Interview Aunt Sharron
Photography Santodonato

It was a sunny day, and I met Alberto Jauregui at his home pool, to find out how he started his career in buying and selling restaurants, bars and gentlemen’s clubs. My first impression of Alberto is that he is handsome, suave, articulate, intelligent, extremely funny and down-to-earth. (Ladies, he is also single and loves to charm and buy gifts for his lady).

AS: As the owner/broker of Nevada Land – Commercial Real Estate, how did you originally get into the real estate business?
Alberto: Well, I was near 17-years-old and dating the daughter of the owner of the National Company, U-Haul. One night she and I were upstairs in her bedroom, we were too young to join the festivities her parents were having with friends downstairs. There was drinking, dancing, and all these well-dressed people, and gold and diamonds on all the pretty women. I was so impressed! I asked my young love who were these people and what did they do? She replied, “They are in real estate.” That moment, I knew what I wanted to learn: How to be a broker of real estate. I went to UNLV and learned all aspects of real estate. Actually, I’m in this business nearly 28 years.
AS: Who do you admire the most in Las Vegas?
Alberto: I admire Steve Wynn and my dearest good friend, the late Jack Galardi – he taught me so much and I miss him terribly.
AS: You presently have an iconic Las Vegas gentlemen’s club for sale?
Alberto: Yes, I have the listing and my expertise is in zoning, permits, liquor licensing – also I can get loans and financing. It is so important to do cost evaluation, a market approach, and income approach. As I said, I’m in this business over 28 years and I come with a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. P.S. If anyone is interested in this iconic club, give me a call: 702-435-7011.
AS: Tell us some details on what you do and the people you work with.
Alberto: Well, I have helped four churches. I helped in financing and zoning, and even helped them organize their books. I’m a Christian, and also love to help religious groups to grow and prosper. The adult industry has some fine owners that are very rich, with great work ethics and honesty.
AS: You and I have talked extensively on the gentlemen’s clubs in Vegas. With your background, what clubs are doing relatively well today?
Alberto: Hustler Club’s owner, Harry Mohney, built a luxurious club, (Alberto also has an extensive background in Architecture and Development). OG, Sapphire, Rhino, Treasures – are the talk of the town. My all-time favorite gentlemen’s club is in Mexico. The women are from all over the world, the service is impeccable and the atmosphere has the utmost class.
AS: Taj Mahall Casino in Atlantic City has opened a gentlemen’s club inside the casino. Will it happen in Vegas?
Alberto: No, I don’t think so. Vegas is a convention town, with well over 200,000 rooms. There is a price to pay for a gentlemen’s club, and the casino won’t jeopardize their business. Conventioneers… how do you explain to a wife, when the bill comes home from the hotel you were staying at that has an adult club inside the casino? Also the casino runs the possible risk of losing their gaming licensing. No way will it happen here in Vegas.
AS: Any news for the gentlemen’s club industry?
Alberto: I am presently working on several deals. One of these deals is going to bring a major change to Vegas – others have tried, but have not been successful. There are very successful clubs, like the one we are going to open in Vegas, in other parts of the country. These clubs belong to some of my best friends in the industry, primarily on the East Coast (and I know Las Vegas is ready for this change). As soon as I get permission to release more information from the principals, I will pass it on to you, Auntie Sharron, and your readers and audience. Believe me, this Vegas strip club will be the pinnacle of history of strip entertainment! Voila!
AS: Thank you so much for your time. Just a few more things: What is your favorite place to eat and did you ever see your young love after you became successful?
Alberto: So many favorite restaurants: Dona Maria Tamales, Lindo Michoacan,
Del-Frisco’s on Paradise – they are so welcoming, always remember me, and I love Joe’s Seafood at the Forum Shops. Um, the young love of seventeen, I’ll never tell.

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