Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson comes from a long line of professional wrestlers. His dad, who was better known as Rocky Johnson, had a pretty high profile career as did his cousins, and maternal grandfather. A turn on the wrestling circuit and being named the most successful professional wrestler might be enough for any one man’s career, but The Rock didn’t stop there. Entering the acting world in The Scorpion King in 2002, he was named the highest-paid actor in the world in 2016. There is just a general likeability to the guy. His movie producers and several directors commented about him in a recent GQ interview about why he was such a bankable Hollywood actor. They explained that Dwayne appeals to all demographics, all ages, and both sexes. Basically, all of us want to be best friends with him. He recently took the iconic role of Mitch Buchannon from the TV series “Baywatch” and made it into a movie with fellow heartthrob Zach Efron. We got a chance to sit down with him for a few questions and get a sense of how fun it must have been to work with this guy on set. His warmth and sense of humor made for a fun, quick seven-question interview.

STRIPLV: Why did you want to be a part of this film?

JOHNSON: It is the most successful TV show in the history of TV. So to be able to take this incredible IP and retell its story in the format of a movie and try and put our spin on it and create it in a way that is still grounded all while winking at the audience, letting them know we are all in on it for the fun.

STRIPLV: How did you want it to honor the original “Baywatch” show?

JOHNSON: We really wanted to pay homage to the original spirit of the show. The spirit of the original TV show was that you had these characters who were exceptional at what they did. They looked great on the beach, they look moving in slow-mo, but they were awesome at what they did. So, it’s still the spirit of that. Because you really want to root the story in a nice reality and base it on a nice foundation that has some quality and some depth to it.

STRIPLV: How would you describe “Baywatch” to someone?

JOHNSON: “Baywatch” is a group of individuals who are willing to go above and beyond for what’s asked of them for the protection of something much bigger. And the protection of something much bigger than them is our natural resources our beach, is our water, is mother nature, and the people who enjoy the beach the water and mother nature. We are there to serve and protect.

STRIPLV: Tell us about the character you play in the movie.

JOHNSON: I play a guy named Mitch Buchannon, and of course Mitch Buchannon was made famous by the iconic by the G himself the OG himself David Hasselhoff. What’s he like? My version is a guy who cares deeply about his beach. A guy who cares deeply about the people on the beach and families on the beach and he just wants people to have fun.

STRIPLV: What did you think about the cast of women in this movie?

JOHNSON: Every girl was perfectly cast. Every girl is the perfect girl for that character. And every single one of our woman is strong, smart, awesome, funny, cool, and relentlessly sexy. Relentlessly sexy that’s how you got to talk. So there is sexy and then when you are relentlessly sexy, then it’s game over. (Chuckling) I love all those girls. All the girls are great; you know Zach included. All great girls. 

STRIPLV: Did you add in the slow motion running that “Baywatch” made so famous?

JOHNSON: That’s obviously the most iconic things about “Baywatch,” and we couldn’t wait to do it and put it in our movie. Everything is better in slow-mo (laughing).

STRIPLV: What do you think audiences will enjoy while watching this movie?

JOHNSON: I think they are going to see women who are just incredible, powerful, strong, and smart. You are going to see the great guys Zach, Jon Bass you get to see all of them in there. But you know what here is the thing. I think the number one thing people are going to enjoy when seeing this movie is um I gotta say that is me. Yep. (laughing)

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