“My goal is to enhance your quality of life with a beautiful smile.”

Dr. Simone is extremely passionate about dentistry, believing a beautiful smile radiates optimism, health and confidence. He is humble about his advanced training in his field of Cosmetic, Restorative and General Dentistry – accomplishing one of the highest honors as M.A.G.D. (Master in the Academy of General Dentistry), an achievement attained by only 1% of the dentists in the nation.

Dr. Simone is committed to staying current with the latest Dental research, technology and techniques. He so strongly believes in education, that he shares his knowledge and passion by traveling to California, where he teaches bi-monthly classes at the UCLA School of Dentistry Center for Aesthetic Dentistry.

Growing up in Rochester, New York, Simone graduated with honors from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dentistry. He received advanced training in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry at the University of California San Francisco and the Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education; and has served on the Nevada State Dental Peer Review.

Dr. Simone and his Dental team perform Restorative Dentistry, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bonding, crowns, inlay reconstructions, bridges, dental mplants, cosmetic gum sculpting, IV sedation, and more. “Conscious Sedation” or IV sedation can be used by Dr. Simone to help allay the fears of a patient with moderate to severe anxiety. The drugs used for IV sedation are more effective than the same drugs taken orally.
Entering his office in Henderson, you sense a feeling of relaxation similar to entering a spa, rather than a Dentist office. There is a waterfall in the waiting room and beautiful art pieces placed throughout the office. Healthgrades, a company that rates Doctors and Dentists on their practices, shows Dr. Simone receives a 5-star rating across the board, stating that 99.4% of his patients would refer friends and family to him. Patient referrals are glowing with responses like: “I’d be hard pressed to find another dentist that I trust for honesty and excellent care.” In his office hangs a quote from the founder of Romanticism in French literature, François-René de Chateaubriand, that epitomizes Dr. Simone and his love of Dentistry: “A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.”

STRIPLV: What should a person look for when choosing a Dentist? DR. SIMONE: I think the best way is by word-of-mouth. Referral by someone who is comfortable with their Dentist and is confident of their care is probably the best. If that’s not feasible to do, maybe because you just moved here, look at the Dentist’s credentials and see what type of training he’s had and what type of continuing education. It’s also advisable to go in and meet the Dentist and the staff, and see if you feel connected with them. It’s important to find someone who cares for the patient and has the patient’s best interest at heart. The trust factor is really important and that he or she has your interest at heart, not necessarily his interest at heart for the treatment that he’s recommending. STRIPLV: How do you describe a “Cosmetic Dentist”? DR. SIMONE: The problem with Cosmetic Dentistry is there is really no true specialty in it. You can have a guy that goes to school for a couple of years and does advanced training in it, and he’s a Cosmetic Dentist. You can have someone that does a weekend course and lecture, and he could call himself a Cosmetic Dentist. So it’s kind of difficult to define exactly what a Cosmetic Dentist is. In my hands and my practice, Cosmetic Dentistry is where we put forth the effort to make a smile look very natural whenever we do any type of Reconstructive Dentistry. We try to make the teeth look like teeth when we’re done, and we always have the Cosmetic issue on our minds, so when the patient’s finished with their treatment, they have a beautiful smile.
A true Cosmetic Dentist has a lot of extra training.

Dr. Simone explains:
“Some guys take a weekend course, then on Monday morning they hang a sign outside their office that says: “Cosmetic Dentist.”
Only after years of extensive training did Dr. Simone add Cosmetic Dentist after his name. His credentials are of the highest quality.

STRIPLV: What procedures come under the title “Cosmetic Dentistry”? DR. SIMONE: Veneers, tooth whitening, bonding, implant reconstruction work, and even dentures come under Cosmetic Dentistry. STRIPLV: Lately, there are so many Dentists that claim to be Cosmetic Dentists. What type of training should a person ask about? DR. SIMONE: A training where the Dentist has actually gone through advanced classes and practiced the procedures – not one that just sat in a lecture hall and listened to some guy talk about Cosmetic Dentistry. I think the hands-on programs are very important. There are programs all over the country. There is one at UCLA where I’m a faculty member at the Center for Aesthetic Dentistry. STRIPLV: You are a teacher at UCLA. How often do you teach your classes? DR. SIMONE: I used to teach once a week, but now I’m down to once every 2-3 weeks. I teach an advanced program in Cosmetic Dentistry. STRIPLV: Probably a lot of the new, young Dentists are interested in getting into this. Is that correct? DR. SIMONE: We currently have eight residents where we’re at and some are fresh out of school and have gone into the program. We actually have a couple of Dentists that have been out for a couple of years in private practice and went back to fulfill their passion. STRIPLV: How did you get started teaching Cosmetic Dentistry? DR. SIMONE: One of my good friends in Houston, Texas, Dr. Terry, was teaching at UCLA at the time. We became friends and he saw the work I was doing in the office and thought I’d be a good fit with UCLA. He called Ed McLaren, the director of the program, and then McLaren came out to Las Vegas to visit. He saw the office and what I was doing here and asked me to be on staff. STRIPLV: Do you think there’s more Cosmetic Dentistry going on out here in the West because of Las Vegas and Hollywood, than in other parts of the country? DR. SIMONE: Originally I thought so, but a good friend of mine practices Dentistry in a small town in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, with a population under 3,000. He tells me he has a very thriving cosmetic practice in this little town. STRIPLV: Maybe people are just finally realizing how important Dental health and their smile really are. DR. SIMONE: I think so. I think it’s all over the country. With the movies, television, magazines and the Internet, whether you’re living in Beverly Hills or Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, people just want to look good!

