“I want to empower you with confidence and the body and face you deserve.”

Named one of the “Best Doctors in Las Vegas” in 2013 for both Vascular and Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Peter Vajtai has changed paths from being an active Cardiovascular Surgeon, to founding his Medical Spa practice, Veinity. Veinity’s mission is to empower you with the gift of confidence and the physique you desire and deserve. Dr. Vajtai founded Veinity to provide wellness-centered services to his patients and to realize his lifelong devotion to the art of surgery. Using Cellulaze for vein care, Smartlipo (Triplex), Laser Hair Removal, Dot Therapy and Spa Services, he administers to both your face and body to enhance your own beauty.

Dr. Vajtai attended the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University in Szeged, Hungary. The University is listed as one of the top universities for eleven consecutive years, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Since moving to Las Vegas in 1995, he has established himself as an outstanding member of the medical community. Dr. Vajtai is a Board Certified and an Award-Winning Surgeon who specializes in advanced procedures of varicose and spider veins, skin disorders and their solutions, and his experience in vein treatments is unmatched. Leg and facial veins are bothersome, unattractive, and can develop into health complications. Fortunately, Dr. Vajtai is an expert in his field, and by using different treatments, he will have you looking and feeling much better after only a treatment or two. With over 25 years of experience at some of the finest medical centers in Europe and in the United States, Dr. Vajtai is also a renowned figure, trained in the areas of Cardiovascular Surgery.

STRIPLV: You are originally from Hungary. Tell me a little about yourself and how you ended up coming to America?
DR. VAJTAI: I was born and raised there and did my medical school training there. My initial career as a junior Heart Surgeon was in Hungary. I was offered a research fellowship here in the United States, in North Carolina. So I did that from 1983 to 1984, then returned to Hungary, and then I decided to leave for good. I came to the U.S. in 1985 and have been here since. I moved to Las Vegas in 1995 and started a private practice in Heart Surgery, joining a larger group, and then started the solo practice in 2000. That practice evolved, grew and changed into different avenues, so I stopped doing Heart Surgery two years ago, but I still have a conventional surgical practice doing Chest Surgery and Vascular Surgery. In 2006, I started an office-based practice and I ventured into different areas, using laser technology for vein care, more invasive body contouring, skin maintenance, and other cosmetic procedures.
STRIPLV: Here you are, a very talented Heart Surgeon – why change pathways?
DR. VAJTAI: For several reasons – first of all, it was a business decision, because heart surgery in a small practice, small group practice and solo practice has unfortunately become financially unsustainable. I had also become interested in moving in a little bit of a different direction. I wanted to move toward a more independent field, where I could have different patient interactions and develop my artistic side. I could also avoid the very high insurance rates and those associated with the hospital structures.
STRIPLV: Was stress a factor in choosing this new field of practice?
DR. VAJTAI: Stress...I was thriving on stress! Stress never bothered me! I had just become disenchanted with the practice environment for doing Heart Surgery.
STRIPLV: What are the top cosmetic procedures that you perform on people ages 20 to 50?
DR. VAJTAI: I focus on three different areas. Number one is vein care. I treat the entire spectrum of vein care, including varicose vein care, and use laser technology and the entire cosmetic attachment. However, my favorite areas are the laser body contouring or liposuction, and cellulite treatment. I also like performing the more complex, minimally invasive facial maintenance, and the noninvasive facial sculpting using the combination of Smartlipo and fillers such as Botox.
STRIPLV: Are Smartlipo and Cellulaze similar?
DR. VAJTAI: Cellulaze is a laser treatment that is used to reduce cellulite. It’s a similar laser as to what’s used for liposuction, but it works differently. Cellulaze does not remove the fat. It changes the skin structure in a way that all the dimples and bulges will disappear. Smartlipo can melt the fat and then suck it out.
STRIPLV: The Smartlipo appears like it’s a little less invasive than traditional liposuction.
DR. VAJTAI: Definitely it’s less invasive. It’s done under local anesthesia. Patients are sedated according to their choice. There is practically no down time. There is some aftercare, mostly wearing a compression garment. Massage therapy is also very helpful.
STRIPLV: With liposuction, some people can get a washboard effect. Can you get that with this new procedure?
DR. VAJTAI: Sometimes the ladies or gentlemen want a washboard ab! (laughter)
STRIPLV: (laughter) I mean, does the Smartlipo leave you smooth?
DR. VAJTAI: Oh yes! The advantage of the laser liposuction is that the laser beam melts and changes the substance of the fat in a way that’s much easier to remove. There’s a more precise and controlled way to remove the fat, without leaving behind lumps and bumps.
