Scott Weiland Returns to the Stage — Sans STP


Scott Weiland
Returns to the Stage — Sans STP

by Lilith Diana
Photo by Edison Graff



Isn’t it crazy how much can change in a year? Last year at this time, I had just purchased tickets to see Stone Temple Pilots (STP) at The Pearl at The Palms, and I was so excited to finally see them live. Not even a full year later, and I was sitting in almost the exact same seat, waiting anxiously to see Scott Weiland return to the stage at The Pearl, this time, though, sans STP.


On June 1, 2013, fairly fresh off the news that band members of the successful ‘90s rock band Stone Temple Pilots fired their lead singer, Weiland graced the stage with a new backing band, The Wildabouts, as part of his “Purple to the Core” tour.

When you see Weiland perform live, there’s always the question of which version of him you’ll get. Will he be able to stand, let alone perform? Or will he be right on, giving one of the best performances you’ve ever seen? For his Vegas show, Weiland didn’t exactly seem present in mind, but he was certainly there in body. Looking dapper in a pair of aviators and his own Scott Weiland brand blazer, he danced around in his wavy-ish way, as he belted out songs from the past.

Comprised primarily of hits from STP’s hit albums, “Core” and “Purple” (hence the name of his tour), the set list was pretty solid and excited quite a few STP/Weiland fans. When songs like “Creep”, “Vasoline”, and “Sex Type Thing” were performed, the audience was energetic – singing and dancing along, and The Pearl was the perfect venue for doing so. As STP and Weiland fans hit their early- and mid-thirties and beyond, the seated and more intimate venue with great acoustics was perfect for this crowd.  

And although this wasn’t STP and fans may have missed the rest of the band, The Wildabouts stayed true to the music, sounded good, and were even able to wrangle Weiland when he occasionally rambled and mused about sweet nothings.  

As one long-term fan put it after the show, “Scott brought it tonight and put on a good show. Sure, he was a bit loopy, but that’s kind of what we expect.”
It’s true. As a Weiland fan myself, I can honestly say I do expect loopy, at the least. And as long as he gets on stage, sings some lyrics (even a bit incoherently) and makes it through most of the set, fans are happy. On the other hand, it’s always interesting when that’s not the case, but loopy is a nice in-between.  



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