By Marla Santos


Celebrating their 10-year anniversary, Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club splashes into another year of excitement with its innovative creation – the completion of its new $8 million Sapphire Pool and Day Club.

This past December, Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club had its 10th-year anniversary party, and the celebration also marked the completion of the new $8 million Sapphire Pool and Day Club. Because it was winter, they tented the pool and had heat brought in, and served fabulous food and liquor.

The pool includes a multilevel, state-of-the-art, three-tier pool utopia that can comfortably accommodate over 700 sun-worshiping partygoers. This 21,000 square-foot facility is located on the south side of the Sapphire club and had its soft opening for pool season in April with a very special STRIPLV Pool Party hosted by April Cover Girl, Danielle Trixie and UFC stars celebrating the birthdays of both Peter Feinstein’s son, Brett, as well as Men of Sapphire star, Rico.

The pool’s grand opening party held over Cinco de Mayo weekend, spanning Thursday through Sunday, was a gala star-studded spectacular, with guests Adrian Grenier from the hit show Entourage, basketball great Dennis Rodman, Pamela Anderson, Coco from the hit show Coco Loves Ice, Amber Smith, Angelica Bridges, Brande Roderick and Simon Rex from MTV, to name a few. Sounds were provided by superstar DJ’s George Acosta, Vic Latino, Colleen Shannon, DJ Amie, DJ Scotty Boy and Casanova. May 3rd was also the finals for the Sapphire Worldwide DJ Contest, featuring DJ Truelove, DJ Presto One, and DJ Zhaldee, as the final three DJ’s making the cut to win the resident DJ spot at the new pool.   

Some of the features and amenities include men’s and women’s locker rooms with rich, natural woods, Italian tiles, plush fabrics and quality finishes that will pamper each guest with privileged comfort. In addition, two fabulous hot tubs, VIP cabanas, day beds, lounge chairs, a DJ booth, entertainment platform, pool concierge and a retail area displaying a full line of clothing and Sapphire swag, adds to the interest and excitement.

Las Vegas’ own Chef Kerry Simon, owner and operator of Simon Restaurant & Lounge at Palms Place Hotel & Spa, heads up The Sapphire Grill, the indoor/outdoor bar and restaurant which is open 24 hours a day and serves the entire club. Chef Kerry designed and created the menu with his world-renowned talent, bringing his creative flair and signature dishes specifically for this new restaurant. The Sapphire Grill will offer anything from quick snacks to a full meal served to guests at the Sapphire Pool & Day Club Thursdays through Sundays. The menu will be unique and extraordinary, ranking head-and-shoulders above the other pool and day clubs in Las Vegas. Simon will add his gourmet flair and live up to his name of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Chef,” aptly named by Rolling Stone magazine.

STRIPLV sat with (left to right) Sapphire Manager Partner, Peter Feinstein,

and Sapphire Marketing Director, Shai Cohen, as they shared stories of the long road traveled to accomplish this one-of-a-kind Pool and DayClub.

STRIPLV: The pool is fabulous!
FEINSTEIN: The pool is a process that we started three years ago. The most significant requirement about the pool was getting Clark County to agree that a gentleman’s club, and a venue outside of a hotel casino, could actually have a pool and day spa. We started that process by doing a significant amount of drawings to see what would be approved. Over that period, we were able to get the project approved.
STRIPLV: What was their main concern?
FEINSTEIN: I think the idea of a gentleman’s club having a pool and day spa would raise anyone’s concerns about how it would work. What we tried to do, was adhere to what would make the pool more approvable. For example, it isn’t a topless pool. We designed it so that it was open and friendly, so everyone can see the events. There’s no lap dancing taking place at the pool. It’s like a spring break party, and it’s a lot of fun out there. The main thing that the Sapphire Pool has that’s different than other pools is that we have hundreds of beautiful entertainers out at the pool who are actually interested in talking to the guests. The incentive is that they can talk to a customer during the day and invite them back to have dances with them at night. I think it’s a great opportunity for the entertainers. We’ve built a fabulous restaurant with the incredible Chef Kerry Simon at the helm. There’s seating inside where it’s air-conditioned, and then the bar is inside/outside with misters. We have dining straight to your lounge chair and cabana. It’s like all the other pools, but the difference is that it’s a party everyday!
STRIPLV: What are the pool hours?
FEINSTEIN: 11:00am to 7:00 at night. We sometimes have special events or concerts that we get special permits for.
STRIPLV: What was your main objective to having a pool, besides bringing in more business?
FEINSTEIN: The pool parties in Vegas have become huge. Everyone has these terrific pools that they’ve built and I think that Vegas is becoming known as the summer hotspot for fabulous pool parties. Why wouldn’t we want to be a part of that? It’s just such a great time to be here in the summer and we love having the same type of parties that everyone else is having. On a given weekend, we have 100-150 bachelor parties, and we also have the Men of Sapphire, which is the show where men perform, which brings in another 50-75 bachelorette parties. The pool adds so much more to the overall bachelor party and bachelorette party experience. We have our own limo department, so we pick up the parties during the day from the hotels and bring them over to the pool and club.
COHEN: That’s unique to our pool – that we pickup guests, unlike other pools.
STRIPLV: You’ve been able to provide a lot of new jobs.
FEINSTEIN: We have. Probably 75-100 new jobs for the restaurant and lifeguards for the pool, which is open 10 hours a day, 4 days a week.

