STRIPLV:  How did you get involved in the project?

BLOOM:  I got involved in the project a couple of years ago now when I sat down with Michael Apted in London. He explained his passion for the film and his view of the character in a way. There are a handful scenes in the film where my character has an impact on Noomi, who is the protagonist in the film. Michael was really open to some of the thoughts that I had, and he had some great ideas too. The guy starts as a bit of a rogue. He’s then a bit of a lover and charming. Then he has sort of a heroic turn, and then he turns into this duplicitous and dangerous kind of guy. Then he becomes sort of a thug. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants because he is that guy, a hired gun. That for me was a fun opportunity.

STRIPLV: What was the most challenging scene in the film for you?

BLOOM:  I have this dog attack me at the end, and when you have 250 pounds of Rottweiler diving at you and grabbing your arm it gives you quite a rush. Admittedly it was padded, but that was, that was an adrenaline rush that I haven’t had before.

STRIPLV:  How much training did you have to do before you started shooting?

BLOOM:  We worked out the flight routines, and learning flight routines are like learning sword routines. You kind of just do the work and the muscle memory kicks in, and it’s kind of like learning a dance routine. There was a certain amount of prep to get that right, but it wasn’t extensive.

STRIPLV:  Tell me about working with Noomi.

BLOOM:  She’s wonderful. She’s a very committed actress and very authentic and original. She’s very talented. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, that is when I first saw her. That’s a tour de force performance. That’s one of those once in a lifetime performances.

STRIPLV:  What can the audience expect from Unlocked?

BLOOM:  It’s like a female Bourne, if you like. When I first read it, it reminded me of that expect you’ve got Noomi Rapace at the center of the film. It’s an action thriller, adventure, but it has a true-to-life story that’s unfolding. We live in a crazy world today. Terrorism and these types of acts of terror do happen. This movie follows the journey of this their characters, and somehow they get through it.

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