Interview by Aunt Sharron

Walking into the opulent Hustler Club in Las Vegas, I was preparing to meet with the prestigious Jason Mohney. Jason is the son of Harry Mohney, the well-known gentlemen’s club entrepreneur for over 40-plus years. My first impression was that he was the “real deal,” as he was engineering the activities for that evening’s night of fun at Hustler: “Female Wrestling”. I immediately noticed how calm and cool he was with his employees. Standing in the middle of the showroom, in a delicious brown pinstriped designer suit with a soft pink shirt and a tie that was right out of Vogue, we greeted with a hug. Publisher and photographer of STRIPLV, Scott Santodonato, in fashionable jeans and designer tee, joined us to meet and take photos for the interview.

Jason, along with his father, Harry Mohney and Hustler’s Larry Flynt, have opened the luxurious 70,000 square-foot Hustler Erotic Ultra Club in Vegas at a cost of over $35-million, to provide a continuous party atmosphere. It boasts four stories of the most outrageous party experience imaginable. The roof deck is a sprawling oasis overlooking Vegas, with plasma TVs, a cigar lounge, a DJ booth, and has become a place to see and be seen. Hundreds of gorgeous females, called “Hustler Honeys,” are there every night and the club boasts 20 “Honey Suites” (VIP Champagne Rooms), a VIP bar and six “Grand Honey Suites”. The Erotic Ultra Club is a playground of adult decadence for the rich and famous, as well as the everyday working man.

We went to Jason’s spacious office downstairs, to catch an intimate portrait of the man. Mohney is a young, vibrant, humble, down-to-earth, focused, diligent, GQ fashionable, avid hunter, who happens to be extremely funny, is a great listener, and has the touch of class… and ladies, sorry, he is not single. Sitting in his spacious office, we sat and started chatting about him and his delightfully stunning Midwestern girlfriend, Dawn, who was sitting admiring him. The saying: “Behind every successful man is a woman,” is a true statement when it comes to this couple. Watching them interact, you could see their respect and dedication to one other. Here is a man who has been surrounded by women most of his life, yet he appeared to be a Midwestern gentlemen, in awe of his beautiful Midwestern girlfriend.

