by Marla Santos


“The best part of Saturday night was when the crowd was at its peak. The feeling you got from rocking the house and having hundreds of screaming women with all their attention on you was amazing! It was intoxicating! Pretty much every guy in the world would love being in front of 500 screaming women chanting: “Take it off! Take it off!” Every man wants that feeling of being an alpha male and every man wants to have women lust after his body. Men all think alike, with the wrong head first. We can’t help it. It’s how we’re made,” the book begins. “The book is part autobiographical, part instructional, and sort of like if we were sitting around a campfire and sharing stories,” claims Justin Whitfield who, along with co-author and fellow male stripper Taylor Cole, have put their experiences in print, in the sometimes sexy, sometimes chaotic existence of one of the most highly desired occupations by men – the life of a male stripper – in their book, “Take It Off! The Naked Truth About Male Strippers”. 

Magic Mike, the comedy-drama film with strip routines involving hunky, good-looking guys and a touch of romance, gives you a look inside the male stripper clubs. As the movie says: “We do it for the money, chicks, and a good time!”

There’s much more to the life of a male stripper than what the movie Magic Mike showed us. Justin Whitfield and Taylor Cole met at the gym and became strippers at the Houston strip club, La Bare. They also work as cover models for the erotic romance novels published by Ellora’s Cave. Together, they shared their stories in their book that reveals what really goes on backstage, the strict fitness regimen top dog strippers must adhere to, and their uncensored answers to provocative questions. “Take It Off!” picks up where the movie Magic Mike left off. Having danced for women in Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Canada, and in hundreds of clubs across the United States, they have a ton of interesting information to share. That information includes great tips for new guys wanting to get into the business; how girls get their attention and advice on what girls should not do if they want to date a stripper; secrets of their fitness and diet, plus an entire section on their sexcapades. 

One story goes: “Friday night the electricity went out at the club. The management told all the dancers to go out and give free table dances to keep the women from leaving. I grabbed the hottest chick I knew who was DTF (down to fuck) and took her to the bathroom. We felt our way into the stall and I pulled her panties down to her ankles and turned her back to me, bending her over the toilet. My G-string thong was hanging just below my nut sac. I put on a condom and pushed my cock into her wet pussy. It didn’t take long for me to explode! I told her to give me a head start before leaving, so no one would see us leave together. Didn’t even know her name. All I knew was her face.”

Co-author Taylor Cole explains: “The women are different, because whenever they come to a show, they want to be entertained. When men go to a strip club, they wanna see some naked women. Women come in – they wanna see a man with a good job—firemen, policemen, doctors or military men. Women require much more to get stimulated, because it’s in their minds, whereas men – it’s all in their…little head. And apparently, women really like to make a guy work for it. It’s harder to make a girl wanna get up and give a guy money. You really have to entertain a girl, and fill her fantasy.”

A lot of dancing careers, they admit, don’t end well. Male strippers live fast lives, addicted to adoration and easy money. That’s why they stay on at the clubs, dancing long past their prime, becoming the sort of sad, old men who chase young men’s dreams.

Taylor Cole grew up knowing that he wanted to dance professionally. “I saw it on a commercial and thought: ‘Man, I’d like to do that,’” he says. He won an amateur night contest at 16 years old and was hired on, once he was legal. In his spare time, Cole runs a Dallas-based construction company.  “Basically, we’re just everyday, normal guys with a fun job at night,” Cole laughs.

Justin Whitfield has a diverse background. He graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelors in Economics and Finance. He holds a former title of Mr. All-Natural Southwest U.S.A. and is a fitness model with numerous magazines. He also appeared on the cover of Playgirl, and was a full-time dancer until the age of 32, when he retired. He now manages and dances in male revue touring shows across the United States. Justin is also an entrepreneur, owning his own sports bar and grill in Houston, Texas, called The End Zone. STRIPLV dug in to get the scoop for our readers on some of the more personal questions from Justin that didn’t appear in the book. 

