YOU WANT WHAT??? Unbelievable Stories from a Vegas Concierge



A young girl bounced up to me out at the pool and said:  “Hi, I’m Vanessa, and I’m in trouble.”  Without hesitation or reservation at all—she yanks down her top, revealing both breasts.  “My piercing came out,” Vanessa added.  “I think the ball fell off and it won’t stay in.”  Then she suddenly pulls the piercing out of her nipple.  40 minutes later I returned with a brand new nipple ring and saw the crowd of people surrounding us.  When she wanted me to put it back in, I had to refuse for legal reasons.

Vegas Concierge and now author Mariann Mohos reveals some of the totally crazy requests made of a Vegas Concierge in this funny and illuminating interview.

People have an unending fascination with life on the Las Vegas Strip.  Just like the movie, The Hangover, a guest wanted a real, live white tiger placed in the bathroom, to scare her husband.  She had to be satisfied with a huge stuffed one instead.  Stories like this and many more are on the pages of Mariann Mohos’ book, You Want What???  Hungarian born Mohos spent four years working as a concierge at one of the major Strip resorts.  She learned that the requests covered all spectrums, ranging from planning weddings to the most intimate of requests, and on to jokes that the guests wanted to play.  After interviewing many of her colleagues, she decided to write this book and give us a chance to hear about the daily life of a concierge in Vegas.  It’s a fun read and a great souvenir, endorsed by ex-mayor Oscar Goodman, who wrote:  “In Las Vegas we make dreams come true.” 

A bunch of guys had come to Vegas for a bachelor party and wanted to prank the husband-to-be.  They wanted a blow-up doll under the sheets in his room when he arrived.  I ran to the adult store and bought one.  Realizing I wouldn’t be able to blow the thing up by myself, I grabbed a helium tank and blew the doll up in the room and tucked it under the sheets.  Later, I got a call from my manager saying that a maid had fainted upstairs.  She walked into the room and saw a dead body up on the ceiling.  I realized the doll had gotten free of the sheets and floated to the ceiling!

STRIPLV:  How many concierges are there in one hotel in Vegas?
MOHOS:  Depending on the size of the property, the Paris hotel is a medium size property with about 25 people and 3 different workstations.  The Venetian is a larger property and has about 75-80 people.   
STRIPLV:  What advice would you give a person applying for a concierge job?
MOHOS:  The main thing they’re looking for is attitude.  You need to like people, be helpful and smile a lot.  Here in Vegas you apply online, so if you can meet someone and they like you, it will expedite things.  Try to keep a personal contact.  There are also schools that teach you to become a concierge.  Any customer service experience is also helpful.   

A famous rock band was staying with us, and a staffer found the lead singer passed out beside the elevators.  We rushed to his side and began CPR when we couldn’t find a pulse.  When the paramedics arrived, they whipped out a huge syringe full of adrenaline, and without warning, they jabbed the needle straight into the rock star’s chest, just like that scene in “Pulp Fiction”.  Eight hours later he was on stage in front of thousands of concertgoers, bellowing out hit songs.

STRIPLV:  Is speaking foreign languages required?
MOHOS:  It’s always helpful, but it’s not a requirement.  I speak Hungarian, Russian, English and Spanish.  
STRIPLV:  What is the job life expectancy and is there burnout? 
MOHOS:  There is the true concierge who has a deep passion for this profession, and then those to whom it is just a job.  You have to be creative to make sure you don’t lose this passion.  It is very rewarding, and at the same time, a demanding job.  You can definitely get burned out.  Some of the people who have stayed in the job for a long time are fantastic people.  

A familiar request is:  “I want the very best, and money is no object,” –like the guest who ended up with 98 suitcases of purchases to take home, or the guest who had me traipsing to a famous department store every single day to purchase new underwear, because this man never wore the same underwear twice.  Then there was the oil magnate who has his bodyguard carry around a leather bag stuffed full of $100 bills used for tipping.  Then there was the guest who booked a $40,000-a-night suite and asked for extras, like a drum set, an electric guitar, a bass guitar, and we had a Cuban staff member hand-roll him a humidor filled with Cuban cigars. 

A Japanese couple came to me asking for “bull testicles.”  They explained that testicles are a delicacy in Japan and they wanted to ship some back to friends. I remembered there was a large ranch in California and they did, in fact, have the testicles we needed. The couple paid about $8,000 for the testicles and $3,000 for shipping, but they were thrilled.       

STRIPLV:  Where do you draw the line with requests, besides something illegal?
MOHOS:  Basically, you are supposed to leave your personal beliefs behind and there should be no judgment.  We cannot cross the line of the law, but there are some situations that we can bend the rules a little bit.    

Mariann’s book, “You Want What???” is available at & Barnes and Noble.  You can also order it at

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