STRIPLV: Jason, tell me about your childhood.
MOHNEY: I was born in Owasso, Michigan. I have nine siblings ranging from ages 19-49. Yes, there was one dad (chuckles). My dad was a busy man. He started in the adult industry with my cousin, who owned a theater in the sixties, in Saginaw, Michigan, where he showed go-go girls dancing (and the audience were thrilled if a boobie showed). My dad was first to show Deep Throat, and he fought the courts to keep the movie playing in theaters. Dad is not doing films anymore, since the videos are taking over with cam girls and live cam club, which are our future. Larry Flynt and my dad have known each other for years. They started working together in the ‘70s. They started their adult business industry by licensing clubs in New Orleans, which was a huge success, and we now are in partnership with 25 Hustler Clubs with Larry. He’s a real nice guy, with great ideas and an awesome wife. We are presently working with him with new clubs in Los Angeles.
STRIPLV: What is dad doing now?
MOHNEY: My dad is golfing. He’s a great golfer and a connoisseur of wine and women.
STRIPLV: As a child, did you envision you’d be involved with this business?
MOHNEY: No, not at all. It just kind of happened. I started bartending as a kid and started getting good at it and stuck it out.
STRIPLV: What did you think your career was going to be?
MOHNEY: I had dreams of running a casino. I may have gotten that idea from watching James Bond movies – they helped me take a break from reality. I went to high school in Traverse City, Michigan, and majored in hotel management at Central Michigan University. I went to the school of hard knocks of life, but I was planning on being in the hotel/casino industry.
STRIPLV: How did you start working in the adult industry?
MOHNEY: My first job was bartending at Déjà Vu in Lansing, Michigan, around 1994. We had DJs carrying in their CDs. They used to carry 2,000 CDs to play on the CD players and the girls who danced came from all over – places like Detroit, plus smaller outreach farm towns. I believe the wages were $4.25 an hour. I left Michigan and moved to California, where I was taught the management business by Don Krontz in Ontario, California, where I worked 24/7. I pulled carpets, painted, cleaned, designed and decorated the gentlemen’s club, Déjà Vu. Krontz was tough! When we started working the shift (which were long hours) he would call us to bring a pot of coffee. We knew we had to toe the line, because a full pot of coffee can bring the best and worst out of someone. This is where I learned the hard knocks of life – he was a great mentor. I moved to San Diego for about six months to manage my first club, the Déjà Vu Midway club. I moved a lot from 1996-1997. After Ontario, San Diego and Redlands, I started opening clubs in North Hollywood and San Francisco. We opened six different clubs in almost eight months. Then we went to Tampa, Florida and Las Vegas.
STRIPLV: Did having a famous dad help you to be where you are today?
MOHNEY: Sometimes it helped. People respect my dad and so they showed me respect. It did open doors, because they believed in my dad, but I had to work hard to prove myself and live up to his reputation.
STRIPLV: Do you have a good relationship with your dad?
MOHNEY: Absolutely. I’m very blessed to have such a great working and family relationship with my father. I don’t compare myself to him and I hope others don’t either. He is a one-of-a-kind man who should be given the utmost respect for what he’s had the ability to do and what he has done – not just in business, but for America, as a whole. He’s been there on the frontlines as a fighter of free speech and expressions from the beginning. I don’t say I’m just like my dad. I hope people can see that I’m a different person, doing what I’m doing, and he’s doing what he’s doing.
STRIPLV: How many clubs and businesses are you involved with?
MOHNEY: Currently I’m involved in about 80 different ones.
STRIPLV: Are the “Love Boutiques” (where you sell adult toys, cigars, Déjà Vu merchandise and lingerie) in all your clubs?
MOHNEY: We used to have them in every club, but the merchandise business isn’t what it used to be, so now they’re kind of scattered about, in locations where they do well. We only have about 19-25 “Love Boutiques” left, and they are mostly in the Déjà Vu’s.
STRIPLV: Was the lingerie a top seller?
MOHNEY: The Internet got the best of what everyone does in our business. We sold mostly DVDs and magazines, and now everybody gets their porn on the Internet. The only thing left was the lingerie and toys, and now toys are even slipping away at some locations. The Internet has taken over.
STRIPLV: Has the Internet helped you in any way? For example, travelers who find the locations of your clubs?
MOHNEY: As long as your reviews are good on the Internet, it does help you out. It still comes down to the fact that you have to run a good business. If you do that, with or without the Internet, people are going to find you. If you run a bad business, then the Internet is a pain in your butt, because everyone’s Yelping bad things about you. Then when people search you, they don’t want to come. You might look on the Internet before you travel some place and say: “Oh look, I want to eat at that restaurant,” but the reason you’ll want to eat there is because you heard it was good from somebody that ate there before you. It can help, but it all comes down to how well you operate your business.
STRIPLV: Tell me about the competitions you used to have, such as, “Déjà Vu Showgirl of the Year,” “Showgirl Spectacular” and “Pole Princess”.
MOHNEY: We now do them on more of a local and regional basis, rather than a national one. It just got really expensive doing the national events. It’s hard to move 80 girls into one town, put 80 girls up in hotel rooms, and then go through all their shows in one night. We do “Showgirl of the Year” and “Miss Nude Michigan” or “Miss Nude Maryland.” We just did “Miss Nude Las Vegas” in Nevada.
STRIPLV: Do you move the girls around from one club to another – say the girls at your Michigan location come to Las Vegas for a period of time?
MOHNEY: Entertainers are free spirits, man. They go wherever they want to go. We have no say-so on anything that they do. We’re just happy when they show up and

