By Brittany Santos

STRIPLV: Tell us a little bit about your childhood, and where you grew up.

BARNES: I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. I grew up below Virginia City, and I have nine siblings. (Laughing) Like a lot.

STRIPLV: What were your parents like?

BARNES: My mom remarried my stepdad like 40 years ago.  My dad was head of security, and he always worked like three jobs so that he could support the family.

STRIPLV: So what brought you to the brothel business?

BARNES: Let’s just say I had a tough childhood.   I started hanging out with the wrong crowd.  I wanted to break free of the life I was in and made the decision to go to work at the Mustang Ranch in order to give myself some money so I could be independent and self-reliant.

STRIPLV: So how old were you when you started working for Conforte?

BARNES: Eighteen.  That’s young, but it really, really helped me straighten my life out, and my get my health back.  If it were not for the work I had at the brothel, I might have never made it out of my teen years alive.  The Mustang Ranch, for me, was a bridge out of the life of darkness I was in at the time.

STRIPLV: So how did you transition from just working at the brothel into becoming the madam that you are today?

BARNES: I met with Lance and Susan who interviewed me. They wanted me to stay that day and meet with the doctor, but I needed to go home and make arrangements for my son. I hired a full-time nanny and came back a week later. Susan was a fabulous madam. She was a hard ass. It grew into me being a working lady and making a lot of money and proving myself.  Then, I started cashiering. Then I was her executive assistant, and then I just worked my way up.

STRIPLV: When did Susan leave?

BARNES: Around four years ago. She definitely created and built this place. It’s built by women for women. Susan Austin changed the industry in the most positive way ever.  She retired from the industry and Lance gave her a great retirement, which she truly deserved.

STRIPLV: Filling her shoes, what do you think are the qualities to make a great madam and what went into all that she did?

BARNES: I’m just go grateful that she took me under her wing.  She is no-nonsense; you’ve got to be even all the time. You have to be a mother to 30 women that all come from different backgrounds with different issues that you have to you have to manage. To make a really great madam, you have to have consistency, making sure that you kick ass and you give a hug. Susan Austin was respected. She walked into the room, and the ladies knew you better be doing your job, and you better be doing it right.  I miss her. She really did a phenomenal job. We had our ups and downs, but she was a great madam.

STRIPLV: Do you think empowering women is a part of what she did for the brothel industry?

BARNES: Yes, empowering for sure, but drug-free is a big part of it. No pimps. No drugs. The ladies here, no pimps, no drugs, and that is a big thing.  Why?  Because you don’t make money on drugs, and if a lady has a pimp outside the business, she starts taking business away back to the illegal side.  Both are unacceptable to legal brothel operators just from a business standpoint.  Also, it puts the business at risk, which no good operator would allow.  In fact, over the years, we’ve helped a number of ladies escape their abusive pimps and to get off drugs.  We’ve helped a number of ladies detox and get their lives back on track and good money in their bank account.

STRIPLV: What is the most gratifying part of what you do?

BARNES: It’s being able to give a young lady the opportunity to have a life and a lifestyle that they would never be able to have on the outside. Whether she comes from working at McDonald’s or working illegally, they have an immediate opportunity here to make a lot of money in their very first year.

STRIPLV: Then you took a little break from working at the ranch?

BARNES: Yes, I went to work for the Haws corporation here in Reno. They invented the first sanitized drinking fountain. Then that’s when I met my ex-husband on a blind date. We had an amazing child. Now my son is 17, and my ex-husband is great, just great for someone else. I left my husband when my son was two and came back to the ranch and went back to work and earned a shit more ton of 

money because I knew what I was doing.  I also worked for Lance for about three years as his executive assistant.  I even helped in getting him elected as county commissioner too.

STRIPLV: What is the most significant change you’ve seen since the Tahoe Reno Industrial center came to be?

BARNES: For business at the ranch it’s been great because we get from the CEO level to the construction worker level. All walks of life from the industrial center come. You get a client that can spend a couple of hundred bucks to a client that can spend $100,000. The industrial park has been very kind to us.  We are seeing “whales” now every single day. Professionals. Three piece suits. Tradesman. Steelworkers. We even have some union social gatherings here for some of the construction crews.

STRIPLV: What is your opinion on the new FOSTA law and how do you think it will impact your business?

I don’t think it will negatively affect our business. I think the new law is fabulous and it should have been created and enforced many many years ago. I believe that it will help our business by giving the ladies opportunity to work in a house of safety as long as they are 18 years of age or older. I think it will help keep the women out of the hands of the predators. Most people don’t understand that legal brothels in Nevada are the best defense against trafficking. Every single lady and staff member working in the Mustang Ranch must submit to a fingerprint background check and FBI database background check and provide full disclosure of residences, etc.  This ensures no underage girls get into a brothel and also is a great way to prevent women who are being trafficked from coming into the legal business. We are very proud that in the last 15 years, with over 3,000 work card applications submitted for these background checks, not one has turned up with mob or cartel connections. Not one.  It’s a remarkable record. Abolishing brothels would enable trafficking by putting more girls on the street. In a good house, a regulated house, a house that is legal you don’t traffic women. There are no drugs, no pimps, no predators. It’s safe, and it’s secure. It gives a lady the opportunity to make her own money and make her own choices. If she chooses to be in this industry, then she is choosing to be in this industry. We don’t force anyone to be here. On the streets, they are usually forced to be there. They have no choice and they have no recourse. Whoever is pimping them out is taking their money. All of the information is out there. People need to become more educated about this. The Mustang Ranch is a safe, legal house. The people preaching the anti-brothel rhetoric are not truly informed.