STRIPLV: The book depicts that when you were 12 or 13, sitting around a campfire with your buddies, you said you wanted to be a male stripper. How did you know what that was? 
JUSTIN: The weirdest thing is that I don’t know how I knew. I just remember saying it and the guys making fun of me. A friend once hit me up on Facebook saying: “I see you’re doing what you always wanted to do!
STRIPLV: You’ve got a great looking face, so you couldn’t have had a hard time getting women interested in you, even before you started stripping.
JUSTIN: I was seventeen before I even held hands with a girl. I was extremely shy and nervous around girls, to the point where it was almost paralyzing. If you’re scared of something, you’ve got to dive headfirst into it, to make yourself conquer it. Girls didn’t start noticing me until I was seventeen and then it was pretty good. Even with dancing, I started at nineteen while going to college, but I only did it a few times. It was when I was 24 that I went back and started dancing fulltime. It wasn’t easy at first. It wasn’t like I did it and girls just loved me. I spent my first few months just struggling. 
STRIPLV: You have a college education and you could have had a good job with money and the women. What made you want to get back up there on the stage?
JUSTIN: While I was in college, I was dating a female stripper. I went to school during the day and raised her son from the age of one to four and a half. It was a really bad, abusive relationship. I said to myself that I was tired of dating girls that are dancers; that it would be nice to date a normal girl with me being the dancer. When I graduated college, I got into bodybuilding. I knew I couldn’t sit behind a desk all day, that’s just not who I am. I broke up with my girlfriend, quit my bartending job, and went back to amateur night, broke and single. I had no choice but to make it at that point. 
STRIPLV: You must have also loved something about being on stage.
JUSTIN: Even in high school I was in theater and acted in 12 plays. Back then I also considered going to New York and being a stage actor. I graduated from high school as the male athlete with the highest GPA, ranked in the top three percent in my class and got scholarships and started out pre-med in college. 
STRIPLV: So what was it about being a stripper that attracted you? 
JUSTIN: You get on the stage, and for about 15 minutes, you’re a rock star. It’s so much fun – really intoxicating!
STRIPLV: You didn’t think you wanted to be a Chippendale?
JUSTIN: The requirements for a Chippendale are that you have to be six foot tall and that’s the beautiful thing about where we worked. You didn’t have to be a certain type of guy. I’m only 5’ 8”, so they wouldn’t have taken me. 
STRIPLV: The Chippendales do more group dances and uniform things, don’t they?
JUSTIN: Right. Where I come from, it was just one guy on stage capturing the audience. 
STRIPLV: Tell me about when you did the Playgirl cover.
JUSTIN: I did that when I first started dancing in 1998. I had danced with a guy who was in the magazine and making a lot of money by taking the magazine and showing all the girls. I thought it was a good way to become successful, so I wanted to be in the magazine. I did a test shoot and eventually ended up on the cover. 
STRIPLV: You have danced and stripped for women all around the world. How do women vary from country to country?
JUSTIN: In Europe, they’re not used to tipping like they are over here. Women in general, when they’re around a bunch of good-looking, half-naked guys, they act like guys themselves. This was a part of the lifestyle and business that I didn’t know about. Women like to act like guys and they get away with a lot of stuff. They will grab, touch, and even smack. No matter where, women act crazy when it comes to male strippers! 
STRIPLV: What style or costume did you feel fit your personality the best?
JUSTIN: When you first start dancing, no one knows what their image is going to be. You may have an idea of what you want to look like, but take me, for instance: I always wished I could be more seductive and dance slower on stage. Unfortunately, that’s not how I perform. I’m mostly high action, high energy and fast-paced on stage. I was more of a cowboy. Being in Texas – that made a lot of sense. My main act over the years that I made the most money on was to the song: “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” 
STRIPLV: Do you get to choose your own music and create your own dance?
JUSTIN: Yes. You have to get the music before someone else gets it. Music is very important. There’s an art to stripping, especially for the guys. My power song was “Down With The Sickness”, and there’s a part of the song that starts real slow and then boom, it kicks in really fast and hard, and that’s where I took my pants off. It’s very important to know your cues when to take clothing off for the show. 
STRIPLV: Does the club decide on each night’s lineup of performers – making sure that the guy before you or following you doesn’t do a cowboy act, too?
JUSTIN: When the list goes up, the guys that are prime time usually go on between 10:00 and midnight. That’s when the club is the busiest on the weekends. Ultimately, where you are on the list depends on how good you are. So if there are two cowboys on the prime time list, they’ll try not to put them back-to-back. 