enjoy their company while they’re there, and then they move on to wherever they’re going to go. They go to competitions and travel the states and the world. They travel all over the place. It’s good to be an entertainer! Some day I hope to grow up and become one! (laughter)
STRIPLV: How do you adjust to the constant temptation of all the beautiful women?
MOHNEY: I treat them with respect, and help them and the clubs make money.
STRIPLV: What has changed with the girls in the business since you started in the adult entertainment industry? And how do they get to dance at your clubs?
MOHNEY: The hairstyles have changed, the girls are shaving better and they are more business-oriented. In the ‘80s, I heard it was all fun and games, but today the dancers are working as independent contractors and this is their livelihood. To work at our club, the gals have to do an audition. We have what’s called a “Honey Girl” search every Monday. They have to have great eye contact and personality galore. They need to fill out an application, sheriff’s card, and have a business license.
STRIPLV: Do you oversee all the managers in all the clubs you’re involved with?
MOHNEY: I’m involved with the clubs where I’m the managing member of the LLC, so some clubs I have zero involvement in.
STRIPLV: When some manager is having trouble doing the job or the profits aren’t what they should be, do you have to step in to hire a new manager?
MOHNEY: If I’m the managing member, then yes.
STRIPLV: Does that mean you’re out on the road traveling a lot?
MOHNEY: I work all the time and I travel quite a bit, but with my Blackberry, I’m always in touch. We have very good people and we’re blessed with the staff we get to work with. I’m opening a bar in New Orleans on Bourbon Street this week, so I’m off to New Orleans, then I’m on to Seattle to see some friends, back to Vegas, then Costa Rica for a vacation, and then back to New Orleans.
STRIPLV: Did the club in New Orleans shut down after Hurricane Katrina hit?
MOHNEY: Yeah, everybody had to close for a period of time, but we were one of the first bars back open. We opened up as soon as we had air-conditioning, mostly for all the people that were down there helping out. We didn’t make a whole lot of money, but we had free admission and Domino’s gave out free pizzas and we had $3 beers. The poor guys that came to help, I don’t care if they were with AT&T, the power company, or the National Guard – they had them stuck in schools and churches with no air-conditioning. We’d let them come in and sit in the air-conditioning and they’d eat their pizza and many would come back at night. I talked to some of the guys in the National Guard that had just gotten back from Afghanistan, and they said: “Man, we had it better in Afghanistan than we do down here during Hurricane Katrina.” It was 110 degrees outside and 90% humidity like it is here in the swamps, and those guys were literally staying on cots with no air-conditioning. I’ve never been on a base, but apparently it’s better than being stuck in a hot school.
STRIPLV: Did you have any dancers or did they all leave?
MOHNEY: No, we didn’t have many girls, but three stayed and the guys didn’t care because they had the pizza, beer and air-conditioning.
STRIPLV: This is a quote from the Internet: “Hustler’s gentleman’s club is more than another strip club. It is designed to be an ultra erotic event center aimed to serve corporations that want to add a little spice to their events, and want to avoid the high cost of other venues.” How is this saving them money?
MOHNEY: When you do an event or convention at some sort of banquet hall, you pay banquet hall pricing. You can get everything you want at the Hustler Club Erotic Event Center and not have to pay all those high prices. We have the bar there already and our staff is there. Most banquet halls or rooms charge for tables, table coverings, chairs, decorations and any entertainment that you might want. You’ve got to buy, buy, buy. If you have your party with us, all that is already there. You just need to buy your drinks and have a good time. We’re designed to have a party all the time, so you can save a bunch of money over other venues.
STRIPLV: Tell me more about the Hustler Club in Las Vegas, and how involved were you with this club?
MOHNEY: I was very involved with the decorating and designing of this club. Everyone gets confused and calls it a Gentleman’s Club, but it’s not. It’s an Erotic Event Center. It’s the first of its kind. There’s nothing like it in the world! It’s not only the most luxurious; it’s the only one! I’m sure people will try to copy it and the concept that we came up with by having different areas, different event areas, and rooftops. Whenever you’re the innovator, there’s always going to be imitators. There are private dining rooms, the rooftop with beautiful sky views all year round, and we run the operation like a nightclub that happens to have topless entertainment – so you can dance, drink and laugh. You can have your bachelor party, birthday party or corporate party – we can make anything happen! We’ve had swinger’s parties, hip-hop parties, and we even had an Ethiopian rock band on the roof. The sky’s the limit and that’s what we designed it for. It’s Vegas and anything goes!

“It’s the Hustler Club in Vegas
and anything within the law goes!”

STRIPLV: When you were in the process of deciding whether you were going to build the club, did the quote come to mind: “If you build it, they will come”?
MOHNEY: I wish that quote comes to mind when you build something. You build it and hope they’ll come. It takes a village to make something happen anymore and fortunately, we are really good at hiring and worked with some of the best people in town to make our club happen. That’s true in whatever town we’re in. It’s all about who you work with that makes you successful.
STRIPLV: You’ve had great success with it so far!
MOHNEY: So far, so good. Knock on wood!
STRIPLV: Tell me about the “Honey Suites.”
MOHNEY: They are semi-private suites that you can have a party in. You can rent them by the hour or by the night or whatever your event wants to cater to. If you have 5 people you want to entertain, you can party in one of the suites, as opposed to renting out the whole club. It gives us the ability to have any size party, whether it’s 800 people or 8 people, we can make it happen.
STRIPLV: In a small party of 5-8 people, do you just set up a bar, have food brought in, or whatever they want?
MOHNEY: Whatever they want!

