The Quiet General - Gary Nemeth of "Girls Girls Girls"



Chances are, you have never heard the name Gary Nemeth.  But if you are a fan of strip clubs in Las Vegas, you have more than likely visited one of the three clubs in town of which he is the General Manager:  Little Darlings, Déjà Vu Showgirls and the brand new Vince Neil’s Girls Girls Girls.  Having been in the industry for over 20 years, with the last 14 in Las Vegas working for “strip club king” Harry Mohney, Gary has lots of tales to tell.  I sat down with him at Girls Girls Girls, to find out what it’s really like being the boss of Las Vegas strip clubs.

ER: You’ve run strips clubs for 20+ years – how has the industry changed?

GN: The girls have gotten so much better looking.  There were NO girls that looked like that when I was in high school!  It’s amazing!

ER: Even with that being the case, wouldn’t you say that now, especially in Vegas, the best looking girls aren’t dancers?

GN: For sure.  One of the biggest changes is all the new huge mega clubs in the hotels.  Before they opened, all the 8, 9, & 10’s worked in strip clubs.  Now if you are an 8, 9, or 10 in Vegas, you work as a bottle service waitress.  It really isn’t that much different than a strip club – they all have poles, and the outfits they wear are so barely there – they are practically naked anyway.  I’ll tell you this, the girls in the nightclubs probably do more and get away with more there, than they ever would dancing in a strip club.  I know every time I have been in a nightclub in Vegas, the waitress has been at least a 9. 

ER: As GM of an all-nude club, a topless club, and now the first-of-its-kind strip club, owned by one of the biggest rock stars on the planet:  Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe, how different is your marketing approach for each of the clubs?

GN: At Little Darlings, we really push hard to get the younger 18+ crowd who are looking for a night out.  Being all-nude with no alcohol, we strive to have our girls be performers, not just dancers.  What I mean, is they don’t just pull off all their clothes and walk around on stage.  Our girls at Little Darlings put on great shows, pole dancing, and theme shows – you name it.  If it’s fun and entertaining, we will do it at Little Darlings.  We also do a ton of different promotions, things no other club in town would even dare to try.  We have done MILF nights, BBW nights, Grandma on the pole nights, just to name a few.  We are really a promotion driven club there, always trying new things and new ways to make the strip club experience anything but run-of-the-mill.  At Déjà Vu Showgirls, we also cater to a younger crowd, but being 21 and over with alcohol, our focus is getting the local crowd.  We positioned the club to be a great value with lots of drink and dance specials all throughout the night.  A lot of people want to go to a strip club, but don’t want the huge overcrowded and way overpriced product that our competitors offer.  You can come down any night to Déjà Vu Showgirls and have a great time with beautiful dancers, have a few drinks, and still be able to pay your bills every month!  And with Vince Neil’s Girls Girls Girls, we are in the process of figuring out exactly how best to use the niche of an all rock ‘n’ roll format. 

ER: What are your expectations for Girls Girls Girls?

GN: I am sure that with a lot of hard work by our management team, Girls Girls Girls will be one of the better clubs in town, for sure.

ER: Do you think the rock music format is going to be enough to get the quality customer base you need to make it successful?

GN: Yes, the motto of Girls Girls Girls is:  “Come for the Music, Stay for the Girls!”  There is a huge demographic of people, both locals and tourists, who grew up listening to rock ‘n’ roll, who have nowhere to go in Vegas.  Girls will fill that void, along with having beautiful dancers, and, will be the only strip club in the United States that will have live music every week, too.

ER: Are the girls going to be dancing to the live music, or is it going to be a concert venue that transforms into a strip club?

GN: The girls are always going to be there and be dancing.  We are going to be both at the same time.

ER: Tell me about the evolution of the club.  How does a strip club legend like Harry Mohney end up partnering with a rock ‘n’ roll legend like Vince Neil?

GN: I was sitting with a good friend of mine who does a lot of deals in town, Michael Politz, and we were just bullshitting about the business and what we could do to really change the game here in Vegas.  We were just bouncing around ideas and he said to me, “What if I could bring Vince Neil onboard?”  That sounded like a great idea to me!  We continued talking through it and I was confident it would be a game changer.  I went to my boss (Harry Mohney) and pitched him the idea.  He thought it was a great idea.  Michael talked to Vince, set up a meeting for them, and after a fairly quick conversation, they shook hands, and here we are.

ER: By all accounts, Vince is really, really happy to have his own club.  How is it working with him?  Is he a hands-on guy, or just hanging out?

