By Brittany Santos Photography Santodonato

STRIPLV: What got you into the business?

TARA: I got into the business when I was 18 years old. My best friend that I went to high school with was the type of girl that slept with everyone in high school, and we always would joke with her that she should go to The Mustang Ranch and get hired. We graduated from high school, and she did end up going to The Mustang Ranch. Meanwhile, I was working as a secretary at Dreyer’s Ice Cream, and she was bringing home a whole lot more money than I was. So that was when I was introduced to the business with Joe Conforte at The Mustang Ranch.

STRIPLV: So, what was the transition like for you going from being one of the Mustang ladies to becoming the Madam? How did it all happen?

TARA: About 15 years ago I met Lance, and I had just finished training to be a firefighter for Storey County. It was right at that time when the recession hit, so the first eight of us that were just hired on by the county were the first that got let go. So, I reached out to Lance and Susan, and told them I wanted to come back, but not as a working lady anymore. I got hired on as a bartender at the time. They had just got done letting go of one of their parlor hostesses, so I got introduced to management there, and it just took off from there. Susan trained me then on how to be a madam.

STRIPLV: In your opinion what makes a good courtesan?

TARA: That’s a good question. Somebody that is very compassionate, and cares about other people’s well-being. Somebody that isn’t going to be put off if someone is disabled and comes here.

STRIPLV: What is the goal experience that you want customers to have when they visit the ranch?

TARA: I want everyone to feel like the red carpet has been rolled out for them when they come. No matter what they spend, I want them to feel important and cared for when they visit.

STRIPLV: What has the trend been like for female customers lately?

TARA: In the last two years, our number of female customers has gone up tremendously. And I’m not sure why or what’s been happening, but we have been getting a lot of just female customers, and a lot of couples too.    

STRIPLV: How long do the girls stay on property?

TARA: Usually around two weeks. We have some that are here for a month on and a month off. Every girl has different schedules. We have a lot of girls that go to school, so of course, we have to help them with their plans as well.

STRIPLV: Tell me about a typical day of work for you.

TARA: Every day is different. You never know what you are going to walk into. There are no days that are the same here. It’s hard to say what a typical day is, this being a 24/7 business.

STRIPLV: As it is a 24-hour a day business, how do you manage a schedule like that?

TARA: Well, I keep my phone on 24/7. I make sure the ringer is on very loud at night. All of us as a team have to be available for each other.

STRIPLV: One thing that struck me after getting a chance to speak with the women here is that your team has created an atmosphere of female empowerment that I think would surprise most. How do you create this?

TARA: We help them to find the way on their own. A lot of the women come to us from bad relationships, or bad family situations and sometimes they have low self-esteem, and don’t think a lot of themselves. By the time they leave after their first stay they are completely different people. They seem secure about themselves, and you can see a huge difference in them. Huge! They know they can get through their life by themselves. They don’t need a man to push them to do anything they don’t want to do. And there is this beautiful sisterhood spirit that is here at Mustang Ranch. The women have each other’s back, whether if it’s at home or on property. They know that if there is a problem at home, or here that they can just get on the phone with Jennifer (Mustang Ranch madam) or me and we will be there to help them through it. This is what really changes them. Seeing that when they come here that we really have their back. We try really hard to help each and every one of them.

STRIPLV: Tell us about how you open up the property for major holidays throughout the year.

TARA: Every year we have a beautiful buffet on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. We invite everybody from the community: cab drivers, business associates and a lot of our VIPs. We always have a huge turnout. Either Lance or Chris comes down and says a prayer before dinner. We celebrate all the major holidays.

STRIPLV: Tell us a little more about your role at the ranch other than just managing the girls. There must be so much more to what you do. 

TARA: Probably being a role model, and a mother figure to a lot of women who haven’t had a big parental influence in their lives. Just really being here for the ladies 100% of the time.

STRIPLV: If a woman is going to come here to work, what can she expect?

TARA: When a woman gets here, we are here to guide her 24/7. We give her a tour of the property, assign her a room, we train her on how things work at Mustang Ranch, and what our protocol is.

STRIPLV: What would you tell an outsider about what makes The World Famous Mustang Ranch so unique compared to its competitors?

TARA: The Mustang Ranch is the safest, busiest and most discrete brothel in the state of Nevada. Our ladies are the best courtesans in the industry. The Mustang Ranch is an adult resort where men, women and couples 18 years and older can come and enjoy themselves! We have handicap accessible rooms as well. The bottom line is we cater to everyone.

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