STRIPLV: What do you think about what is going on in Nye County with Dennis Hof?

BARNES: I think that what is going on in Lyon County and Nye County and how they are trying to get signatures to close the brothels is a lost cause. A recent Channel 4 News poll in Reno showed that 70% of the people oppose banning legal prostitution, and only 30% were for it. We are here of our own choice. Our ladies come here because they want to be here. Now for Dennis Hof and his brothels in Lyon County, he has done himself a disservice by being front and center all the time, outing celebrity customers, and we have heard a number of complaints about his treatment of the women. But that is not representative of the industry as a whole and is the opposite of how the Mustang Ranch operates. The Mustang Ranch has always been a luxury adult resort, which has a priority of being discrete in its presence and with its customers. No customer has ever been outed, ever, at the Mustang Ranch. What goes on at the Mustang Ranch, stays at the Mustang Ranch. Ninety-nine percent of the small minority in Nevada pushing to ban brothels, haven’t been to a brothel, and certainly haven’t been to the Mustang Ranch.  With all the people in the media demanding women be allowed to tolerance on alternative and/or nontraditional relationships and sex lives, where is the tolerance for legal courtesans? These ladies are FBI background checked. They are professional courtesans. Some pay for college or grad school with their money. Some buy expensive homes. They are independent ladies who make a lot of money. So my message to the “ban brothels crowd” is, where is your tolerance?

STRIPLV: I am going to switch topics a little bit and ask you, when you are looking to recruit courtesans to your brothel what are you looking for?

BARNES: I am looking for beautiful, kind, souls, polite, sexy, no felonies and a lady that is interested in taking the opportunity that is going to change her life and using this as a stepping stone to get her to the next level of her life. I want somebody that is sweet and nice and also sexual of course. But, I am a firm believer in this industry that you come into the industry, work hard making a lot of money for three or five years, and then you’re out and financially independent. If you do two weeks on one week off, your 12-hour shifts, pay your taxes, do all the things you are supposed to do, build your clientele, pay attention to me when I am trying to teach you how to negotiate, then five years and out. You could have your house, your cars, and live off the interest of what you made in this industry.  Have a great education.  Be comfortable with yourself and entirely independent and free.

STRIPLV: We are sitting here in the Original Mustang Ranch. What improvements are in-store?

BARNES: We are going to re-open this second brothel facility as the Mustang Resort business is so brisk we need more rooms to accommodate our increased business. We are hiring more women for this new facility that sits right across the parking lot from our existing brothel.  There will be 30-40 more women here soon. We are doing a lot of remodeling rooms. Since this building is the original Mustang Ranch building built by Joe Conforte, it had jack and jill bathrooms, so two ladies would share a bathroom. Now the ladies are going to have two room suites and their own bathrooms. We are putting in another commercial kitchen and upgrading the dance stage and main lounge. This is the godfather of bordellos and the first one that was established in 1971. We are going to keep an Italian theme for Joe. It is very exciting.

STRIPLV: How are the ladies as far as when a new girl starts? Are they nice to them? Do they help mentor them?

BARNES: They are helpful to them generally. It is a competitive business, no doubt.  But any lady willing to work, and put in the time and keep herself classy can make a lot of money. But the ladies that are here and established have no other choice to be polite and nice.  Right now, we have more money and business coming than we have ladies to handle it.

STRIPLV: How do you as the madam create a good working happy house?

BARNES: When it comes to drama we cut it out quickly like cancer. There is no room for drama. If there is one spoiled apple in the barrel, well guess what? It doesn’t matter how much money that apple makes; she is gone. There is no room for it.  We are pros and proud of it.  We view our ladies like star athletes and treat them as such. It’s like managing a professional sports team in many ways. So, I don’t play favorites. I am fair and I am straight across, and they know that.

STRIPLV: Do you have any funny stories that you share about your time at the ranch?

BARNES: We had a young man come in, and he was probably 22 or 23 years old. He came in and met the ladies, and we had a lineup for him. He chose Tiana,  a Brazilian, absolutely beautiful, phenomenal courtesan. They went back and they negotiated. They came to an agreed upon price, and she went to run his credit card. Well, the card had a limited sum of money available. His parents limited it so he wouldn’t spend too much at one time. So he and Tiana come out of the negotiating room and they had agreed on $5,000 for a big party, but this was over the limit on his card. So he comes out and says “Well my mom and dad are in the parking lot. I will be right back.” And I so I walked out with him, as I didn’t want any trouble with anyone on pricing. His mother was initially distraught and said “Are you the one who negotiated this amount with my son? How could you charge my son this much money?” She was angry. She stated that they had hopped on a plane from New York and came here specifically so their son could have his first sexual experience. So,  I responded, “Miss come on in and why don’t you come and meet Tiana? Your son has excellent taste for his first time.” Tiana suggested that she and the mom go into the negotiation room and discuss it. She explained to the boy’s mom that this was what she was going to do for her son. She told her that she was going to give him the experience of a lifetime. She told her she was going to teach him everything from how to properly use condoms to how to act with women. She would make him feel wonderful and give him the experience that he wouldn’t get anywhere else. They went back and forth for only about two minutes, and so then she asks her “So are you going to pay with cash or credit?” (Laughing)  The mom was convinced this would be a great first time for her son. Tiana and the young man were together for hours. Even the mom was grateful. I love that. I love the business of companionship, and it does a lot of good for a lot of people.

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