As we spoke, Peter opened up about being diagnosed with prostate cancer, beating it, and then going on to starting the Sapphire Foundation, a charity that helps provide financial assistance for Las Vegas men suffering from the same condition.

STRIPLV: You are a survivor of prostate cancer. Do you mind talking about that and the foundation that you’ve set up?
FEINSTEIN: I got diagnosed with prostate about 10 or 11 years ago. I was very fortunate, because they caught it early. I had the surgery and it was successful and it had no significant impact on me health-wise. A couple of years later, I decided it would be nice to try and help other men out who also had it. We decided to do a golf tournament, and Bali Hai agreed to do it with us. I contacted the National Prostate Cancer Foundation and said we were going to do this event and we’d like to give them whatever money we raise. They said they would not accept

any money from the Sapphire Prostate Golf Tournament, because they didn’t want to be affiliated with gentleman’s clubs. I viewed that pretty negatively! I’m not someone who would necessarily start a charitable organization, because it’s a lot of work. But this motivated me. Ten years ago, Shai and I formed a 501c3, and decided that we’d never raise enough money to solve prostate cancer, but what we did decide is that we could raise enough money to help men here in Las Vegas who had some financial needs that they can’t meet while going through chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Some men just need a gas card to go back and forth to the hospital, some men had trouble working and couldn’t make their rent payments and some had a hard time making their insurance payments. What we were able to do is raise enough money over the last ten years to help these men. We’ve raised over a couple million dollars.
COHEN: It’s one of the most anticipated events of the year for a lot of people. This year’s event will be May 19th and 20th and you can register as a player or sponsor at or you can call 702-556-2100.
FEINSTEIN: Now we do a poker tournament in May and get 50-100 guys, then the next day we do the golf tournament and then come back to Sapphire and do a dinner awards show. We’ve been very successful with that and have always sold it out. We have all the girls out there as caddies. They volunteer to do that, which is really nice, and they usually contribute about half their tips that day to the charity.
COHEN: Heineken has come up with a similar program and they call it the Power of the Moustache. They tied it into our Ping Pong Palooza event and the money collected goes to the Sapphire Charity.
FEINSTEIN: We even got a visit from the City of Hope, the National Medical Center for cancer, which raises hundreds of millions of dollars. They came to thank us, because at the level that the City of Hope is at, they can’t help somebody who needs just $1,000. The paperwork would cost them more than that. We are looking to help those people through the money we raise, and it’s been terrific.
STRIPLV: You’re both married with children?
FEINSTEIN: Children and grandchildren.
STRIPLV: How does your occupation work with your wives and children?
COHEN: Peter’s background wasn’t in this type of business and neither was mine. We come to the office and do the best job we can, and then we have a separate marriage besides that. It’s very accepted. This is our life and this is what we do.
FEINSTEIN: I just went to my 50th high school reunion and it was kind of fun because my original background was CPA. People I hadn’t seen in a lot of years asked what I was up to these days. Do I say what I’m up to, ‘cause it’s such a long story of how I evolved into this business? My core group of friends already knew, but the ones I hadn’t seen for a very long time – it was fun to see their faces. There were a lot of people that said they want to come to Vegas and see us! Sapphire is an “R” rated club. If you go to the nightclubs, they’re pretty close to being “R” rated at this point. There’s a fine line about what’s going on at the nightclubs and Sapphire. We make every effort to make sure that Sapphire is run as an “R” rated club. When my friends come into town with their wives or girlfriends, I’ve never been uncomfortable taking them to the club. We’re all proud of the club and it’s a valuable part of what people come to Las Vegas to experience. Tomorrow, the Travel Channel is coming to film a bachelorette party. We’ve been on all the major shows.
STRIPLV: Can you tell me something about the Sapphire New York club?
FEINSTEIN: It opened about four years ago. It’s not as large of a club as Sapphire here in Vegas. It’s the old Scores in New York that Howard Stern made famous. We’ve made it very successful and it’s a different experience in New York. In Las Vegas, 75% of our customers are tourists, and 25% are locals coming in to enjoy the club. It’s the exact opposite in New York – 75% are people that live in New York and use it as a business place to go and take people who are in from out of town, and 25% are tourists. We have a really great steakhouse there, too – and it’s a terrific club!

Sapphire Pool and Day Club
3025 Industrial Road  Las Vegas, NV 89109 • 702-796-6000

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