"On The Strip"

Giving you the inside scoop on what’s hot and what’s not in the Las Vegas entertainment scene~ 

For the last few months, I have been going to Downtown Las Vegas, to see what progress has been made in the redevelopment of the area – a spot for tourists and for locals. 

The Downtown Grand (formerly Lady Luck) has been fully refurbished to have a look all its own. It has been designed with plenty of glass, so that you feel you are part of the entire area and not just “locked in” an indoor facility. I have to always go with the Golden Nugget, the “grand dame” of Downtown. It has lost none of its opulence and ambiance. They have Gordie Brown, who has been there almost 5 years and who is still doing great business.  Remember: This was Steve Wynn’s Downtown project. The refurbished Plaza has Louie Anderson as its entertainment anchor and Oscar’s Beef*Booze*Broads Steakhouse. The ‘D’ (formerly Fitzgerald’s) gives us a very inviting casino, and entertainment is led by the amazingly talented Scintas.  How about The Fremont Street Experience – with those lights and outdoor shows?! Fremont Street has become the home of many new lounges and restaurants. The District on East Charleston gives us a good look at the Art Scene here in town. I keep going to these places to be your guide to what makes Vegas “The New Vegas,” a fabulous place to visit and why so many now live here.
Yours truly will keep busy working on the film, “Monti Rock, Unmasked”, on my blogs going viral, and touring with a new disco show. I’m going for Saturday Night Fever to Monti Rock Fever. ~Monti Rock III.

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