STRIPLV: What about the Hustler Honey private champagne rooms with closed-door confessional rooms? Do you have any problem with Metro with the closed doors?
MOHNEY: You can see through the closed doors. The doors are half glass and half wood. We wouldn’t want those things going on anyway. We police our clubs like nobody else does.
STRIPLV: It’s a hard thing to do, isn’t it?
MOHNEY: Especially here in Vegas. Most states are a piece of cake, but here in Vegas, even the suggestion of prostitution or the suggestion of giving a guy “too good a lap dance” can be prostitution right there. She doesn’t even have to agree to giving him any sexual pleasure, just “Oh baby, you’re going to have the best time on my lap dance, compared to so-and-so’s lap dance,” and that’s what they’ll give tickets on. They are giving tickets on verbal agreements for a lap dance, but not verbal agreements for a sexual act or one to meet them outside the club. What is a girl supposed to say? “Yeah, I want to dance for you, but it’s going to suck”?! “You’re not going to be able to touch me or have any fun. It’s going to be a miserable experience and you might as well go home”?! Really?! If she’s trying to entice the guy to buy a lap dance, she’s got to make it sound like a good time. Have you ever seen a car commercial that doesn’t explain how great it is? If you buy a Ferrari and sit in traffic…is that a good time? They don’t tell you that it’ll rattle your teeth when you buy a Lamborghini; they just say what fun the car is. That’s all the girl is trying to do, is be a commercial.
STRIPLV: Is Vegas that much different than other cities?
MOHNEY: In that aspect, yes.
STRIPLV: People come to Vegas and think they can do stuff they can’t do back home. The guys and girls get raunchier.
MOHNEY: You’d like to think that way, but I think Vegas isn’t as raunchy as everybody thinks it is. I don’t think there’s as much sin in Sin City. I think what runs up and down the street is the problem. The guys with the cards, and the “girls to your room” billboards, that’s where the sin in Sin City comes in. That’s what Metro should be concerned about – is the illegal prostitution that’s running rampant on the Strip.
STRIPLV: The girls can wear anything they please in the club – schoolgirl, dominatrix?
MOHNEY: As long as they aren’t violating the law, they can wear whatever they want.
STRIPLV: Exactly what is violating the law?
MOHNEY: They have to have their front, butt and genitals covered.
STRIPLV: What advice would you like to give people who come into your clubs?
MOHNEY: Dress comfortable, behave like a gentleman or lady, and remember you came to have fun. Be prepared to party and get involved in the entertainment that’s going on in the club. It’s no time to be a wallflower when you show up at a Déjà Vu or Hustler Club.
STRIPLV: How much money should someone be prepared to spend, to have a good time?
MOHNEY: There are no limitations on the amount they can spend, that’s for sure. I think that if you had $100 in your pocket, you could have a good time. It would buy admission, a couple of lap dances and you’d leave with a smile on your face.
STRIPLV: Tell me an interesting story that happened at the Hustler Club.
MOHNEY: One night an Australian came in with his buddies. He spent about $60,000 from l0 p.m. one night and left about 4 p.m. the next day. They stayed and partied, drank and danced. It was like Animal House. We had about 10 gals, and we brought in food. They had a jolly good time!
STRIPLV: Describe yourself to me.
MOHNEY: I think of myself as a “Mood Enhancer.” I’m someone who can show you the way to have a good time and put a smile on your face. I’m in the entertainment business because I like to entertain people. I like to talk to people and I hope people would see me as a guy that’s trying to give them a good time and enjoy their life, and also enjoy my own life.
STRIPLV: Being around many more women than most men ever even dream about, tell me what turns you on and what turns you off.
MOHNEY: (loads of laughter) A turn-off is stinky. I hate a stinky person. A turn-on would be pretty girls and being around pretty girls. Pretty ladies…I love them!
STRIPLV: What is the one thing that would surprise people to know about you?
MOHNEY: I don’t have a Facebook page. I don’t do social media. With Facebook, everybody knows everything about everybody, don’t they?
STRIPLV: What would you name the autobiography of your life?
MOHNEY: “Life’s An Adventure – Eat It Whole”.
STRIPLV: Where have you and Dawn travelled?
MOHNEY: We went to Africa, thinking no one could find us, but the cell phone worked. Africa is unbelievable. Anyone reading this: please get there soon. The people are wonderful, service is perfect, and there are all kinds of animals. It’s awesome and an experience of a lifetime. We also have been to China, Cambodia, Viet Nam, France, Switzerland, Italy, England, Costa Rica, Egypt and Cuba. Cuba is beautiful, a lot of Chevys, Fords, plus fabulous food, and friendly people.
STRIPLV: Jason, I’d like to ask your girlfriend, Dawn, a few questions. Dawn, how long have you been dating and how did you meet?
DAWN: I have been dating him for two weeks, for the last 10 years. The two weeks of a relationship is always the best, so we keep our relationship like when we first met… loving, sexy and exciting. I was dancing at the Déjà Vu in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for four years, when a notice was sent to us that the Hustler Club in Baltimore wanted dancers to come have fun and make some money. So I went to Baltimore and forgot to come home. I met Jason there in Baltimore. I was coming down the stairs and he said, “WOW!” and the rest is history. Jason’s only flaw, in my eyes: He pushes the toothpaste from the middle, and yes, he does put the toilet seat down. He is loyal, considerate and extremely funny, hot as hell, and loves the same things I do.
STRIPLV: When women are around him, how do you handle this? And what do you do with the club?
DAWN: I’m a secure woman, and I know, and he knows, we are going home together. I still dance when I go to Baltimore. Here in Vegas, I’m part of the party and more behind-the-scenes.
STRIPLV: Any last word about Jason, Dawn?
DAWN: My last word on Jason: He is GREAT!

Look for the building lined with flame torches at 6007 Dean Martin Drive…

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