In 2015 Brett Rossi filed a domestic violence lawsuit against her former fiancé Charlie Sheen. And although many other women had come forward alleging that Sheen was violent or abusive, it was often Brett’s credibility that came under fire. Why? Because she works in the sex industry. I’m Amanda Knox, and I’ve seen how different media outlets mainstream media outlets respectable media outlets have dismissed Brett’s story as merely salacious. And only deserving of tabloid treatment. As someone whose sexuality has been treated as evidence of guilt and whose most intimate and most traumatic experience has also been treated have also been picked apart in the media I want to treat Brett’s story with the seriousness it deserves.

KNOX: What brought you to the adult film industry?

ROSSI: When I turned 18 that was when The Girls Next Door was really big, and so I wanted to be a Playboy model. I wanted to be a bunny. I went to the mansion, and I got hired as a painted girl for Hef’s parties. I got chosen to be a Playboy Cyber Girl. And it kind of just spiraled from there. And I was on every single men’s magazine cover, and I became a centerfold overnight.

KNOX: How did you actually first meet Charlie?

ROSSI: He pursued me for six months, and I kept saying no. So, during that time I had quit porn. I was in nursing school. Then this mutual friend calls me and says hey I’ve got this client that wants to meet you. It’s a high-end client I can’t tell the name, but you can make 10 grand. Most people would define that as escorting. I don’t really care how you define it. I was a nursing school student struggling, and I needed to pay my bills. I was paying for school in cash and who is going to say no to 10 grand? When he walked in he was just so charming and just very charismatic and very open and warm and friendly. The bond was as if we knew each other in a different lifetime and from that point on we were inseparable.  He got rid of all the girls that he would have hanging around and we were in love.

But it wasn’t long before Brett saw the darker side of Charlie Sheen.

KNOX: Can you tell me about how he would seem like two different people?

ROSSI: Yeah, it was Thanksgiving. I still have photos of us we were playing catch in this suite, this hotel and you know he drank a lot. And I went to sleep, and the next thing I know he’s pulling me like a rag doll out of bed. He puts me in front of this mini-fridge, and he is screaming at me. Why is there nothing to drink? Why is there nothing to drink? And he shook me, and shook me, and shook me. And he pushed me, and this person looked at me with such rage like you would look at someone you hate. With your greatest passion. And I said I’ve been sleeping I don’t know. And he shook me, and shook me, and shook me. And this was the pattern that would happen every single month. Every single month it was something.

When Brett had finally had enough of the abuse, the relationship ended. The tabloid feeding frenzy began, following her every move as she grappled with Charlie’s HIV status and struggled with depression.

ROSSI: Everybody loved him. And he is a terrible human being. So, when I would read what a terrible person I am. I would sit there and think what the fuck?

KNOX: You and I both know that the tabloids are full of shit. When I first came home, not only was the paparazzi following my every move trying just to make me look terrible. There were actually people out there that genuinely wanted to hurt me. And wanted to hurt me by exploiting my pain. And it sounds like that is exactly what is happening to you.

ROSSI: When I came out with my domestic violence lawsuit, it was the hardest decision that I ever had to do. Because my grandmother had to read in-depth details of things that happened to me that I never wanted her to know. And I was automatically assumed that I was a liar. Even though the person that I had the suit against had a 30-year history of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, abusing women, being convicted of abusing women.

KNOX: To feel so isolated that way. To feel, people were treating you like you were crazy.

ROSSI: For a year I told my friends, and my family and my psychiatrist that I was being followed. They convinced me that I was crazy. In March 2016 a tabloid released a transcript of my ex-fiancé having a discussion with a call girl and he said I will pay to have her head kicked in, and smashed, and killed. This person was so angry at me, for how dare I file a legitimate lawsuit? How dare I a porn star whore stand up to Hollywood royalty?

KNOX: Do you think that anyone has actually asked you or approached you asking you what is your experience? How have you grown? Has anyone actually approached you in that way?

ROSSI: No, the only time that I was given a platform to even slightly discuss my story which was basically to just say no I don’t have HIV. Which really sucked. What if I did? That’s not an appropriate question. What if I was sick?

KNOX: Has anyone ever approached you from the #MeToo movement? Has that ever been a part of your story?

ROSSI: Surprisingly no. I am once again an invisible entity. I am a porn star, a sex symbol. I am disgusting. I am pathetic. When you hear people tell you who you are so much, like every day. So much so that you start to believe it.

KNOX: When the world is telling you who you are. You feel so alone (tearing up) you might as well be crazy if you are that alone.

ROSSI: Where I find my solace is my animals.

KNOX: Why is that? What is it about animals that are so therapeutic?

ROSSI: I don’t really crave human connection, as sad as that sounds, as much as the love and affection of an animal.

KNOX: Someone that can just give and receive love from without like the complications.

ROSSI: No judgment. No complications. It’s totally just unconditional love. Tiny! This is tiny. (Brett shares her adorable little white dog dressed in a pink sweat suit)

KNOX: Will you be my therapist? (Cooing to the dog)

What gives me hope is that Brett still has a very open heart. She is still strong enough to stand up for herself and stand up for others. This is a moment that sex workers can seize to reinforce the idea that they are humans too. Women in the sex industry are more likely to experience abuse, assault, and murder than the general population. That’s why it’s imperative that the Me Too movement embraces them. And as the Me Too movement grows and evolves I trust that’s going to happen.


Charlie Sheen has denied Brett Rossi’s allegations. Rossi’s lawsuit against Sheen is still pending.

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