STRIPLV: Has the book, “50 Shades of Grey”, affected any dance routines? Say more blindfolds or some S & M routines?
JUSTIN: I’m going to tell you a story that’s in my second book. The book, “50 Shades of Grey”, lets women know it’s okay to be more sexual and more aggressive. We had a guy who worked at our club and he started out as a waiter. He was a skinny, blond, 19 year-old white kid. After a year of waiting tables, he became a stripper. He completely changed his looks by dying his hair black and becoming gothic and did an S & M act on stage. You never would have guessed it, and all the time he’s going to college. When he gets ready to retire, because he’s going to graduate college, he never tells anybody that he has a job lined up in the oil field business, making $90,000 a year right out of college. On Saturday night he gets up on stage, does the S & M act with a woman blindfolded and tied up center stage. He walks around her, seductively touches her and then whips out a vibrating dildo. He does his usual innuendos with the dildo. Because he was going to retire anyway, he decided he was going to go out with a bang. He lifts the girl’s skirt up revealing her panties and the girl goes along, not saying anything. The women in the audience are screaming, but the owners in the back of the club are going: “What the ‘F’ is he doing? Get him off stage.” He then pulls her panties to the side, and starts vibrating her crotch area. The women in the audience were loving it! No one stopped him. But as soon as he got off stage, he packed his bag and left. That’s called “Going out with a bang!” 
STRIPLV: That’s against club rules, right?
JUSTIN: Right. He would have been fired. You’re not supposed to do it, but he did it and went out with a bang! 
STRIPLV: Are there any rules about how far you can go with yourself on stage?
JUSTIN: There’s no nudity allowed. A guy might be butt-naked on stage, and you’ll see a silhouette like you saw in the movie, Magic Mike, but that’s as close to naked you’ll get in the club. Girls are allowed to touch us on the chest or on the leg, or smack us on the butt. It’s different if you’re a guy doing that to a girl, but it’s no big deal if a girl does it to a guy. No nudity and no sex. Those are the rules. 
STRIPLV: Did you shave or wax to get rid of unwanted hair?
JUSTIN: I tried the wax and I tried the Nair…no on both. The only way to do it is to shave. 
STRIPLV: Did you have any other beauty regimens? 
JUSTIN: I kept myself in shape with the dieting and working out. Food makes a big difference in your face and your pores. It’s crazy. As I was eating clean all those years, my complexion kept getting better. It’s also very common for most guys to get their eyebrows done. 
STRIPLV: Is it very common for most dancers to become sex addicts because of the ease of getting women, and do you think you were ever bordering on that?
JUSTIN: I was probably in a relationship 13 of the 15 years that I danced in the club. Taylor was only in a relationship about 2 years and the rest of the time single. There are all different kinds of men. I’ve known guys that have become addicts and I’ve known guys that have danced their whole career and only had sex with one girl besides their girlfriend or wife. There’s no stereotype. Some guys are as good and true to their women as any guy could be. Then, some are real slimeballs!
STRIPLV: Do you have a different opinion about women, after being a stripper, than if you had never been in the business?
JUSTIN: I don’t think less of women at all. Sometimes I would see things, for example: I’ve seen a bachelorette girl come into the club and leave that night with a dancer. I thought that was really classless. When you see stuff like that, it kind of jaded me a little bit, but I like to believe in the good in people, so I try to not let that stuff get to me. 
STRIPLV: Did you ever experience times when you felt like a piece of meat? 
JUSTIN: I remember one time standing on stage, and we called it “The Meat Rack.” I remember looking down at the women and they were literally looking at all of us guys and talking about each one of us and which one they wanted. At that moment in time, I felt like a piece of meat. There are nights I could have my choice of the women and have crazy sex, but in reality, you’re only a rock star for a little bit of time. I don’t care if you’re the biggest stud in the club, there are times that no girl wants to look at you and they’re just not feeling you. 
STRIPLV: You have a bar called The End Zone. Tell me about it.
JUSTIN: I’d been saving my money and I’d also fallen in love with a girl, and I was in my early thirties and decided it was time to get out. A bar opened up right down the road from my house and closed in eight months. I started the process to buy it, and in one year, I’d made my money back that I’d invested. Within the first two or three years, we were in the top 10% in Houston in liquor sales, so it’s been very, very good. 
Photos by Ellora’s Cave Publishing

“Take It Off! The Naked Truth About Male Strippers” 
is available at:,, and


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