
STRIPLV: Kim, what tips can you give our readers on upping their game when they give their partners a blow job?
KIM: Play with it! I believe it’s not about how skilled you are, rather about how much you love his boner. Whenever I’m close to Paolo I have to touch him, lick him, suck him—I just can’t help myself. I need to see him hard several times a day. I also ask him a lot what he wants and what he likes and I make sure I do it all. But don’t think he’s just a lucky guy—all that I do is a big thank you for the big orgasms he keeps giving me.
STRIPLV: How did the two of you meet?
KIM: We were working in a big international IT company and a friend we have in common introduced us. Some weeks later we ended up the three of us in bed having my first threesome ever.
STRIPLV: What is your favorite place that you have visited? 
KIM: A small town in Napoli, Italy, where my father was born. It was all very rural and antique, and so typical Italian; it seemed taken out of a movie. Family bonds and friendship were all that mattered, apart from food, because nobody is allowed to stand up if there’s food on the table! We loved their simplicity and relaxation and how disconnected they were with the outside world.
STRIPLV: If another couple is looking to live your lifestyle, what tips would you give them for just starting out?
KIM: Concentrate in your partner, take advantage of each other’s fetishes, listen to each other, and don’t let anybody get in between you. Oh, and invest in good technology! 
STRIPLV: How did you hear about STRIPLV?
KIM: Twitter brought us here! I saw a photoset on Twitter and the next thing I know is I had went through the entire site and I wanted to be part of it! I especially love the high quality pictures and how careful they are with details. Well, and to be honest, the hot girls featured kind of drag me there, too.
STRIPLV: When you video your outdoor sexual exploits, have you ever had a stranger walk up while you were having sex? If so, how did they react to the situation?
KIM: When people see a camera they hide or even run away. Sometimes it feels like they were escaping from something. So we’ve never had much trouble with strangers. 
STRIPLV: By sharing your sex lives with the world, what do you hope your fans take away from watching you make love to each other?
KIM: We like showing a new, modern kind of lifestyle in which we have an open relationship and we travel around the world and we have several jobs and we are actually attached to nothing more than to living a happy day, every day. We always advise everyone to let prejudices aside and express their fantasies, to involve their partners in them and stop with the cheating and lying when we can all just be honest with each other and with ourselves.
STRIPLV: I am interested to know who was the one who came up with the idea for you as a couple to live your lifestyle? Was it Kim or Paolo, and how was it first brought up?
KIM: It wasn’t a topic that we actually had to bring up, because it was always there. We had always talked about doing porn, and one day Paolo found the tools to do it. Then all it took was to write down our fantasies and we started recording. Every time we travel to a new country, we discover new scenarios, new habits, and the sex adventure starts all over again.

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