By Skye Huntington

This Indiana boy is taking on the Star Wars franchise again with The Last Jedi. Ironically, the role that shot Driver to star status was one that he almost turned down. The HBO series Girls created by Lena Dunham, was what got him noticed in Hollywood, but at the time he thought TV was death and almost passed on the role. Luckily, he reconsidered and is now part of one of the most beloved movie series in cinema. Notoriously humble, he credits his marine core training in helping him to stay grounded. Adam was just about to go on his first tour of duty with the Marines when an injury forced him out of the service. This was a big blow to him, but after dusting himself off he turned back to the acting he enjoyed while in high school, and ended up graduating from the illustrious Julliard.

STRIPLV got the chance to sit down with Adam for just a few minutes to ask him about the latest Star Wars feature, what it was like working with Mark Hamil, and what it was like to step back into the character of Kylo Ren.

STRIPLV: Tell us what the most difficult part of getting back into Kylo Ren was?

DRIVER: The costume I would probably say.

STRIPLV: Where do we find Kylo Ren when the film opens?

DRIVER: We find him right where we left him at the end of The Force Awakens. There hasn’t been any time gap, no time for him to process anything yet.

STRIPLV: What was it like working with the mask?

DRIVER: I mean yeah, it’s challenging because sometimes you can’t see. But, it’s a beautiful mask. I like it both wearing it and not wearing it. The theme of it of people who are hiding behind masks was part of the original. People don’t hide behind masks for no reason. For myself, it was to try and figure out why he was hiding. Why he needed it.

STRIPLV: What is the relationship between you and General Hux in this film?

DRIVER: Very similar to their relationship in The Force Awakens, they are very competitive.

STRIPLV: How was the physical preparation for this film compared to the last film?

DRIVER: Similar in some ways and different in others. The first one I feel like the vocabulary for the fighting style we were coming at it fresh. And on this one, we started filming right after the other ended, so the vocabulary for those types of things was already in our systems. But the rigor of this film was a little more intense.

STRIPLV: What was it like working with Mark Hamil? 

DRIVER:  It’s hard to say, without saying if I actually did. I will say this that being around him he is a very charismatic, generous person who isn’t closed off at all. It could very easily be him acting like I’ve done this before, and he wasn’t like that at all. He was very open to talking about things, and overall just a very generous person.

STRIPLV: You’ve got the legacy players, your cast from the last film, and new cast members on this one how did that work?

DRIVER:  There is no hierarchy on set, and that comes from the top down with Rian. I think even if you asked Mark that question he’d say the same thing. Even though he’s done four of them, he still approaches with not knowing what is going to happen. And I think everyone realizes that and doesn’t want to do themselves or anyone else a disservice by telling them what their experience is going to be. And nor did the original cast do that to us. It’s very personal for every person everyone responds differently to a movie of this scale. It’s a very generous atmosphere.

STRIPLV: The sets for the movie we were told are bigger and more detailed than we’ve ever seen. What was it like to work on them? And did you have a favorite?

DRIVER: No, I didn’t have a favorite set. But I will say that this time, I had more time to enjoy the sets. I think with the first one it was more terror. I was in denial and didn’t take the time to say “Oh hey look, there is a millennium falcon. Oh, ok just put that out of your mind and just focus on the story.” This one because I had a better sense of what the world was I had more time to sit back on the set and just enjoy the scale of them.

STRIPLV: What was it like to portray a character younger than yourself?

DRIVER: Kylo Ren is younger than I am in life. So, it’s the first time I’ve played a person that’s younger than I am. Which is something I remember Kathy reminded me of while we were shooting the first one. And something that was in Rian’s writing innately of someone who isn’t becoming a man necessarily but becoming more kind of entrenched in his ideas. However seemingly ignorant they are or not ignorant just justified to a religious fervor that he is doing the right thing. Something about the youthfulness of him was not lost in Rian’s writing.

STRIPLV: Kylo Ren and Ray contrast each other, but they are also connected in a way. Can you tell us a little about that?

DRIVER: There is this kind of Greek drama that is going on around them. They are these two people who are on opposite sides. They are divided by something that is very thin. The darkness and light that exists in both of us. They are not far off from each other. In a way, they are together on this journey, where they are in life, and that maybe they both feel alone, they are almost each other’s opposites in a way.

STRIPLV: Tell us about how you approached Kylo Ren’s physicality in this role?

DRIVER: If Kylo Ren has been fighting emotionally and physically in his life it has to be reflected in the way he carries himself. That was a lot of it. Not only how he moves in the world, but how he fights and without any dialogue you should be able to get a sense of his temperament. So that is where we started from.

STRIPLV: Tell us about Rian Johnson’s storytelling and directing.

DRIVER: He trusts the people he works with, and that comes down to this cast that he inherited. You still get the sense that he is giving you a lot of creative control. He is just a rare person that can do storytelling that is digestible to a large audience. But he doesn’t feel the need to dumb it down for you.

STRIPLV: What do you think the audience will take away with the film?

DRIVER: I think that is a very personal thing. I think the great thing about this movie is that it is able to balance so many different stories. It’s not just two dimensional. Everyone is very three dimensional and Rian understands that, the way you hope that a director knows on a movie of this size, that there is no animal or explosion that anyone will care about unless there is humanity behind it. And if anything, it lends itself to the story.  It’s hard for me to say exactly what people will take away from it, but I hope it feels as real to them as possible.

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