Aussie Hunks



Jabbawockeez meets Magic Mike
By Marla Santos

WARNING: Aroused senses may stimulate sensual rhythmic pumping movements, followed by the IMMEDIATE SHREDDING of clothing. 

Sculpted muscular bodies, sexy dancing and beautiful smiles are all part of the eye-candy that women (and men) are flocking to at the Aussie Hunks show. No more quiet, sedate, blushing bachelorettes…Put them in a room full of Aussie Hunks and all hell breaks loose!  

The show is so hot, as one fan said:  

“ Their accents, alone, could melt your panties off!”

“Erotic hip-hop” is a new term created for the athletic hunks from Down Under. With their great street dancing, break dancing, locking, popping and seductive show, Aussie Hunks combines trained world-class dance segments with great music, comedy, and plenty of group interaction, while obligingly showing us almost all of what’s Down Under, to the screaming crowd’s delight.  

A couple of years ago, everywhere you looked, women were reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Women have decided they’ve been missing out on some sexy thrills and are now ready to have some risqué fun. And risqué fun it is! Fantasies have always been a part of the female life. All one needs to do is look at covers of their romantic reading material, featuring a handsome male with a body that spends hours in the gym, (hmm… just like the guys from the Aussie Hunks show).

For eight years, these limber, yet manly men performed their unique show in what was called Hunk Mania Australia. Then after becoming finalists on Australia’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance Australia, they brought their sexy production overseas to America, to excite both men and women alike with their 75-minute show, Aussie Hunks. The show pushes the envelope of what’s permissible, and it’s filled with energy, charisma and up-close-and-personal sexy naughtiness. The strength, agility and overall athletic ability of some of these performers bring this show to a completely different level than most other male revues in town. You won’t find one long line of synchronized “Rockettes” dancing (you know, where the men sometimes appear like their still counting their every step). Instead, Aussie Hunks focuses on each of the performer’s unique, individual abilities.  

C’mon, where else can you drink a free shot off of a Hunk (and select the body part of your choice)? And that includes the “Croc” (that’s Aussie for “male genitalia”). It’s all part of the “Let’s have fun!” attitude that prevails.

Besides the dancing talent, Aussie Hunks is definitely an erotic show, and the guys all work hard to fulfill both women’s and men’s fantasies. Surprisingly, it is a show without gender or sexual orientation concerns, and the men in the audience can receive attention, just like the ladies. It is the Aussie’s attitude that everyone should be happy and enjoy the show, stating: “It’s 2015!”

Just before entering the showroom, you can buy “Hunk Bucks”, which they use instead of real cash. Just wave them above your head and a “magically delicious” Hunk will appear on your lap. Feel free to push the “Bucks” in any slot you find of the nearly naked body on top of yours. The guys don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, and seem to be genuinely having fun with the audience They are very approachable and are more than happy to mingle with fans after their performance. It’s obvious the lights of Vegas and their ever-so-mesmerized fans have not jaded them yet.  

Darren, (or Daz, as the guys call him), is a former professional Aussie Rules Football player and co-founder of Aussie Hunks. There is not one muscle in his body that he can’t move. The show’s choreography is created by the professional choreographer Dai, who has won Hip Hop dance contests in Bangkok, Melbourne and Sydney. He also performs as an Aussie Hunk dancer in the show. The show’s MC is a fellow Aussie named Adam, who has performed in TV shows, films, and commercials around the world. He can speak fluent Japanese and shows off an striking full-back tattoo. The rest of the Hunks sometimes fluctuate between its members, but we took out a moment to sit with Aussie Hunks Chad, Australian Hip-Hop champion, with supermodel looks and a killer smile, who has traveled the world performing and competing; Tommy (pictured left), Australia’s most elite and sought after performer for TV, radio and appearances—when you see his take on Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike routine, you’ll know why; and Lenny (a true pioneer of street dance culture). He was a dance teacher for 10 years in Melbourne, and toured with the famous Australian band, The Cat Empire for 3 years. He was also the winner of the National Masters of Hip-Hop Australia. 

Sitting with Chad, Lenny, Tommy, and Jonathan (the groups’ co-owner and manager), we got the inside scoop on being a “Hunk” and even got some up-close-and-personal likes and dislikes for all the fans out there—of both men and women, alike.

STRIPLV: How did you become involved with Aussie Hunks?
CHAD: I started right off with break dancing when I was young. I saw it on TV, and then I went and threw myself into the grass trying to break dance. My mom was like: “What are you doing?” I told her: “I think I’m break dancing,” and then she took me to a class when I was 12, and I went from there. My break dancing was always erotic performing anyway, and I liked the idea of being even more erotic, as well. I met Darren through mutual friends, and Darren was very focused on dancing, as well as just stripping. We connected very well over that, so the vision to put it all together was like heaven for me. I’d been teaching break dancing and hip-hop my whole life, so it wasn’t really money that drove me to it, but the money was fine.
LENNY: I was self-taught and started just jamming with friends and seeing people in bars and whatnot. I was working with Darren, teaching him how to dance for a while back in Melbourne, and occasionally he would get me to come to the club and do a few little spots. All of a sudden he said: “Hey, do you wanna come to Vegas?” I said: “Fuck yeah, I’ll go to Vegas!” I’ve been teaching dance to everyone—people with disabilities, deaf people, people of all shapes and sizes. I do everything. There are a lot of girls that are even better than the guys. The way that girls move opposed to how guys move is very different. Guys move very stiff a lot of the time and girls are a lot smoother. 
TOMMY: I was a lifeguard at a beach in Brighton, just outside London, and I was stripping there, as well. I was working in a pub as a bartender and the minimum wage in the U.K. sucks pretty badly. I knew I wanted to do something more, because I wanted to work and travel and enjoy myself. So when the chef at the pub jokingly said: “You should be a male stripper,” I laughed it off. But a week later, I thought it didn’t sound like a bad idea and I should try it. Then I went to the strip club, Adonis, and I saw that it wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was more like a production, like a show, like it is here. I wanted to be in it 100%! 
JONATHAN: Darren was specifically looking for talent and dancing for the Vegas show.
STRIPLV: Coming out of a bear costume to perform a Magic Mike routine was a tantalizing surprise. 
TOMMY: I never actually sat down and choreographed the whole thing. I started off just improvising, and it built into the moves I make now. I work like that. I’m not straight choreography, but I more improvise with little bits here and there. It just sort of formed itself.  
STRIPLV: Have you ever lost your footing, from all the water and soap suds routine?
TOMMY: Yes, all the time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I’m getting good with my balance now, so I know when to steady up and slow down. It’s good though, you just laugh it off and everyone laughs. At the end of the day, if they’re laughing and having a good time, I’d rather have them laugh than be silent. At least I’m entertaining.

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