Rebel Wilson - Sexy, Sassy and Sensational


Sexy, Sassy and Sensational

We all fell in love with the bigger-than-life bodacious blonde at first laugh in her breakout role as Kristen Wiig’s roommate in the 2011 blockbuster comedy film, Bridesmaids, and fans are still laughing so hard they’re crying (some, maybe even peeing) when they experience the unique comedy that is Rebel Wilson.

2012 found the quick-witted Australian now in Hollywood’s big league, playing alongside big names like Kirsten Dunst in Bachelorette, and Ray Romano and Dennis Leary in Ice Age: Continental Drift. But it wasn’t until October of that same year that Wilson’s big personality truly shined its brightest, when she took on the role as the boisterous singing coed, Fat Amy, in the hit comedy film, Pitch Perfect, which garnered her further applause and belly-busting laughs. The sexy confidence that Wilson injected into Fat Amy was absolutely adorable—and fans just ate up her quick-witted naughty remarks: 

“You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave.”

That strong character opened the door to more roles, like the 2013 action-comedy with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, Pain & Gain, another voice character in the animated film, Kung Fu Panda 3 with co-stars Jack Black and Angelina Jolie, and by fall of that year, she hosted the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

The singing sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, came out in 2015, reigniting the passion for Fat Amy, which held strong through a media debate over the actor’s real age (she was actually 35, rather than her original claim of a more youthful 29-year-old). Wilson’s sarcasm closed the book on the matter with one tweet:

“I’m actually a 100-year-old mermaid formerly known as ‘CC Chalice.’”

On Valentine’s Day weekend, the ever-sassy Aussie sat with us discussing her movie, How To Be Single, in which she plays the life of the party, with Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson. Wilson can also be seen in The Brothers Grimsby, which came out in theaters this March with co-stars Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher and Penelope Cruz.

STRIPLV: So what is this story about? Tell us about your character.
WILSON: Well, How To Be Single basically tells the story about four women who are all single in New York City and all deal with being single in very different ways. My character, Robin, like, loves her independence, and really parties and really enjoys her singleness. Dakota [Johnson]’s character, Alice, has just been in a long-term co-dependant relationship and so is newly single, and doesn’t know quite what to do. Leslie [Mann]’s character is a workaholic and she’s kind of sacrificed relationships up until now when she thinks maybe she should really be more open to it. And then Alison [Brie]’s character is really relatable to a lot of people. She’s like obsessed with finding the right man and doing it in a timely fashion, and she goes online dating and dating apps, and is crazily trying to find a man.
STRIPLV: How do you meet Alice, and what is that relationship like?
WILSON: I work as a paralegal, and I meet Dakota in our law office. And kind of instantly we just bond, and I feel like I should just show her around. It’s almost like I sense that she’s newly single and that I know how to have a good time, so she has to follow me.
STRIPLV: Was there anything in particular that drew you to this film?
WILSON: Well, I really like the message in the film. In the romantic comedies of the past, it’s just all been about a girl meets a cute guy and then at the end they end up together. And this film is just much more reflective about what it’s really like to be single and be looking for love. And the end… you just don’t expect what’s coming in the end, and I think that’s part of the reason that makes this movie such a satisfying movie to watch.
STRIPLV: Did you draw from any personal experiences to play your role, or are you just completely opposite of your character.
WILSON: (Laughter) There’s always like a bit of yourself in all the characters. And in Robin, I think, I am a very independent person, and I just love doing whatever the hell I want to do, and that attitude… Also the fact that she’s very comfortable in her own skin, I think, is very me. But the differences: is probably that Robin just parties way too hard. She drinks every single night. She’s basically a functioning alcoholic, and in real life, I’m not at all like that.
STRIPLV: What’s it like working with Christian Ditter as a director?
WILSON: This movie was Christian’s first Hollywood comedy movie. So it was really interesting because he hadn’t really worked in the style of like, improvised comedy, and we’d tell him: “Oh, this is what we normally do.” But he had such a strong vision for the film that he’d let us play around in certain sequences, and then others he’d have a really strong visual vision. And I think that’s why the movie’s got all this great comedy, but then it just looks really good. There are so many beautiful shots of New York City and cool montages and stuff and that’s all Christian. I think he just did such a good job, he’ll probably be directing way more comedies now.
STRIPLV: The cast was incredible, too. Everybody had some great chemistry on the screen. Did you work with everyone at one point?
WILSON: Well, there was one scene with all of us four girls, but I think that was cut out of the finished film. I mainly worked with Dakota in the movie, because our storylines intertwined the most, and then some days with Leslie, I think like one or two days with Alison and Anders [Holm], which was really fun, because I worked with Anders’ work mate, Adam Devine, in Pitch Perfect. Most of my stuff with Dakota and it was just really good, because I think we’re kind of a classic comedy duo—just when you look at us, and we’ve got different energies, but they kind of compliment each other.
STRIPLV: What do you hope that audiences take away from this movie?
WILSON: Well, it’s a very pro “single” message, which I think is perfect for Valentine’s Day, ‘cause so many people are single on Valentine’s Day. And they should just totally be buying their tickets right now to see the film. But also if you’re in a couple or you’re dating someone right now—this is also the perfect movie to see, because it’ll make you think like: “Oh, am I too co-dependant? Should I be finding out who I am more?” or maybe it would just validate your relationship and go: “Oh, we’re a great team, and you know, I really love being with that person.”
STRIPLV: Given that it’s Valentine’s Day—what do you think Robin, your character, would be doing on Valentine’s Day? (Laughter)
WILSON: (Laughter) Aah… well, she’d be in New York, and she’d probably be at some like massive rave party with extra glow sticks, maybe red glow sticks, because it’s Valentine’s Day, and maybe a dress with like a flashing heart on it or something, that she’s made herself, somehow. She has amazing secret skills. Yeah, I think she’d just be tearing it up on the dance floor, all night.
STRIPLV: And speaking of tearing it up... there’s some physicality to your role. Does this come naturally to you, or did you have any training? Especially the dance moves?
WILSON: I think I just like going for it in scenes, and as a comedian you just kinda have to use your physicality. So if they say, “Just run into traffic and jump on a taxi.” I stupidly kind of just do it. And I don’t really think about it until after I’ve done it, (giggles) because I’m just really invested in the scene, and in the character, and often because I play such sassy, bold characters, they do do bold things, that often means using your body in ways that, if you’re being sensible, you might not.
STRIPLV: Well, you pulled it off very well.
WILSON: Aw, thank you.

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