“I tell patients that a breast augmentation gives you a larger version of you. It does not give you someone else’s breasts.”

Dr. Stile has become known as “One of The Best Breast Augmentation doctors in Las Vegas.” Dr. Stile grew up in Queens, New York, and graduated high school at the age of 15. He immediately entered an accelerated 7-year combined Undergraduate and Medical School program at The City University of New York, becoming a doctor at age 22. Stile spent 12 more years doing residency and training at five different academic institutions learning specialized surgery, including microsurgery and hand surgery. He is a triple-Board Certified Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon and specializes in breast augmentation, reduction, lifts and reconstruction. Jessa Hinton, Playboy’s Miss July 2011, videotaped a testimonial highly praising Dr. Stile, stating her results were outstanding and that her consultations were very comfortable and informative. She also says that Dr. Stile helped her to make better decisions for herself, professionally and personally. 

Dr. Stile provides the full spectrum of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures that include liposuction, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, facelifts and the Brazilian butt lift, to name a few. He has also long held interest in mixed martial arts, (MMA). Dr. Stile has innovated a treatment for facial injuries in “cut-prone” fighters, whose faces were beaten so badly, that they would bleed from the tiniest impact, resulting in potentially fight-ending lacerations. MMA fighters, Marcus Davis and Nick Diaz sought out Dr. Stile. The unique procedure that Dr. Stile performed was successful, putting both fighters back on an even playing field. MMA trainer, Mark DellaGrotte, explains: “Before Dr. Stile, someone like Marcus Davis would have had to retire.” 

