Sofia Vergara - Just Sexy!

Sofia Vergara - Just Sexy!


Sofia Vergara is by far one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. She’s also the highest-earning TV actor in the business, with an annual income of $30 million (according to Forbes Magazine) from her work on her hit series, Modern Family and various sponsorships, most notably Diet Pepsi and her Kmart clothing line. And to think it all began when she was photographed in a G-string bikini on a beach in Colombia that earned her a spot on a TV commercial – for Pepsi! It’s a stunning achievement for the buxom Latina who has always had a keen sense when it comes to marketing herself and her assets.

“People underestimate you if they judge you just on your looks,”
Vergara, a three-time Emmy nominee, says. “I’ve always capitalized on that, because sometimes, when you’re negotiating a contract, people think they might have the advantage and then you surprise them and make them pay you a lot more than they expected to!”

Make no mistake – the 41-year-old Vergara enjoys charming you to death. She can flash her neon smile and flutter her eyelashes and turn any man into putty. Sofia is also the kind of independent and self-empowered individual who inspires other women to believe in themselves and be ambitious in life. Her role as Gloria on Modern Family has turned her into a cultural icon ever since the show first aired in 2009, enabling her to amass lucrative endorsement contracts on the strength of her amiably sultry persona.

This past week, she added to her legendary reputation of self-marketing by posting a racy bikini-clad photo of herself alongside fiancé Nick Loeb, while aboard a yacht off the coast of Mexico. Vergara manages to pull this off without appearing self-indulgent, and though her recent film, Machete Kills, flopped badly, she is still hopeful to find better film roles down the road.

Later this year she will be seen in Chef, a comedy co-starring Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr., as well as Heat, a thriller in which she plays D.D. opposite Jason Statham. Vergara, who has a 21-year-old son, Manolo, from her first and only marriage, has announced that she has had her eggs frozen for a possible surrogate birth, since her doctors have advised her that her radiation treatments in 2000 for thyroid cancer may have made it difficult for her to conceive naturally.

In person, Sofia Vergara, hard as it may be to believe, looks even more beautiful and youthful than she does in front of the camera. She speaks excitedly and with her distinctive Spanish-accented English that transforms “is” into “ees” and “it” into “eet.”

STRIPLV: Sofia, what gives you your tremendous self-confidence?
VERGARA: I’ve always been very determined in life. I have a positive outlook, because I don’t think you can function at your best if you’re constantly worrying or looking at the negative side of things. I also think that being a happy person and being motivated to succeed gives you the kind of energy you need that is going to make other people want to believe in you and help you achieve your goals.
STRIPLV: Do you ever feel conflicted about marketing yourself on the basis of your fabulous figure?
VERGARA: (Laughter) No. I know that my looks are what got me attention in the first place. But I always had more to deliver than just that. I had an outgoing personality that earned me a following on TV first in Colombia and in the Latin market. I have never been embarrassed by making money from my having a certain image. You work with what you have and I am proud of the fact that I have been able to make a lot of money from my business ideas and been able to market myself in a positive way.
STRIPLV: Was it hard for you when you moved to the U.S. and tried to build your career in Hollywood?
VERGARA: It was terrible at first. The strangest thing was that a lot of casting directors wouldn’t cast me for Latino roles because they said I “didn’t look Latina enough.” (Laughter) I was too blonde for them (her natural hair color), and I wound up dyeing my hair black, and that made a big difference. Sometimes it’s all about the marketing and I learned a lot from that experience. I had the attitude and manner of a Latina, but the wrong hair. So as soon as I dyed my hair black, then suddenly everybody in American believes that I’m a Latina. (Laughter) My son always makes this joke, “Mom, you must be the only woman in Hollywood who has blonde roots.” (Laughter) And my son is blonde, too! But I like having dark 