STRIPLV: Besides being unsightly, can varicose veins become problematic for your health?
DR. VAJTAI: Yes, they can. Varicose veins are quite a common problem. Actually about 70% of women have some degree of vein problems, especially Caucasian females, but men have vein problems, as well. What this condition creates is a risk for blockage in the larger leg veins. When these blockages break free, they may float into the heart and the lungs and create serious problems. Another potential complication is skin changes, ulcer development and septic infectious complications.
STRIPLV: The dancers and acrobats here in Vegas must have plenty of blood flow in their legs. So, is it different for the person who just stands on their legs for hours on end, like a salesperson?
DR. VAJTAI: Frequently the cause is genetic, which means it’s inherited from parents and grandparents.
STRIPLV: Removal of unwanted hair by laser is also something you do. Can you do laser hair removal on any part of the body?
DR. VAJTAI: That’s correct. It can be even used on a man’s beard.
STRIPLV: Can you explain how it works?
DR. VAJTAI: It kills the root of the growth spot of the hair follicle. However, one treatment is not enough, because the laser actually interferes with the hair follicle only at the certain stage of its growth. Since all hairs are not synchronized in their growth, only a certain percentage of the hair is killed where the follicles are at the same growth stage. Therefore, the treatment needs to be repeated between 3 and 8 times. Usually that’s enough to remove all the hair.
STRIPLV: And then it never comes back?
DR. VAJTAI: It never comes back.
STRIPLV: Does this treatment affect the skin where the laser hits?
DR. VAJTAI: Not at all. Lasers are specifically interfering with the melanin content of the follicles. Therefore they are not effective in the treatment of gray hair. They don’t interfere with the gray hair follicles because those follicles don’t have color. The gray follicles have lost their melanin content. The darker and coarser the hair, the more effective the laser treatment.
STRIPLV: Is it a different laser used for skin rejuvenation?
DR. VAJTAI: It can be done with the same laser, but different kinds of lasers are used for different degrees of skin rejuvenation. The IPL, which is the Intense Light Treatment, is a somewhat altered white light that can do miracles, mostly in color problems. Sun spots, age spots, or general melanin patches can be treated very nicely with it. The laser uses its interaction with certain parts of the skin and the heat and also interaction with the blood vessels. There is also a laser treatment, which is my favorite, (the Fractional CO2), which is the Dot Laser treatment called Dot Therapy. It is more invasive, and the mechanism creates tiny, tiny holes in the skin, several hundred per square inch. It is more effective on the face. In these tiny holes, new skin will grow in and also the depth of the skin collagen-producing layer is triggered into a crazy amount of collagen synthesis. Therefore, the skin becomes thicker, smoother and fine lines will disappear and the color discrepancies will go away. The face will have a velvety glow in about 3-4 weeks after the treatment. This can be an adjunct treatment with SmartFacial, Smartlipo, fillers and Botox.
STRIPLV: At what age do you advise Dot Therapy?
DR. VAJTAI: There are several factors that make it difficult to use an effective Dot Therapy treatment. They are related mostly to the degrees of the fat glands in the face, and the decrease of the collagen production. That means that the Fractional CO2 is most efficient between ages 25-65. Above that age, as a single procedure, it may not have the desired results. Something else needs to be done, like Plastic Surgery or Laser Liposuction, to enhance the results.
STRIPLV: If you use the Dot Therapy on a-40 year-old-woman, how long will the effects last before you have to redo it?
DR. VAJTAI: It depends on the underlying condition. This treatment was introduced for treating acne scars. The acne scars need to have several treatments, and treatments shouldn’t be done more often than once every four months. A single treatment can have excellent results that can last for 1-3 years. This method of treatment is also successfully used in reducing stretch marks.
STRIPLV: Does this work on men, as well as women?
DR. VAJTAI: Yes, it works the same. There’s not much difference between the basic skin structure of men and women, and it works very well on men, too. Men are interested mostly in correcting skin color discrepancies, skin tightening and dealing with fine wrinkles.
STRIPLV: This is so important with the job market, too. They want to appear as young and vibrant as possible.
DR. VAJTAI: Correct. Everyone wants his or her age to be pushed back.
STRIPLV: Is there anything else besides Dot Therapy that encourages the production of collagen?
DR. VAJTAI: Any kind of inflammatory reaction creates collagen. It used to be quite intense and it’s better to reach the deeper layers of the skin, otherwise it doesn’t work as well. It needs some sort of invasiveness as an accessory.