Someone from Dr. Simone’s staff gently interrupts our conversation to inquire about medication for an extremely nervous patient. Dr. Simone is licensed and trained in conscious sedation techniques for patients who allow their fear to prevent them from seeking dental care.

STRIPLV: Do you get a lot of very nervous patients?

DR. SIMONE: Yes, we do. I have my training in IV sedation, so we also offer IV sedation here to help relax people.

STRIPLV: Teeth bleaching has increased 300% in the last 5 years, veneers 200% and bonding 100%. That’s a big change. Why do you think that is?

DR. SIMONE: I think a lot of it is that people are just aware of it now, especially with the Internet. People know what’s out there, and when they come in, they’re very educated consumers nowadays, as opposed to many years ago. They know the procedures and they know what’s involved with the procedures. They already know that they can improve their smile when they come through the door. On the downside, sometimes the procedures they think they should have are really not what’s in the best interest for them.

STRIPLV: Probably programs on television like, “Extreme Makeover”, also educates them and lets them know what’s available in Dentistry.

DR. SIMONE: Yes, that’s true.

STRIPLV: Talk to me about veneers. What is the success rate and do people have to change their style of eating because they’re fragile?

DR. SIMONE: No. People don’t need to change their diet or style of eating. They may have to change their habits if they bite their nails or use their teeth as tools. I highly discourage that, because you can fracture a porcelain veneer, as well as a natural tooth. As far as eating any type of food, I don’t think a person would have a problem with that. They are strong enough to withstand normal day-to- day activities.

STRIPLV: Are your Dental Hygienists gentle?

DR. SIMONE: They are wonderful! My hygienist, Terry, is also from Rochester, New York. A colleague of mine from Rochester advised me to hire Terry when she moved to Vegas and told me she’d be the best hygienist I’d ever have. I hired her and she’s been with me for about 10 years. Then there’s Shirley, who works here part-time and patients love her, too.

STRIPLV: What is cosmetic gum sculpting?

DR. SIMONE: Lasers are used for cosmetic gum contouring. We can make the gum levels even from tooth to tooth, and correct what is called a “gummy smile”. People think they have short teeth, but often too much gum tissue is the problem. Removing the excess gum tissue will make the teeth appear larger and give a toothier, more beautiful smile. I personally don’t do much gum work, but I work with two excellent Periodontists in town who do: Dr. Gifford and Dr. Trylovich – they are phenomenal. And that way, I can just focus on Restorative Dentistry. I tell my patients that I take care of all the white and those doctors will take care of all the pink problems.

STRIPLV: What products do you use for teeth whitening? DR. SIMONE: We use Opalescence and Sapphire to brighten teeth up to 8-10 shades in our office. We can also make trays for patients to use at home. STRIPLV: As far as you know, that doesn’t damage the teeth?

DR. SIMONE: There has been no documented research over the years, (with all the bleaching that’s been done) that there has been any damage to the teeth. There’s some sensitivity that lasts for a short period of time and then it goes away.

STRIPLV: How often can a person safely have teeth whitening performed in the office?

DR. SIMONE: We usually don’t recommend it more than once a year.

STRIPLV: You also do implants when someone has lost a tooth or teeth?

DR. SIMONE: No. I have the Periodontists do the actual placing of the implant, and then I put the crown or prosthesis over the implant.

STRIPLV: How long do most of the implants last?

DR. SIMONE: They can last a lifetime. I’m still restoring implants that were placed in the eighties, where the crown is old and has cracked.

STRIPLV: Are you a family Dentist or do you work just with adults?

DR. SIMONE: I work with all ages. We do family practice, as well as Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry. What I try to do in my practice with cosmetics versus aesthetics: I think cosmetics, (in my mind) is a result that shows that something’s been enhanced. When you have a Cosmetic Surgeon that does a facelift or breast augmentation, you usually know something’s been done. I try to gear my practice more toward aesthetics, where I try to mimic nature. My goal for a patient that comes in is to create a smile that’s beautiful, but natural-looking. People look at them and say: “Wow, you got a great smile,” as opposed to: “Wow, who did your teeth?” That’s what I try to accomplish on a day-to-day basis here. I’m older now and I don’t need to do this for the sake of doing it. I do this because I love doing it.

70 North Pecos Rd. Henderson, NV 89704 702-735-2755 •

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