By Skye Huntington

Benicio del Toro, born Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sanchez in 1967, is a legendary actor in his field. The Puerto Rican-born talent lost his mother and eventually moved to the states with his father at the age of 15. At his father’s recommendation, Benecio went to college in California to major in business. All it took was one banner turn in a drama class to have him get bit by the acting bug. He promptly dropped out of college and started studying acting. It started out small: A character bit in a Madonna video, guest stints of TV shows, and then he landed his break out role in The Usual Suspects. The actor has since won many accolades and honors, and even holds the title of the youngest actor to ever play a Bond nemesis. This summer, del Toro returns to the Sicario franchise to reprise the character of Alejandro. Sicario: Day of the Soldado continues the story of this man fighting the Mexican drug cartel with more action, and a look back into his past. It’s a gripping action film. We got the chance to sit with this celebrated actor and see what it was like to immerse himself in the familiar character again. 

STRIPLV: In this film, your character Alejandro has to relive his past. Can you tell us a little about that?

DEL TORO: In Sicario I think we learn a little bit about him and I think here he is put in a situation where we are going to learn more about the character. We are going to put him in an entirely different adventure where in a way he’s got to reenact what caused his rage.

STRIPLV: This script seems longer than the first film, and it gives Alejandro a bigger character arc. Is that what drew you to the project?

DEL TORO: The script is bigger. And by that, I mean much more ambitious. It has a bigger scope than Sicario. And it’s more unpredictable— he is very good at that. So that was exciting for me. It creates great characters. It’s got great dialog. That was exciting to get a script written by Taylor Sheridan. Personally, I thought that my character of Alejandro does have a different arc. When I first read the script, the script as a whole was very original. The opportunity to explore Alejandro’s evolution was very appealing to me.

STRIPLV: What was the rest of the cast like?

DEL TORO: Well, it’s one hell of a cast. With of course Josh Brolin who is really great to work with because he is super intense in front of the camera. He don’t lie. But then behind the camera, he is a lot of fun, funny and loves to have a laugh. Isabella Moner, you have to see her in this movie. She is 16 years old right there throwing elbows with the actors that have been doing this for a long time, and she is fantastic. She is one hell of a talent. Jeffrey Donovan is like Josh in a way, funny and also great in front of the camera. There is a whole cast of Latino actors: There’s Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, an actor from Mexico. He’s one of the bad guys; he’s great. Bruno Bichir, he’s the brother of Damien Bichir; I think he steals every movie he is in. The cast is great— there is Catherine Keener, also Matthew Modine. It’s a great cast and fun for an actor to be a team player with such an excellent cast.

STRIPLV: What effect does the character Isabel have on Alejandro?

DEL TORO: Alejandro is able to perhaps relive in some ways what probably happened to his daughter. So that starts to create and change something in him. Isabel being the daughter of a big cartel guy, maybe that relationship of him being, like, reenacting what probably happened to his own daughter with the daughter of the cartel leader maybe opens a window of, I don’t know, of compassion. He starts to have feelings towards the daughter of his enemy.

STRIPLV: Did the director give you and your fellow actors freedom to form the characters?

DEL TORO:  He’s flexible, which is good. I think Jeffery Donovan, Josh Brolin 

and myself, we did these characters in the last film, so he’s been very flexible in allowing us to be the interpreters of the characters and allow us to develop them in Soldado.

STRIPLV: What is the new assignment in Soldado?

DEL TORO: It’s a new mission, a new assignment and I think that Alejandro has been on hold somehow and then Mack comes in and tells him we got another assignment. It’s kind of like a new assignment but through that assignment, things are revealed, and characters are emotionally taken from A to Z really.

STRIPLV: How does the movie stay faithful to the original?

DEL TORO: Well, I think it maintains the tension and the action. The situations that the plot finds itself. And I also think it maintains the evolution of these characters. The character I play, Alejandro, and the character Josh Brolin plays, Matt, there is an arc, which is a little complicated. Because this arc is happening within explosions and running and diving and shooting and all that stuff. So you can’t have moments to milk this evolution. So, it has to happen within this plot thriller, and that was the tricky thing about this film. It was “How do we get these characters to show this evolution within?”. Because this movie takes place in real time in the story, it’s all happens in like three or four days, so it’s short and full packed with action. It’s packed with all sorts of interesting stuff. So, I think it has a great balance of thriller and the gut and the intellect of the film. It’s a good balance between characters and the action.

STRIPLV: Why should audiences catch this at the theaters?

DEL TORO: Well, because the screen is going to be a lot bigger than the one they have at home. (Laughing) Nowadays the chairs are comfier at the movie theater than some of the most comfortable sofas than a Lazy Boy. The sound is going to be better at a movie theater than in your living room. I think it is a movie where the scope of seeing it big will add to the experience. The sound, the screen is going to be much better than watching it at home.

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