STRIPLV: So a woman who gets a facial every week or so does not stimulate new collagen?
DR. VAJTAI: No. Those treatments usually remove the dead surface part of the skin and a deeper layer shows up that is smoother and less tired looking.
STRIPLV: Are the peels invasive enough to produce collagen?
DR. VAJTAI: The peels are an excellent way to beautify a face for the short term. It’s great to have a peel, a week before a party or an engagement or social event, but it needs to be repeated frequently. STRIPLV: The results of a peel will last how long? DR. VAJTAI: The results last for about a month or so.
STRIPLV: There are no miracle creams, because if there were, you’d be a multi- millionaire, right?
DR. VAJTAI: Wow! That’s true! We do have creams that will moisturize, heal and reduce the fine lines and thereby help to keep your skin more radiant and flawless.
STRIPLV: I’ve asked everyone that same question about miracle creams. I don’t know why one of you can’t come up with that! What’s on the horizon with fillers?
DR. VAJTAI: The horizon is a little bit fuzzy, but I think genetically engineered materials will make a huge impact, should the client’s own cells be genetically modified or used for tissue growth for self repair. Fillers using the clients’ own body parts, (the glue that keeps our skin and soft tissue structures together) actually is already genetically engineered and produced, which is used in fillers. A new class of fillers has been used in Europe that have excellent results and last for 4-5 years. They’re very expensive, but they’re on the way to the United States.
STRIPLV: Do you think that the Europeans are ahead of the U.S., or don’t they have the same regulations that the U.S. government has?
DR. VAJTAI: It’s a somewhat looser regulator environment in Europe and sometimes in Canada.
STRIPLV: Are European women as vain as they are here in the U.S.?
DR. VAJTAI: (laughter) Women are vain everywhere! Men, as well!! They just don’t confess.
STRIPLV: Obviously, this is a growing industry.
DR. VAJTAI: Yes. It definitely is.
STRIPLV: Do women come in for the lip fillers?
DR. VAJTAI: Yes, and this is my favorite field. Lips are beautiful and I love to improve lip quality.
STRIPLV: We’ve all seen women who have asked for too much filler and have seen the unsightly results. When a woman asks for too much, do you tell her it’s too much?
DR. VAJTAI: It’s a very interesting question and process. I try to get to know the lady. I spend a significant amount of time with them. I want them to see themselves as realistically as possible. My method is to put a mirror in their hand so they can look at themselves, and using my hand, I change their face in a subtle way to show them what can be achieved. This is not a perfect way, but I think it’s more efficient than a computer model. I resist demands to perform something that will alter their appearance so much that I don’t want to take responsibility for.
STRIPLV: How long will this filler last?
DR. VAJTAI: It depends on the quality of the injected material. I use Juvéderm® and the Juvéderm® results last between four and eight months, and occasionally for one year.
STRIPLV: Do men ever ask for that?
DR. VAJTAI: No. Men are interested in shaving age from their face. They want a strong jaw line, and to be rid of neck wrinkles and excess fat on the cheeks and neck.
STRIPLV: So all of these treatments are safe?
DR. VAJTAI: They are absolutely safe. Complications are close to zero. Of course, someone has to choose a doctor who is very careful and knowledgeable in choosing the appropriate methods and appropriate machinery.
STRIPLV: Would you hesitate to use any of these treatments on your daughters or your wife?
DR. VAJTAI: No. I actually already have used some on my entire family, including my wife and two daughters. I’ve used most of the more invasive facial rejuvenation methods and Smartlipo for body contouring, and they were very happy.
STRIPLV: Wendy Lewis, a licensed Aesthetician and Medical Assistant who has had Mayo Clinic training, works with you and gives the facials, peels and injectables, like Botox. Correct?
Dr. VAJTAI: Wendy does the cosmetic facials. She is an excellent artist, a great person and she’s doing a fantastic job. I do the more invasive procedures; most of the procedures where state law requires that a physician do it. Certain areas I overlap with Wendy, in Botox, certain fillers and laser treatments. I am mostly involved with the more time consuming procedures.
STRIPLV: You provide many services, from vein treatments to facial and body skin care. It’s been a pleasure to hear about your new business venture.
DR. VAJTAI: Thank you. We do excellent work and are very proud of that quality and our professionalism. The best part is we are pleased when we see how happy our clients are.
5745 S. Fort Apache Rd. Suite 100 • Las Vegas, NV 89148 702-240-3198 •
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