GN: In the beginning I thought he would be a handful to work with, but I have to say, he’s really not.  We have great communication.  When I call, he answers, he replies to my emails, he is really into turning this club into something great – something really special that fits the whole Vince Neil persona.  I know he was really happy the first time he came to the club and saw his name on the building!

ER: Is this going to be a one-off or do you see more Girls Girls Girls clubs opening around the country?

GN: Like I said before, if my management team does this the way I expect that they will, I have no doubt that there will be other Girls clubs across the country.  I have really given them a lot of the responsibility to make sure this club is a huge success.  They are working long hours and lots of days to see it through.  I have all the confidence in them that the club will be successful and the first of many.

ER: Any plans for Vince to play live, either with Mötley or with his solo band?

GN: I know, I have thought about it, and it would be great.  Honestly, I haven’t spoken to Vince about yet, but I assure you, I will.  If he does play, it will be amazing, that’s for sure! 

ER: You must employ 500 to 600 girls between the 3 clubs.  How do you resist the temptation and stay professional?

GN: I admit that there have been times I have been tempted, for sure – speaking as a straight man, there is no way you couldn’t be.  But like someone who works at McDonald’s, after awhile, you don’t want to eat McDonald’s.  I am not saying I am jaded, I am just saying that after 20 years, I am used to my environment and comfortable. 

ER: But McDonald’s hasn’t changed the menu in 20 years, and your menu changes almost every night!

GN: (laughing) Good point.  But I am here to run the clubs and I do as best as I can to stay professional.  Women are women, pretty much all the same.  Guys will come into a club, see a woman topless or nude who he thinks is beautiful, and get totally caught up.  After all these years, and after seeing SO many women, I just don’t get caught up in that. 

ER: Do you remember the last time you walked out of the office, saw a girl on stage, and said, “WOW!”?

GN: Yes, for sure! The last time I saw a girl on stage and said, “WOW!” I dated her for a year and a half!

ER: How about the top 3 you ever seen?

GN: That’s a tough question (long pause).  You know, I think the top 3 I have ever seen all ended up as my girlfriends at some point, and now all share the title of being my ex’s (laughing loudly).  I guess I only date dancers…

ER: The addition of a big name celebrity (Vince Neil) to the topless industry seems like the last “new thing” that can be done to reinvent the strip club industry.  Can you look into your crystal ball and tell me what, if anything else, could revolutionize the industry? 

GN: I definitely have a couple more ideas up my sleeve for future projects, but no way am I telling you so all my competitors can get a chance to beat me to them!

ER: What are you most proud of professionally?

GN: Well, I received the “General Manager of the Year” award last year from Exotic Dancer Magazine, which was pretty great.

ER: Okay, that’s an award – I mean, what you have done professionally, that you hang your hat on and say to yourself, “That is a great achievement.”?

GN: I would have to say the turnaround of Little Darlings, the first club I was the GM of here in Vegas.  When I took over, it was doing okay, maybe a couple of hundred people a night on the weekend and 40 or 50 girls.  Now, on the weekends we are completely full, have over 800 guests a night, over a hundred girls a night, and a line out the door to get in.  All that with no alcohol!  As I said earlier, we came up with all the promotions and theme nights that really make coming to Little Darlings way more fun than going to a regular strip club.

ER: What’s the biggest challenge you face running the 3 clubs?

GN: At first, it was turning around Little Darlings.  Now that it’s going really well, I reorganized the management at Déjà Vu Showgirls and they are really working hard to get the numbers up.  I think the turnaround will be fast, just a few months, but we are well on our way.  With Girls Girls Girls, there are quite a few unique challenges.  We are starting at absolute zero, no employees, no dancers, no anything, and a bit of a stigma from what the club was and what happened before we changed the name and the brand.  We are creating everything brand new for Girls and it’s going to be a process, for sure, to make it into the club I know it can be.

ER: When are you going to know you’ve made it?  When will you be satisfied with what you are doing, that you can say to yourself:  “It’s done.  I am ready for a new challenge.”?

GN: I think I will know I have done my job the best when, on a Saturday night, all 3 of my clubs are filled to capacity with guests and dancers and the people leaving the clubs say they had a great time and they can’t wait to come back to see what else we have for them.

ER: Thanks for taking the time to chat, Gary.  Congratulations on all your successes and on the Grand Opening of Vince Neil’s Girls Girls Girls.

GN: My pleasure.  Make sure to tell all the readers of STRIP LAS VEGAS to be on the lookout for some very special offers in upcoming issues!

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