STRIPLV: What made you decide on Plastic Surgery as a career?
DR. STILE: I always had artistic interests, and I wanted to have a career that revolved around the arts, but I grew up in a very traditional Italian family, where something like that was something odd. The concern was always that someone in the arts wouldn’t be able to support themselves. We were always geared towards traditional careers: doctor, lawyer, teacher, accountant, and then there’d be a paycheck at the end of the week. My sister is an elementary school principal. The only other interest I had was the sciences. Medicine became increasingly interesting to me as I got older. I went to a science/engineering high school, Brooklyn Tech in New York, and graduated from there at age 15. I went straight into a seven-year combined college/medical school program. During that time I was introduced to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and met some of the men and women that were in that field, and as a result, I thought that this was the most logical thing that I could do—and here I am. 
STRIPLV: When shopping for a Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon, what tool is the most important? The credentials, website, referrals, or just the doctor’s personality?
DR. STILE: Getting someone in the door and making a sale is one thing. Anybody can do that. Our profession now, especially Cosmetic Surgery, is basically about attracting and retaining patients, and that’s kind of “sales,” if you think about it. Anyone can get a patient through the door and sell one procedure. It’s about the second and third procedures that they have ten years down the road, and the referrals they give you, their friends and family, because they’re happy – that makes a successful practice. When a patient picks a Plastic Surgeon, their credentials should be good with some sound training and Board Certification. That’s a minimum. Websites and pictures are questionable sometimes. Sometimes I have patients meet other patients of mine, especially my older patients who have had large facial procedures. I have some patients who are very good about meeting them for a cup of coffee and talking about their experience. Nothing beats a real patient on the premises to show them what the incisions look like and what the results look like. You can touch and feel it, as opposed to looking at pictures, which may or may not represent the result appropriately. One of the most popular procedures that I do here is a breast enlargement. More often than not, there’s a patient here getting post-op care from having that procedure, so if a consultation is here at the same time, I’ll often have that patient meet this new prospective patient and let them see what the results are, in person. I think you should talk to patients and read reviews on the doctors and get referrals. Nothing is 100%. You can have a dynamite website and be a mediocre surgeon. You can have reviews that are not so good, and be a great doctor. That stuff is not in our control, and usually happy patients don’t take the time to sit and write rave reviews about their doctors. It’s always someone who has something they’re not happy with, and that’s how they vent – and that’s okay, but we’ve all had them. It’s good, as long as there’s more happy ones than not. So you really have to get a feel for the doctor and his practice and have more than one interaction with the doctor. It’s ideal to meet or talk to some of his patients. When you have a patient that has done the due diligence that your new prospective patients are now doing, they’re going to understand, because they were afraid and unsure and they had lots of questions, too. But once they’ve gone through the experience and are happy, they are willing to be supportive and talk to new patients. 
STRIPLV: If a woman wants a breast augmentation, what is the best tool she can use in her initial consultation with you to help you understand what she wants, and if it’s realistic and achievable?
DR. STILE: I have a large collection of pictures that my patients have brought in for me. I tell patients that a breast augmentation gives you a larger version of you. It does not give you someone else’s breasts. It’s kind of like holding a magnifying glass on your breasts, so whatever is there just gets bigger. Imaging software that some practices use, or patients’ photos, can make patients have unrealistic expectations to live up to. What that photo shows is fraught with problems, because they may have a great result, but they’re not getting what that picture shows. That’s a setup for a disappointed patient and a problem interacting with that patient in the future. We have a consultation that explains how the procedure is done exactly. We do measurements and let the patient actually try on implant sizers, so they can get an idea what the volume would be. Sometimes someone will come in with a friend and they’ll say: “I want that!” I then have to say: “You didn’t start out where she did, so you’re not going to get that. You can get the same size, but to expect that it’s going to look just like that, is probably not going to happen.” 
STRIPLV: Where do you place most of the implants?
DR. STILE: Most are placed under the muscle, unless there’s a specific reason to place them over the muscle, where you’re hoping to correct an irregularity or asymmetry. 
STRIPLV: Do you use saline or silicone?
DR. STILE: Interestingly enough, when I started in this town ten years ago, the only implants we used were saline, because there was a moratorium on silicone implants. When all the studies came back that silicone implants didn’t cause problems, the moratorium was lifted and two years ago it was 50/50 saline/silicone, and now it’s primarily silicone. 
STRIPLV: What procedures do you perform the most for men?
DR. STILE: Liposuction, and usually it’s on the abdomen and flanks, eyelids and rhinoplasties. Those are the top three in the order of preference. 
STRIPLV: What makes one Plastic Surgeon’s outcome better than another? Is it in the hands, the eye, or does one see it from a different perspective?
DR. STILE: I think that most doctors in Las Vegas, and around the country, that are Board Certified, are extremely competent. A lot of what goes into doing a procedure successfully are the mechanics of it, and being technically adept. If you do 1,000 of these, or 7,000, you’re going to get it right eventually. It’s the small nuances that make a difference, and that comes with both experience and yes, having an eye that can discern the differences. Sometimes it’s choosing the right style implant in terms of profile, the right size without being pressured by the patient to pick something that won’t fit their body well, and picking a good candidate. If you have all those things, the odds are better you’ll get a result that’s outstanding, versus one that’s just mediocre. Unfortunately, patients are very savvy today, they read a lot and there’s tons of information on the Internet that’s available. I kind of wonder now, how anyone found a doctor twenty years ago, before the Internet. Patients come in very confused and misinformed, because the information isn’t always accurate or complete, so it makes patients very nervous. Sometimes patients come in and want things that are just not appropriate for them. Popular right now are these fat transplants to the gluteal area, called Brazilian Butt Lifts, and those procedures aren’t necessarily ones that I’m particularly fond of, because I see them as being problematic to some extent. You have to be careful not to be pressured by patients that aren’t good candidates for this procedure based on economics. Every time you don’t do a procedure, it’s basically a patient walking out your door and going somewhere else. They will find somebody that will do it, even though they’re not suited for this. We have no qualms about turning down business. We’re lucky that we’re busy enough to stay true to our principals. 
STRIPLV: Since Angelina Jolie had her prophylactic mastectomy to avoid breast cancer risk, many other women may follow in her footsteps. Tell us a little about reconstructive surgery and what kind of outcome can be expected? 
DR. STILE: I don’t know about Angelina Jolie, but from what I can gather, she had a subcutaneous mastectomy and that is the easiest reconstructive surgery to do. First of all, the patient is not sick, they don’t have an advanced stage cancer where you might have to remove the nipple as well. Basically, she had the gland peeled out from under the skin and the volume is being replaced with an implant. Most doctors are doing the mastectomy and reconstruction all at one time. When the patient wakes up with a breast, they feel better about it. It’s usually a General or Breast Surgeon that removes the breast tissue or cancer, and a Plastic Surgeon is on standby to start the reconstruction when he’s done.
STRIPLV: Are most of the girls here in Vegas asking for D-size cups?
DR. STILE: The trend now around the country is to use smaller implants. The average implant size in my practice is 325-375 cc’s, which tend to be smaller than it was ten years ago, when I first started here. There seems to be a perception that women in Las Vegas pick bigger implants than women around the country, and that might be true, but I think it has more to do with local culture and the weather than anything else. My understanding is that patients in New York City have implants that are significantly smaller than those in Las Vegas. For me, in general, the implants that patients pick are getting smaller, and I believe it has to do more with fashion and the media than it does with geography.
STRIPLV: Is there a time frame that implants need to be replaced if the woman doesn’t have any problems with them?
DR. STILE: The manufacturer would suggest that, anywhere from 8-12 years, implants should be removed and exchanged. If patients don’t have a problem or issues that would make them want to change the implants, I don’t see a reason for doing it. I’ve taken implants that were 20 years old that were fine, but I wouldn’t suggest that for everybody. If an implant fails, it’s usually at an inopportune time and then it creates more of a problem. 
STRIPLV: What is new on the horizon for Plastic Surgery?
DR. STILE: Basically what’s all the rave at the conferences is the use of fat. Taking fat from one part of your body and putting it somewhere else. It seems whether it’s growth factors or stem cells, there are lots of theories why putting fat somewhere else in your body has good results. We restore volume in patients with an aging face, with fat. When we do that, it appears that the skin that overlies these areas looks more radiant. When I put fat in my older patient’s hands, some have reported that their arthritic symptoms have improved, without being told that it was a possibility. Why this happens, I don’t know for sure, but fat is being used in cosmetic procedures, reconstructive procedures, and the cute little phrase they use now is “plastic surgery without the plastic.” If you could give a patient a breast enlargement with their own tissue, that’s a wonderful thing. I’ve also seen fat put under radiation injuries after mastectomies. It has a great therapeutic and healing result on the skin. It’s basically like a transplant, where you extract it from one part of your body, you spin it down and purify it, and then inject it with the hopes you’ll get vascular ingrowth, which means it’ll live on the blood supply that’s there. That means if you gain weight, that fat will become larger also. 
STRIPLV: Is there a high risk of something going wrong during a procedure?
DR. STILE: Plastic Surgeries in general, if you look at the procedures, and once again this has to do with competence, experience and training, are themselves safe. Most of the complications that are significant and catastrophic are more often related to anesthesia. In young, healthy patients, the chances of this are extremely rare, but they do happen. The chances of having an anesthesia complication with a Plastic Surgery practice are the same as they would be in any other procedure. The difference is that these are elective procedures – you’re choosing to do it. I tell patients that these risks are real and if they’re a concern of yours, don’t do them, because there are no guarantees. In young, healthy women, with good doctors, the risks are minimal. 

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