VINCE NEIL'S Girls Girls Girls - Finally a Strip Club that Rocks!

VINCE NEIL'S Girls Girls Girls - Finally a Strip Club that Rocks!

INTERVIEW by Eddie Rivkin



What do you do if you are one of the biggest rock stars on the planet for three decades, you own nightclubs, tattoo parlors, your own brand of Tequila, and you are still looking for more adventures in your life?  Well, I certainly have no idea what I would do, but if I were Vince Neil, lead singer of the legendary rock band Mötley Crüe, I would stop spending money in strip clubs and start being an owner.  Oh wait, that’s exactly what Vince did!  After 30 years wreaking havoc in strip clubs across the world, Vince flipped the script and now owns his very first club, appropriately named Girls Girls Girls, after the 1987 multi-platinum album.  The club is a 10,000 square foot rock ‘n’ roll homage to the career of Vince Neil and the boys.  Gold and Platinum albums, some of Vince’s real guitars, and some amazing graphics adorn the walls and VIP rooms of the only all rock ‘n’ roll strip club in the United States.  If you like your woman edgy with that rock ‘n’ roll attitude that you see in all the Mötley Crüe videos, and you want to hear rock music ALL THE TIME, my friends, you now have a place to hang out in Vegas!  I sat down with Las Vegas resident Vince Neil in the “White Room” at Girls Girls Girls a few days before the Grand Opening to talk about the club, what it’s like being an owner, and how Girls Girls Girls is gonna ROCK like no other strip club anywhere, EVER!

RIVKIN:  Let’s get right to it, Vince.  What do you think of your very first strip club?
NEIL:  I think it is AMAZING!  I have been going to strip clubs my whole life and I always tried to envision what I would do if I actually owned one, and now it’s going to become a reality.  This is a great start, for sure.  But in the next few months, this is going to be even more rock ‘n’ roll.  It’s going to be a classy strip club, but it’s gonna rock harder and harder.  I am not gonna put too much (crap) in here to make it like a “Saloon.”  Just a bunch of cool memorabilia from my career, guitars, Platinum albums, and maybe a bike or two!
RIVKIN:  So no peanut shells on the floor, Saloon-style?
NEIL:  No, nothing like that is gonna happen at my club!
RIVKIN:  Apparently, what IS going to happen is that your club is going to be the only club in the U.S. that regularly has live music?
NEIL:  Yes.  This is really great.  The stage setup far exceeded my expectations!  With the center section coming down from the ceiling and the two huge wings on the side, this is as good a stage setup as I have ever seen in any club I have ever played in.  You can fit a full-sized band on my stage—it’s really cool.  I think people are really gonna dig coming here to see live music along with the girls!
RIVKIN:  Are we gonna see Vince Neil and the solo band rocking out one night (soon)?
NEIL:  Oh, hell yes!  Why not?  ABSOLUTELY!
RIVKIN:  Are we gonna see it as a scheduled show, advertised and everything?  Or, is it going to be one of those ‘unannounced until a couple hours before the gig shows’, like the Stones and Prince are famous for?
NEIL:  I think it’s going to be a nonscheduled show, yes.  Just one of those things where all the guys are around and we are like, “Let’s hit Girls Girls Girls!”
RIVKIN:  Maybe Twitter it a couple of hours before…?
NEIL:  Yeah maybe, that’s a pretty good idea.  I have a ton of Twitter followers!  That would be awesome!
RIVKIN:  How did this whole thing come about?  How does Vince Neil go from being one of the biggest rock stars in the world for the last 25 or 30 years…? 
NEIL:  Actually, it’s been 31 years with Mötley.
RIVKIN:  I’ll get back to that, because this year is actually the 25th anniversary of the album.  So how do you go from strip club patron for the last 30+ years and arguably the rock star that put strip clubs on the map in the first place, to the owner of your very own strip club?
NEIL:  You know, one of the funny things is that people have been telling me, “How did this not happen sooner, like 10 or 15 years ago?”  I looked at myself and wondered myself, ‘Why didn’t this happen a long time ago?’  I have nightclubs, (Feelgoods), tattoo parlors, Mexican restaurants, and a tequila brand.  How come I don’t have a strip club?
RIVKIN:  But this is the “FIT”, right?
NEIL:  Oh yes, for sure!  It’s so obvious, I just didn’t think about it.
RIVKIN:  Right there in front of your nose?
NEIL:  Right there and I didn’t even see it!
RIVKIN:  Tell me how the actual deal came about?  Did you know Harry (Mohney, owner of all the Déjà Vu clubs in the United States) before this?
NEIL:  I had never met Harry;  I was talking to a good friend of mine, Michael Politz, who brought up the idea to Gary (Nemeth, General Manager).  As soon as it seemed like there was a chance, Michael came to me and said, “What do you think about owning your own strip club?”  I was very interested for sure and Michael put me together with Harry, and after a couple of hours having drinks at the Hustler Club, we shook hands.  That was pretty much it.
RIVKIN:  And bang, you’re off to the races!
NEIL:  Yes, and that was just a couple months ago.  It’s not like this was a long negotiation at all.  It was a great idea by Michael that happened at the perfect time for both Harry and I.  
RIVKIN:  You’ve spent 30+ years frequenting strip clubs all over the world, now that you are the owner, what do you expect from YOUR club Girls Girls Girls?  Not necessarily monetarily, what do you want the people, your customers, to experience when they come to Girls Girls Girls
NEIL:  The club is going to cater to a certain clientele – the rock ‘n’ roll clientele – and they are going to want to come here for sure, if for no other reason than the great music we are going to play here all night, every night!  Nothing against Hip Hop or Urban or House, or any of those other kinds of music, but those people who are into that kind of music are NOT going to want to come to Girls Girls Girls.  My club is for rock ‘n’ roll people.  You are going to hear everything – from late 60’s Black Sabbath and The Doors, to the 70’s – lots of Mötley Crüe – all the way to the newest stuff.  All rock, all the time – that is what Vince Neil’s Girls Girls Girls is all about!
RIVKIN:  What about expansion, things like that?  Do you see this as a one-off, or are you hoping to become a big player in the strip club industry?
NEIL:  Well, Harry and I have talked about in the next couple of years opening at least two more clubs, so that would be a great start.  And after that, hell, I wouldn’t mind opening a club a year all over the United States.  Who knows, in the next 10 years, I might end up with 15 or 20 clubs… 
RIVKIN:  Sounds like to me you are well on your way to being a legendary strip club tycoon, after spending all these years being a legendary strip club customer?
NEIL:  Well, I put so much money into these things over the years – it’s about time I get some money back!

Vince Neil’s Girls Girls Girls Topless Entertainment and Rock Club is located at 4740 Arville Road (just a block north of Tropicana Ave.)  Call for free limo pickup and VIP Reservations: 702.767.8118 

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