La Figa - Visions of Food and Form



La Figa refers to a beautiful, sexy woman.  In Italy, the fig is not only celebrated because it is a delicious fruit, but because it is reminiscent of a woman’s genitalia.  Figs are one of those glorious foods that I could eat every day, just like I could eat 
a woman, and there’s no better way to eat a fig than directly from a beautiful woman’s body.  

Done properly, food and touch will not only provide pleasure but also engage and delight the senses.  The first bite of a good meal is as promising as a first kiss.  The culmination of many perfect bites is orgasmic.  Food can be as sensual as sex, and both are enhanced with touch.

Five years in the making, “La Figa – Visions of Food and Form” is a book featuring a spectacular collection of sensual photography—models wearing nothing but the edible creations of Chef Tiberio Simone.  He used the human body as his canvas, and natural fresh ingredients as his paint.  Photographer Matt Freedman captured the beautiful nude images, and the result is amazing.  It provides a visual feast celebrating shapes, colors, and textures of both food and the human body.   

Sensual Chef and Food Artist

I was born in a small town in Italy called Neviano.  I was surrounded by the most amazing food, grown on a farm and homemade from my mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens.  At that time I didn’t realize how good that it was.  Lunchtime at school, I was so embarrassed eating homemade bread with tomato, olive oil and basil.  The other kids were eating Nutella, and prosciutto.  Many times, because I was embarrassed, I would go into the bathroom to eat.  Life for me was very hard at that time.  I was blamed for everything, literally for everything.  I suffered abuse from my dad, from my teacher, and my local priest.  My favorite time was in my mother’s kitchen to help her or when she’d send me to my grandmother’s to help her stuff figs with almonds and to make homemade pasta.  I ran away from home many times, taking whatever food was available from people’s farms.  Many times I would go to bed cold and hungry.  Whenever I’d come back home, I’d eat whatever was in front of me.  I would devour everything.  Finally I’d had enough and decided to leave forever.  I left for a big city where I couldn’t find any farm to steal food from.  I was homeless, I was hungry;  I was so scared.  I met this man at the train station who introduced me to prostitution.  For the first time in my life I had money and the first thing I did was buy a big jar of Nutella.  I was so happy!  Soon I started to dream about my mother’s kitchen and I started to realize how good her bread with tomato and olive oil was.  My bad luck finally changed when I met a beautiful American girl in Italy who would become my wife.  I arrived in Seattle with little education, no English, but lots of street smarts and a little knowledge in the kitchen.  I got a job under an amazing chef in the kitchen.  With my wife and my job in the kitchen, I had all that I had been missing:  good food and good touch.  All I wanted was to give people pleasure with my food.  Over the years I wanted to share my passion for food and touch, so I thought of my new title:  Pleasure Activist.  Food is love.  Touch is affection.  Food and touch are the basic ingredients of life.  We are not just what we eat, but with whom we share our body and our mind.  For your health and happiness, remember to eat well and make love!

How do you make the food stick to people’s skin?

  First of all, there is no artificial glue used in any of the photos – everything is edible.  Depending on the skin, I create formulas made of one or more of olive oil, chocolate, sugar, egg white, balsamic vinegar reduction, dark chocolate, white chocolate, honey, etc.

Pleasure comes in many shapes and forms.  The sugar dots on
the black male played on the idea of him being a sugar daddy.

Oh, my God, (THE STRAWBERRIES) they were tiny and dark red—one bite was like a sweet, wet, yummy kiss.

Are We Too Prudish For Our Own Good?
The Difference Between Sensuality and Sexuality

I am from Italy, which is known as one of the most romantic countries in Europe.  So, perhaps I have a slightly different perspective on how Americans express themselves, particularly with regard to romance and sensuality.  In Italy, we embrace these concepts in everything we do – the way we dress, the way we cook, the way we dine, and the way we live.

In America however, I think we sometimes confuse our sensuality with sexuality, and as a result, try to keep both of them hidden for fear of corrupting our children.  My point is, there is a difference.  If any part of the human body that would traditionally be covered by a bathing suit on a typical American beach is shown in a film, that film is rated “R” for adult content.  Those areas are not necessarily even covered by bathing suits in Europe, as many of the beaches there are “clothing optional”.  If it is a romantic scene, with a context of love and respect, soft lighting, and appropriate mood, it is considered just as “dirty” as a scene in which naked women are running around and shown as sexual objects and nothing more.  The same goes for modern art.  Many “morals” groups regard gallery shows in which the human form is depicted tastefully and sensually as pornography.  The chilling effect, when we approach the sensual and the sexual in the same way, is that we teach our children that nudity itself is a dirty thing, and that they should all be ashamed of their bodies.  That is why young adults in America go directly from puberty straight to pornography, because they do not have anything in between.  There are no nude statues like in Europe.  No bodies to celebrate or to enjoy.  Things that would help them develop an understanding of sensuality.

Here is the ultimate irony.  While we demonize certain parts of the human form, we don’t demonize treating women as sex objects at all, because we use sex to sell just about everything in the consumer marketplace.  In TV commercials, young, attractive, and barely dressed women sell everything from cars to beer, weight loss plans to gym gear, breakfast cereals to vacation destinations – even snack foods practically guaranteed to make the men who eat them incredibly unattractive to the women used to sell them.

The difference here is context.  We enter the world naked.  It is our most natural state as humans, yet the naked body is considered dirty and inappropriate.  Meanwhile, treating women not as people, but simply as objects of sexual desire, which demeans all women in the process, is perfectly acceptable.  We need to create an environment in America in which sensuality is not confused with sexuality, so that we can all enjoy a freedom of expression that is based in context and meaning, instead of an unhealthy and negative obsession with sex.

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