hair. I love playing up to that image, because I feel I can command power in that role and own that image by making Gloria a strong and dynamic woman.
STRIPLV: Do you have fun playing up your sexy and bimbo-ish side?
VERGARA: So many people worry about beauty and sexiness being demeaning or denigrating to women. That’s so ridiculous. Women can be beautiful and smart and sexy as much as they want. We’re created that way. Why hide it or deny it? I’ve never had a problem with playing sexy roles. No one is going to cast me as a scientist or surgeon, even though I actually trained to be a dentist! (Laughter) Latina women are also very spirited. We like to have fun and be provocative. We also know that men like to be teased and enjoy the kind of playful and flirtatious behavior that men and women can get into. We like to be respected and appreciated, but we also like to have fun with men and enjoy the romance and excitement that comes with love.
STRIPLV: Does your Latina side help you play up your sexiness?
VERGARA: As a Latina, it’s easier to be very feminine and glamorous. Even though I’ve been able to have success in the mainstream market, I also have a big Latino following and I’m proud of that, and I love being able to present myself in that way. I inherited that attitude from my family. My mother and aunts always looked so perfect and beautiful, even when they would take us to school or when friends would come over for dinner. I grew up with a sense of trying to look your best and taking care of your appearance.
STRIPLV: You often cut a stunning figure on the red carpet. Do you have a natural sense of glamour and style?
VERGARA: (Laughter) Such a great compliment! Thank you. I know what kinds of dresses make me look good. I know that I can’t wear backless gowns, because there’s nothing to support my boobs! (Laughter) I also know that I can look very good in red and certain kinds of tight-fitting strapless outfits. I have stylists, but I’ve always had a pretty good fashion sense when it comes to which outfits suit me best. I won’t even go out of the house without getting dressed up and wearing makeup, because I don’t want paparazzi photos of myself looking like a mess all over the Internet. But I don’t mind, I’m a Latina and I love looking as hot as possible! (Laughter)
STRIPLV: After you landed your role in Modern Family, when did you know that this series was going to turn you into a major celebrity?
VERGARA: As soon as the first episode aired! Suddenly people would stop me in the street or wave to me or tell me how much they loved Gloria! I couldn’t believe it. It really had such a huge impact and it’s been that way ever since. I know I’m never going to find a better role than Gloria. It’s perfect for me and allows me to play with different parts of my personality and be a little crazy or a lot crazy! (Laughter)
STRIPLV: Where does your inspiration for playing Gloria come from? Is it part you, part other people from your life?
VERGARA: I’ve put a lot of elements of my family into Gloria. A lot of Gloria is me, but a lot of her comes from some of the great women in my life, like my mom and my aunts. I’ve drawn on all their humor and temper tantrums and arguments, and used that to put together my character. Gloria is representative of a certain kind of Latina woman, but I don’t mean for her to be a stereotype of all Latinas. She’s just a very colourful personality and I want her to represent the funnier and sexier and more outgoing side of women in my culture. Gloria has a lot of my mom and my aunts in her, especially the funniest and most temperamental of them. I love my character – it makes me proud to play her as a symbol of many Latin women, but not all of them.
STRIPLV: Most of your fans would say that you have an incredible knack for humor and comic timing.
VERGARA: I’ve always had a funny side. In high school I became the class clown. I would use humor to take attention away from my appearance and just show everyone I was a regular girl and that I loved making fun of myself. You have to do something to deflect the attention from having big boobs and dealing with the fact that everyone is staring at you. Over the years I had developed my sense of humor to a level that helped me when I started working on TV. My humor was as big an asset as my appearance and I’ve been able to use that in my work.
STRIPLV: You married your childhood sweetheart. Was it too young, perhaps?
VERGARA: No. I was in love, and in my culture, getting married at a young age (she was 18) is not so unusual. It was also a big relief for me, because you get tired of being chased by men all the time. And after I was divorced, being a single mother gave me a lot of motivation to succeed and provide a good life for my son.
STRIPLV: So when are you and Nick Loeb going to get married?
VERGARA: Nick and I have been engaged for over a year now and we still haven’t decided what we want to do for our wedding. He’s letting me handle things, and I’m not sure if I want to do something big like I did for my 40th birthday and invited all my friends from all over. That was so much fun, but it also takes a lot of time and planning. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I can also see myself doing something very small and intimate and with only my closest relatives and friends. We’ll see!

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